Walking along the road with one of my friends some years back, a man in his 50's joined our company and subsequently our conversations. Talking so much about his experiences in life, struggles and connections, my friend who wanted to join the Nigerian Army asked him for a link, but in response he urged my friend to suspend his quest to join any Nigerian force. He then promised with great conviction that in few months from then, his master, Ralph Uwazurike, would actualize Biafra hence my friend would join any force of his choice in Biafraland. With his explanations on how far they have gone in the struggle and how close Biafra's actualization was, I wouldn't help but excited. My friend shared in the joy in a way that showed he was aware of the successes before then. Being more interested in Ralph Uwazuike and his Biafra actualization, I started following his achievements and involvements online, but after some months, my excitement faded, my confidence in his purported deliverance got drowned in the ocean of uncertainty and my faith turned into fear when I saw the purported leader romancing with his supposed enemies.

At first I thought it was application of wisdom on his part but a closer look showed that he had sold his soul to the devil thereby becoming a tool for politicians to use to actualize their quests and ambitions instead of actualizing Biafra. He turned the movement to an oppressive, harassing and intimidating movement. ..just like Bakassi Group that started well in Aba, Abia state but later became a tool of harassment and intimidation. Seeing that Ralph Uwazuirike was already compromised, I suspended my hope on someone with a loose integrity like him to chair the actualization of Biafra.

But one day, after some years of suspension of hope, I went to see a good friend of mine who resides in Aba. He rushed in with news of Biafra Restoration. I paused to hear him and he said, "Biafra is coming under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu!" And I said, "Forget it! The likes of Ralph Uwazuirike has come again to deceive many and I will not be a part of it." He replied, "Don't worry, in the evening you will be convinced." Behold, evening came on that fateful day, at 07:07 pm, I heard for the first time, the melodious sound of Biafran Anthem, I had goose pimples all over my body. My suspended hope was receiving some signs of revival but I was still waiting and I heard after the anthem an  authoritative thunderous voice speaking confidently and with no air of doubt I said in myself, "This is the one I have been waiting for." now With all my fears gone, all uncertainties disappeared, and confidence rebuilt, I joined in the propagation of the gospel of Biafra's Restoration and preaching the good news even better than my friend that introduced me.


As the gospel of the restoration of Biafra thrived, the enemies of the nation of Biafra, Nigerian government with her allies, started strategizing on how to douse the fire : they tried and are still trying to stop radio Biafra from broadcasting but they failed and continue to fail. They concluded that arresting those listening to the station would stop listeners but they also failed because the more they arrested, the more people listened.

They resorted to harassing and arresting IPOB members and leaders...but like the apostles in the bible, the more they were harassed the more they preached the gospel with boldness. They finally came to a consensus that kidnapping and killing the Great DELIVERER, Nnamdi Kanu, should he come to Nigeria, would certainly quench the deliverance. Then on the 14th of October 2015 they kidnapped the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra  (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, en route to Biafraland.

They wanted to execute him as planned so that no one would know, that was why the Nigerian media did not report it. But thank God for radio-Biafra. But before the news came on radio-Biafra, everyone in Aba including me was apprehensive because we had not heard him broadcast for three days. At the news of his arrest people had mixed feelings but truly his coming to Biafraland and as a result was arrested silenced those that were calling him a coward; it convinced those that were taking him for an empty vessel; it made those that were taking him for granted change their mind; and it raises the hopes of those that trust him.

When the federal government realised that the news of his arrest had gone viral, they quickly and secretly arraigned him in Magistrate court, Wuse zone 2, Abuja. His counsel submitted his bail application and he was granted bail under stringent conditions. But when the bail conditions were met, President Muhamadu Buhari, through DSS refused to free him instead they secretly secured another order from a higher court of jurisdiction to detain him further for 90days without the official knowledge of his counsel which is contrary to the principle of fair hearing.

In the higher court, Justice Adeniyi Ademola who gave the ex parte order, set outside his order and unconditionally released him saying that his detention was totally unconstitutional since it was apparent that DSS was not ready to prosecute him. Instead of releasing him as ordered by the court of competent jurisdiction, they conditioned his release contrary to the order asking him to renounce his Biafra agitation or they would come up with more charges. Obviously as a great DELIVERER who was manifested for this purpose, he refused. They went to another court, on getting to the court, the judge exempted himself from the case seeing that previous court orders were disobeyed by the DSS. He asked that the case be reassigned to another judge. It took weeks to reassign the case to another judge because they were shopping for a judge with loose integrity who would do their biddings.

The judge found has indeed been playing out the script handed to him by his pay master, Muhamadu Buhari; not only because he repeated exactly the prejudicial comments of President Buhari on his maiden media chat on 31st  December 2015 but he also has eaten back his vomit after saying that masquerades will not testify in court against Nnamdi Kanu and later permitting witnesses to be shielded with a screen; he also subtly refused to sign his previous judgement on Nnamdi Kanu's bail application so as to hinder Nnamdi Kanu's counsels from appealing his judgement.

