BIAFRA The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB Dr Nnamdi Kanu and his well-marshalled chain of command has once again proven that they are on top of the Biafran restoration struggle having disgraced Buhari and his ISIS/ Boko Haram department of state security service DSS. Dr Kanu who was illegally arrested and detained going to 11 Months now was discharged of all alleged charges of entering Nigeria without a passport even though he is both British and Nigeria citizen that is ONE unforgivable sin Buhari committed against Dr Kanu. Buhari claimed that Dr Kanu enters Nigeria with radio equipment just to talk because he knows how to talk and that is number two INIQUITY committed by Mohamadu Buhari against the innocent man Dr Nnamdi Kanu. In the federal high court Abuja where Kanu was arraigned for the above fictitious and unfounded allegations, Kanu delivered two un-replied uppercuts to the jaw of the Islamic Nigeria ruler Mohamadu Buhari and his kangaroo DSS satanic agents that dazed and floored them after Ademola a wise judge of competent jurisdiction discharged and acquitted Dr Nnamdi Kanu and ordered for his UNCONDITIONAL release. Without believing what hits them, Buhari and his DSS agent cooked up another lie, from nowhere, without OBEYING THE PREVIOUS COURT ORDER slammed charges of treasonable felony against the innocent man.
Buhari went all out in search of evidence and at the same time looking for a cash-strapped judge who can be bought with a whopping 100 million naira stolen from Biafran oil proceeds, he later found a weak and hungry incompetent judge by name Totzo sorry John Tshoo, not satisfied, BUHARI ordered his Daura DSS to go to motor parks and pick any tour, agberoe or area boy, give him a lot of money with his face covered as masquerade to stand as crime witness against Dr Kanu. Till now, DSS has been dancing the beats dictated by this great leader Dr Kanu. They went to Kanu's kinsmen through an Hausa/ Fulani plant in Biafraland Mr. Rochas Okorocha, selected another Biafran citizen turned beggar by name Ikedife gave them millions of naira to induce sociocultural group known as OHANAEZE to plot, cajole, intimidate the entire IPOB family in Biafraland to accept Buhari's government and denounce Biafra restoration quest, it didn't work. Buhari tried time without number to assassinate Dr Kanu inside kuje prison where he was kept incommunicado but failed in each attempt. Buhari has bribed or forced Dr Kanu's previous defence team led by one Mr Obeta but how Kanu escaped such households enemies instead sacked Mr Obeta, and his incompetent legal court jesters remain a miracle to the world. From his detention, Dr Kanu has brought the economy of THE one time richest country in Africa back to the poorest country in the world seconded only by Bangladesh.
The zoo Islamic government of Mohamadu Buhari has crumbled within 12 Months of illegally arresting and detaining the man of the people. On Friday 9th August, 2016, after another round of court adjournment, another Bible busted right inside a press conference Hall where Dr Kanu's newly employed legal team organized a press briefings to curious and impatient journalist who strung the hall to know that latest a outcome of court proceedings that day and the probable next line of action by Dr.Nnamdi Kanu, but unknowing to the lawyers, the indefatigable spirit of Kanu hovers around the hall forcing the secret pact of Buhari and some of the defense lawyers open.
The indigenous people of Biafra IPOB and extension the stunned world was taken aback when the speaker of the defence counsel openly disassociate the IPOB leader with the freedom fighters ND Avenger while associating an outlaw hungry and favour seeking criminals who called themselves MEND with the honourable IPOB leader. This heinous crime did not stop there, the speaker went on to tell the world that the illegally arrested and detained Dr Kanu has QUOTE: agreed to NEGOTIATE with the Islamic government of the murderous Mohamadu Buhari so as to secure his freedom on watching the video clips which went viral on the internet and amongst Biafran media platform, we the indigenous people of Biafra screamed blue murder, unacceptable, ill-motivated, concocted and stupid postulation by the defense team.
The Biafrans worldwide immediately saw Mohammad Buhari's dirty hands again corrupting the newly employed IPOB defence counsel. It has been debunked, refuted with Dr Nnamdi Kanu reaffirming his stand on his unconditional release, urgent and immediate restoration of the independent of Biafra. A counter press statement has been published by IPOB spokespersons Emma Emezu and Clifford Chiukwuemeka Iroanya. They said, Biafrans worldwide remain solidly behind our leader Dr Nnamdi Kanu who have trained us to carry on this struggle to it logical conclusion, our freedom cannot be NEGOTIATED, Biafra is not for SALE. He WARNED the Islamic government of Hausa/Fulani and their Yoruba conspirators to protect and guide Dr Kanu saying that Nigeria is yet to pay the historical price for killing more than 6 million Biafrans from 1066-2016 if anything happens to IPOB leader in their custody, what will happen to Nigeria and indeed West Africa will be better imagined than experienced. I join the IPOB spokesperson to warn Buhari to release Dr Kanu and other BIAFRANS in the zoo called Nigeria detention prisons, if you want to know how important IPOB leader is to all Biafrans listen to Dr Kanu's live broadcast in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on the 22nd September 2014 or there about, it was a date for Biafran's day of atonement. After listening to him, our mourning turned into joy, our hope of surviving was restored, the bones of dead but living Biafrans carried away ABD scattered all over the world begin to come together bone to his bones. Let me put Nigeria and THE world unnoticed; Dr Nnamdi Kanu has completed his assignment as long as Biafra restoration is concerned we are on oath to fulfil this mandate, come rain or shine, the Biafra sovereign Nations shall come.
Real people all over the world should rise in unity and force the terrorist Islamic jihadist in the zoo called Nigeria, the dullard and paedophile ruler of monkeys and baboons Mohamadu Buhari to release Dr Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans illegally detained for seeking and asking without violence their inalienable right of self-determination. It is time for BIAFRANS to govern themselves having paid an unequalled price in the history of mankind trying and asking for FREEDOM. Either we get our nation of Biafra back, or we all including the zoo called Nigeria perish in getting it.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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