The first blood moon, one year of Mohammad Buhari's Islamic rain of terror against Biafra has come and gone, we 're in the second blood moon, Mohamadu Buhari has swung into action releasing his foot soldiers who cut a Catholic Reverend father into pieces and rip open the stomach of a pregnant woman in Enugu state Biafraland.
Poisonous chemicals brought into Nigeria by the team of Islamic bankers during the visit of United States vice president John Kerry and the following prison riot that nearly cause the death of number 7th world most influential political leader and freedom fighter Dr. Nnamdi Kanu director of Radio Biafra who was illegally kidnapped by the Islamic jihadist Mohamadu Buhari and has been in Kuje prison Abuja's Nigeria since October 14th, 2015.

On 29th July 2014. The United States government expressed disappointment towards the issue of security in Nigeria; the U.S faulted Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's administration over its failure to act effectively to end the reign of terror perpetrated by Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria. Barack Obama administration chided Jonathan for not protecting innocent civilians against violent attacks targeted at them because of their religious beliefs.
In making the above statement, the white house can no longer feel ignorant of criminal activities of the Islamic of Jama atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda awati wal-Jihad sponsored by Mohamadu Buhari a die-hard Sunni Muslim himself.On the 23rd of July, 2014. There was a stage managed bomb attack on Sheikh Dahiru also a Sunni Muslim and Buhari. The bomb exploded by 12:30 pm after a Ramadan Taafir sermon he delivered near his home in Kaduna state in the zoo called Nigeria, while the second bomb went off by 2:30 pm two kilometres away from the first one as Mohamadu Buhari was making his way out of Kaduna.

Now Biafrans, friends of Biafrans and people with a good conscience, please take a closer look at the two incidents.One of Buhari's Boko Haram agent who mixed up with sympathizers quickly spoke to the press in other to shield Mohamadu Buhari from being accused of masterminding his attack, his name is Isa Saidu age 30 said, I was at Muritala Mohammed square where Sheikh Dahiru preached to us I was also in his convoy, suddenly I saw a man on a motorbike carrying a bag he was riding recklessly, defying instructions from the security guards, he then tried to come close to the car carrying the Sheikh but was pushed aside and he fell into the gutter and the bomb exploded.
He went further to say that the body of the Sheikh was covered with Blood, but it was the blood of his bodyguards. The explosion killed close to 100 people, but none of those close to the bomb was killed, how possible? The bomber got to his target instead of detonating he chose to engage the security men who then pushed him into the gutter ( lie from the pit of hell) Sheikh was untouched none of them died only those afar off.Buhari's so-called bomb attack exploded 2 hours later another Buhari's Boko Haram agent was on hand to distract the world by speaking to the press first, now hear him,a man in a Sienna car had just trailed the convoy of Mohamadu Buhari, came close to Buhari's SUV car, his security tried to get in between to protect Buhari, the Sienna loaded with bomb exploded killing many people, but because Buhari's car was bullet-proof he came out unhurt, his security men's car was likely damaged while more than 120 people died more than 22 cars was burnt to ashes those around Buhari's car. Again it does not add up.

If Mohamadu Buhari' s car was bullet-proof, was it a BOMB- PROOF? The impact of such a magnitude Bomb blast would destroy any bullet-proof car, but that was not the case with Buhari's powerful SUV James Bond custom made care who is fooling who here?
We gathered ourselves and wrote Jonathan to stop sympathising with Mohamadu Buhari because he masterminded the explosions, our oga did not want to hear such a thing against Buhari. Instead, an armoured police personnel car with another bullet-proof car was given to Buhari through the national security adviser Sambo Dasuki.
John Kerry's involvement in the state-sponsored mass killings of BIAFRANS and the recent assassination attempts on the life of the leader of indigenous people of Biafra Dr Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje prison Abuja ZOO Nigeria.
Conspiracy theory has it that Bill Jefferson Clinton and his wife Hilary Clinton was privy of the bombing of world trade centre popularly known as 911.
Our belief is that Obama sent John Kerry to perfect the assassination attempts on IPOB leader. Example, WW1 and WW11 history pointed towards Roman Catholic pope through the agents of papacy known as Jesuit layola spread across the globe even till today.

