It's so amusing and funny to hear the paedophile in charge of the zoo called Nigeria, president Muhammadu Buhari saying that the unity of a forceful marriage such as exist between Biafrans and the geopolitical zones in the animal kingdom called Nigeria is non-negotiable. Frankly speaking, the intellectual ability of those managing Nigeria, is so timid and none professional. What should convince most interested citizens, that Nigeria's unity is none negotiable when there has never a time agreement existed between the different ethnic groups in the country for once? To be honest, there is no doubt that President Muhammadu Buhari is ignorant to know the meaning of unity of which, has proven his disability of handling the contraption called Nigeria. His ignorance is as a result that he never acquired the necessary knowledge expected of him. Nigeria is all about one forceful amalgamation of different people who do not accept each other's religious beliefs, cultures, languages and other characteristic of a people by one devil called Lugard and his prostitute wife in the year 1914. This contraption was bound to exist for only hundred years if it fails to work. Ad a matter of fact, Biafrans were subjugated to accept the contraption and to forsake their true identity.
If at all unity has existed from inspection, why are we politically disenfranchised? Why are we beggars in the midst of many? Why are we being killed and slaughtered like animals and the world will despise us? Why are our women afraid to go into their farms alone? Why are we brutalised by the Nigerian government? Why are we given the highest cut off mark in jamb? Why should an Hausa man be gain admission with only two marks while a Biafran will be given access to 200 marks? Why am i deprived of my human right? Why must i be forced to engage myself in a religious belief that I don't desire to engage myself into? These are the questions President Muhammadu Buhari should be answering, after much considerations and thoughts. The existence of Nigeria hung on one condition, and that was, the peaceful disintegration of Nigeria by peacefully allowing Biafrans go. But in a situation where they ignored our peaceful means, and have killed and maimed uncountable number of innocent souls, there is no probability left for Nigeria to remain in existence after her disintegration. Biafrans are out to make sure that Nigeria is wiped off the map.
I will pretend not to hear such jargon coming out from a terrorist Like Buhari; my reasons are not too fetched. Muhammadu Buhari is a school drop out; he never finished his secondary classes before joining the military. If he doubts it, he should present his West African Examination Certificate. This is the reason he can't make a sensible statement. Biafrans have been facing subjunctive inhumane degrading treatments from the British company Nigeria from inception. The case of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a case study. He has been under trial for almost a year, and the Nigerian government have been unable to provide an evidence to prove the allegations levelled against him accurate. What about the killing of unarmed peaceful protesters? The event of 30th August 2015, 18th January 2016, 9th February 2016, 30th may 2016, and many other activities that show how the Nigeria security agency brutalized us. All these are happening in a country that claims none negotiation of it's unity. This is just a joke, because Biafrans shall show Nigeria the stuff we are made of. We are the children of the most high Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama. We must prevail the forces of Nigeria.

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