By Ifeanyi Chijioke.

We have made mistakes as a people, and nobody can be perfect but as much as we strive towards perfection, we shall be better people. Nnamdi Kanu has set the pace for us, NDA today fight for the entire people of Biafra. MEND today see BIAFRA as their business to have negotiated even though their negotiation was immoral and unacceptable. Everybody is coming together, and we have defeated their divide and rule. Gowon recently said that he divided states to help fight Biafra but we today have conquered him and restored our unity.

This is why I am of the view that we must not relax and should fight on; we must appreciate every contribution made by each other no matter how bad it is. We shall oppose but oppose wisely, we shall rebuke but rebuke carefully to guide our unity jealously. We have to help one another understand the fact that we need each other to conquer the enemy.

Biafra is not touchable and no-go area; we can do everything we want, but Biafra remains a sacred project we must not profane by any means. Whatsoever we are doing and from any angle we doing it; it should be for Biafra restoration, and it would also be wise to note that the primary job is to release the man behind our unity and Biafra project.

This does not mean we shall trade Biafra for his freedom, but it means we can be NDA in our various ways. This song; I sing that we may learn and reflect on so many things.They have not gone to sleep; they are still bleeding profusely.
Yes; there was a stab, they were stabbed right in the heart.

Their divide and rule strategy, Nnamdi Kanu fought it sufficiently.
We must jealously guide our unity, cherish it and make it an act

They are not yet dead; they are vampires and will never die.
Hence their lives depend on our oil; they still want our tie.
For the fact we deny them our tie; divide and rule lives.
If we fail to guide our unity jealously; result is death as slaves

This is yet May and Ohaneze can make a shelter for July.This rain will drench them and their grains; they are unruly. They run on opposite lane with their people; they have gone mad. Perceive money; to the people’s struggling, they have nothing to add

MEND nurse unity; lick the ass of Pharaoh; betrayal for freedom.
They want liberty and a king but fight to renounce their kingdom.
Frustration, betrayal and hopelessness- to condemnation, drive them.
Let us guide our unity; stand united, talk combined, free our prisoners in quantum

I saw NDA painfully crawling to paradise, and I asked- have they no problem?
The narrow path to freedom Ohaneze found scathing. The thorny path MEND attempts with cowardice and betrayal. Forbid not to learn from NDA and Kanu worthy of emulation

Let us jealously guide our unity and rule out not- bloodletting.
Let us revolt against everything but on our freedom stay loyal.
Our freedom! Or we take death and cause a great commotion.
Let all be brave, persevere and die today for our generation

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke, For The Great Biafra Journalists.

Published by Okpalaeze. The Great Biafra Journalists Editor/Publisher.
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