America did not spare itself by inflicting a terrible wound on it fellow citizens, if not, where were the CIA when Oklahoma City bombings took place on April 19, 1995. The assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dealy Plaza on Friday, November, 22nd, 1963.
Where was CIA when the destruction of world trade centre took place? All the above incidents shook America to its roots.My prove that John Kerry is the instigator of the two inglorious murderous activities of the Islamic government of Mohamadu Buhari is the following statements made by John Kerry, QUOTES: The battle against Boko Haram will only succeed if the REASON why people join Islamic militant groups is tackled and if government and it military gain people's TRUST off quote. John Kerry chose militant instead of the terrorist. John Kerry again indirectly sent a troubling message to Christians across Nigeria by saying, the only thing that will bring peace is to practice SHARIA through Nigeria to pacify Boko Haram militants and halt anybody desiring to join them.
John Kerry also encouraged the invasion of Biafraland, saying the government should act fast to gain the TRUST of the people.

Buhari having received the unexpected encouragements, in connivance with Sultan of Sokoto and chief of the army, ordered his agents the prison warders to carry out the malicious act on the 29th of August, 2016. By 10:30 pm.
They failed not because they did not plan well, but because God stood in the gap and caused an uproar that made the prison warders to begin fighting amongst themselves.Within the same period John Kerry came, The Zoo army launched operation crocodile smile on the 27-28 of August 2016, taping women and kidnapping elderly men and young people in the village, they came by air, sea, land coast and marine, to occupy and conquer Biafraland.

The Islamic army did not have any battle plan other than the instruction that whatever you do there, America is on our side. Hours later, news filtering into my inbox has it that the zoo Nigeria army was humbled by the army of Zion the ND Avengers who roasted about 145 of the zoo army inside hot oil according to reports. The news went viral on THE internet and social media worldwide.
Obama's secret terrorism against Biafrans is most unfortunate. After President Jimmy Carter's administration in America, the rest of the U.S heads of states have a penchant for igniting terrorism all over the world even where bit does not exist. An example is Jorge R. Videla the dictator who ruled Argentina with iron hands from 1970-1980's he was secretly backed by U.S President Ronald Reagan who masterminded the terrorism that swept Latin America. President Videla was later sentenced and died in prison at the age of 87.
On the evening of January 16th. 1991 president George W.Bush senior formerly launched Operation Desert Storm on a so-called rescue mission after Sadam HUSEIN invasion of oil-rich Kuwait Bush targeting Kuwaiti oil said that Sadam is world enemy number one.

Because of vast oil reserve in Iraq being the number 2 world largest oil producing nation after Saudi Arabia, George Bush junior relaunched another military operation after 911, this time insisting that Sadam Husein has Nuclear weapon stockpile and ready to release it, attack America and her neighboring countries, he declares Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq axis of Evil, given a dog a bad name to hang it, after the Iraq war, no nuke was found anywhere in Iraq, Sadam was hung before the world television watchers, he died simply for boasting too much about Islam.
Mrs Hilary Clinton had lectured Obama on the act of secret terrorism, and Obama did not disappoint only to use his black homeland Africa to achieve his, by edging out a Christian President Goodluck Jonathan and installed a terrorist puppet Mohamadu Buhari. Obama's reason like his predecessor was that Jonathan printed the Israeli seal of David in naira note.And openly supported Israel in her war against Hezbollah and Palestinian suicide bombers.
Obama could not have his way in Syria because of Russia who refuse that Assad is removed unceremoniously. Is Obama not equipping ISIS? He is well involved in in the illicit weapon trade in the middle-east and Nigeria.

This is very authoritative and authentic that Britain has no hand in the assassination plots of Dr Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje prison the culprit is Obama agent if death John Kerry.
As it is, it appears that the zoo called Nigeria would not only disintegrate but destroyed completely and entirely, because, forces previously against the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra is beginning to lend a helping hand.
The miscalculation of Buhari's backers was Smith the shepherded, and the sheep will scatter, unfortunately, the sheep are gathering together ever than before, the creator CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA has taken over the command of Biafran armed forces, therefore, anybody man or woman nations or group of people who stands in the way of this great emerging country Biafra must be destroyed.
Release the IPOB leader Dr.Nnamdi Kanu and other innocent Biafrans detained by Mohamadu Buhari and declare THE INDEPENDENT OF BIAFRA.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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