By Ifeanyi Chijioke.

I spoke with St Michael the Arc Angel and he said time has come for Ephraim to know that his rebellious nature was wrong and against the wish of God of Israel. “As the oldest son, he feels no one can control him, he leaves the way of God and everything He thought us, he leaves the root of Israel and the ways of our forefathers, he arrogantly goes up and down and because of this, God allowed the enemy to triumph over him. For over the years, his arrogance could not give him a breathing space. He is bleeding and he is confused, he has gone everywhere for help and called upon God, even called upon strange gods but he had no answer. God was doing all these for him to turn from his wrong ways; He loves Ephraim so much that he wants suffering, deprivation and death to whip him back to the house of Israel. The time has come for God to show his love but only reconciliation and loyalty to the house of Israel shall save him”
Then Arch Angel Michael continued, he did not brink, he was firm and he has come with message.

“The kingdom of Darkness is rising and they are tremendously rising, Israel needs to put His house in order for there shall never be anyone left to prevail against the Kingdom of darkness. Israel shall prevail but with a divided house, Israel shall be defeated” I stared at myself with curiosity, unable to look at his face, I was not seeing flashes, but I was growing in doubt, when I looked at him, I saw a human being, but my eyes off his face, I feel the spirit in his words. Then he was firm again, he sensed my doubt, so he spoke in parables, he was going to be literal once more but he wants me to control my thought.
“The world cannot hold it again, Great War will definitely come and Israel needs to unite His house and wait for the time. Israel is very much incomplete, He needs his branches, all his branches, and they must come together and answer one name. That is not Biafra Republic, it is Hebrew Republic, do not worry because the heat of the sun changed their color, for thousands of years they stayed here, their color was altered, Ephraim is Ephraim, he never changes, his skin might change, his voice might change but Ephraim will never change. Ephraim is rebellious but he has changed from his rebellious ways and Israel needs him to stand this coming period”
Then I asked him what about Nnamdi Kanu, he smiled and shook his head; I would not understand the things of the spirit, how would I understand? I observed him but I wanted him to talk, I want to hear everything. “Biafra will not come until Biafra reconciles with Israel, reconciliation is the key and nothing more” he just answered a different question, but I don’t want to think too much, I don’t want my canal being to interfere with the things of the spirit. He must have read my thought, he digressed again “The kingdom of darkness is fighting the prophecy of God; Jacob’s promise, Gad would be subjected to suffering, the enemies shall eat his labor but on the appointed time, he shall regain everything” I was losing it now, I wanted to know about Nnamdi Kanu
“He is carrying a mandate no human being can interfere with, you can do anything you want, he would not come out from the dungeon. He (Buhari) is not holding Kanu, he (Buhari) is too small to hold or interfere with his mandate. The kingdom of darkness is fighting, there is a war we are in, Nnamdi Kanu is beyond human comprehension because he is implementing what Lucifer is opposed to. Only (God) I St Michael can free him, for God has sent me to free him from that dungeon. Biafra is the kingdom of God that shall prevail against the rising Kingdom of darkness; have you asked why no world authority or power is asking for his freedom? Didn’t he tell you that no human being will give you Biafra, didn’t he tell you that you would shout but they would be deaf to your supplication? Only God can bring his kingdom, man shall do his part but let your part be on the path of God. This case of Biafra is not a canal case but a spiritual case in the higher places. The war is raging and only the word of God can save you all; your problems are written therein by your forefathers and the solution is yet written therein but you are not wise. At this point, reconciliation with the house of Israel is the key to every of your problem”

I was shocked and I was yet confused, looking up and down, a stranger, I have never seen Arch Angel Michael so how was I supposed to know him? I thought of his words once more and I felt the need to go home and come back again. At that point, I began to think- will I see him again, won’t he disappear forever, and won’t he go back to heaven? Then another of my devilish heart was telling me to ignore him, can a man be an Angel, I have felt him time without number, he drives a car and had no wings. Then again I thought of the words he said to me and I went cold, I am in the middle of nowhere and what if this man approached me just to get my attention as a renowned pro-Biafra journalist. The first day he wrote to me, I startled after I read the last letter in his message, I was moved by a spirit and I replied him “Are you a priest?” he said he is a priest in his own way. I took my time to study his profile, his profile said he is an Israeli-Jew, with Israeli flag, he beautified his background. He could have told me what I desired or he used charm on me, and then he said he wants to meet me; I did not think twice to meet him. After meeting him that day, I began to ask myself why I met him. I said I won’t risk meeting strangers again because I am not used to that.

Then we met again, always in a sacred place, he was still as he was the other day, he is now disturbed, he said “I need to release Nnamdi Kanu but I need your attention, reconciliation is the key, the house of Israel must be united and Ephraim-Biafra will be a free kingdom. We must not waste time, time is ticking unlike heaven where we are out of time. The kingdom of darkness is in a battle to stop the home coming of Ephraim. Ephraim will come home only when he reconciles with Israel, reconciliation is everything, no human being can release Kanu, we must do our part and leave others for God” he said, laying emphasis on reconciliation, then as if he knows what I was thinking, he said again “Everything going on with Ephraim is therein in the book, your forefathers said it all in the bible and gave you solution as well”

“In 1967, they killed and almost wiped out Biafra in an effort to stop this prophecy, the kingdom of darkness is warming up for the bigger stage. They focused here during slavery to alter the prophecy, so when they shall arise, there won’t be a united Israel to prevail against them. If you know what Nnamdi Kanu carries, you will be marveled, this is why no man can near him or do his battle, but God sent me St Michael the Arch Angel to deliver him” he said once more and I began to assimilate his message. God can come to men in any form and he must have come to me and I humbly welcomed Him.

This took me back to the prophecy of Nostradamus where he wrote “A Prince shall arise at the trigger of Africa and he shall be the envy of other Princes’” I have tried to decipher other Princes’ that are envious of him but saw non, could the Princes’ be the forces of darkness in battle? If so be it, Biafra is more spiritual than physical.

Authored by Ifeanyi chijioke, for the Great Biafra Journalists.

Published by Okpalaeze

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