But despite all persecutions against him, Nnamdi Kanu has remained resolute, resilient, committed to his calling like the Great DELIVERER of old, Yahweh Yahshua (Jesus Christ, who the devil thought that nailing him to the cross would bring an end to his ministry, but not knowing that he was helping him fulfil his mission) Nnamdi Kanu's kidnap, arrest and prolonged incarceration have brought Biafra close.

Nnamdi Kanu has put Biafra on the table of discussion in beer parlours, restaurants, buses, market places, churches, mosques, media houses and platforms, organizations, village meetings, town meetings, before the educated and uneducated, the learned and illiterates, locally, nationally and internationally. He has in no small way attracted the attention of world leaders like the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and others calling for his release.

After all the frivolous charges ranging from Belonging to and Managing an Unlawful Society, Terrorism and Terrorism Financing, to Treasonable Felony charges levelled against Nnamdi Kanu, he has proven to be WHITER THAN WHITE AND WHITER THAN SNOW.

Nigerian government and her leaders having seen that they are a total embarrassment to the world of this civilized and democratic era are seeking to release him through the back door. They have offered him silver and gold in exchange for Biafra but just like the great DELIVERER of old, he has refused the kingdom of the devil and her riches. He has maintained his slogan "Biafra or Death" .

But Nigeria would have had peace if she followed the path of honour. No she refused. Instead of putting up a debate before Nnamdi Kanu and counter him with superior arguments ( of course there are no superior arguments found because Nigeria was the concoction of a man), they chose to play through his traps and of course they were caught.

They have eventually understood that he played on their intelligence by  shouting on radio-Biafra to catch their attention, announcing his coming to Biafraland on radio-Biafra to get them ready. But now they have realised that they acted unwisely by arresting him. What they thought would be a SETBACK to the restoration of Biafra has turned out to be a COMEBACK. His arrest, prolonged detention and his unification messages and teachings have unified all the Old Eastern States and those who did not believe in him while on radio, at last in detention have awarded him "The Great Liberator" of Biafran People. And more sympathisers are joining up forces just like the bible says in Obadiah 1:21 "And deliverers shall come up on Mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau ; and the kingdom shall be the LORD'S. "

In same way deliverers have come up in Biafraland and they are judging Nigeria and eventually Biafra shall stand.
These deliverers both armed and unarmed shall continue to bombard this expired establishment called Nigeria with the truth and like the wall of Jericho, Nigeria shall fall down flat and Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa shall be independent.

To avoid further bloodsheds because there have been many already starting from the war of 1967-1970 to massacres of peacefully protesting IPOB, let Nigerian government borrow a leaf from Great Britain and call for a referendum so that the people will decide their fate.
Convincingly, Biafra shall be restored.

Land of the Rising Sun.

Written By Ogu Edozie Williams
Edited & Published by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers

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  1. As I slept off this night I had a slight headache that sent me to sleep
    But as I slept I saw something a vision about Nigeria.
    I first saw a familiar face go bankrupt after trying their luck with all the life savings and he had 3people depending on him. As I tried to console the 3people explaining to them what happened to their dependant and they are going to get over it.

    I immediately entered into transit. Where I saw many people gathering asking people to choose which line they're standing for Biafra or Nigeria .
    Immediately I told them Nigeria.it looked like a referendum,immediately they pushed me aside to Nigeria side I saw international lawyers from allover the world invited
    I can't remember what exactly what I said that cause nnamdi kanu to be released to defend his Biafra choice.i saw him thanking me for his release despite I was on Nigeria side. I also saw him preparing seriously for his challenge to defend Biafra everything was happening peaceful as people for Nigeria and those for Biafra are all there gather making all the noise in the world. Me I was busy playing around shouting Nigeria Nigeria whereas those for Biafra freely shouting biafra biafra
    All of a sudden the Nigerian group where asked to sing the Nigeria anthem they all raised their right hands in affirmation and sang whereas those for Biafra where asked to sing there's they equally did as if on a competition.
    But before I could turn my back and front I saw a larger number of people rushing out shouting Nigeria Nigeria as if Nigeria eventually won.
    It was so peaceful.
    In that dream Nigeria won the referendum.

    I don't know what this dream may mean for Nigeria future my dreams are not always mere dreams they're visions they 'r either a present, 1week or two weeks happening or in the future I v always heard it as a child.had a fair share of the manifestation experience during my university days but I was hardly a prayer prayer person it just comes on its own with or without me doing anything about it what happens when I pray.
    May God help Nigeria my country and Nigerian to be faithful loyal and honest and serve this nation with all their heart and defend it's unity and uphold her honour and glory so help us God.
    May the will of God for Nigeria prevail.
    It wldnt be by the power ofmoney but power of the will of the spoken word of God for his people.Dt is why someone lost his life saving at the beginning of the dream