The UNITED NATION, EUROPEAN UNION, AFRICAN UNION, INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE, INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT E.T.C. Biafrans are once again reminding you of the injustice and kidnappings of our people by the murderous Department Of State Service working under the orders of the jihadist terrorist Muhamadu Buhari to deform and destabilise Biafrans in all possible ways.
By the early hours of 24th of August 2016, the murderous Department Of State Service DSS, double-crossed a moving vehicle conveying five Biafrans, on their way travelling. This time, the world should listen carefully when I said they were travelling, they weren't protesting nor found with any ammunition. These people kidnapped were only travelling, and at what cost should they be abducted? What are their crimes?

This commotion has been on the display for long, whereby uncountable numbers of The Indigenous People Of Biafra has been missing on a daily basis. They are either kidnapped, killed or arrested for no just course. What are their crimes? It is only God that knows the answer.
It is important to notify the world that the Nigerian government has gotten to the limit of provocation. It doesn't mean that Biafrans don't know what it takes to retaliate, but we are just civil and peaceful because we are not monsters like the Nigerian government. We are adamant because we want to prove them wrong when they refer us as criminals and miscreants.
The world should understand that the anger of Biafrans we do not refrain any part of the world. United Nations is aware likewise other international organisations. But we are duly mindful of the fact that their most interest is the crude oil in Biafra Land. This is the reason, and they won't do anything to stop the Buhari led government from the illegal abduction of innocent Biafrans.

Note that the same security agency was responsible for the earlier kidnapping of The Leader Indigenous People Of Biafra on the 14th of October 2015 with the intention of killing him, before the alleged claim of arrest. Biafrans has been in this condition for long, and has been crying for the world to hear, even though the world has turned out to be deaf and dumb.
Biafrans are once more informing the world of the kidnap of the following Biafrans:
1. Mazi Ikechiukw Ugwuoha 2. Mazi Asochiukwu Ugochiukwu 3. Mazi Sunday J. Okafor 4. Mazi Joseph Okorie 5. Mazi Ekene Onuoha
These are mainly the same people that were unconditionally released few weeks back after clarifying them of their innocence of the allegations brought on them, since their arrest at the national high school Aba Biafra Land while they were praying to their creator, Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama to intervene in the immediate release of their leader, mazi Nnamdi Kanu, whom the Nigerian government has vowed not to release despite series of court orders to release him unconditionally.

This time, they have done it again, proving to the whole world that they can go any extreme to destroy The Indigenous People Of Biafra. We have every right to defend ourselves because we can no longer stand aside and watch the Nigerian government prosecute our innocent brothers. When we start, Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama shall curse any media house, country, group, organisation or person that shall refer us as terrorists.
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