Nigeria, Satan’s ground of lies and half truths 

By Kelechi Okorie 

For Biafra Choice Writers

Is it possible to build a country without truth and transparency? Is it advisable to build a country on lies and deception? If it is possible, then Nigeria will develop in future. But it is not possible, and methinks that satan’s ground, Nigeria, will never develop because that is how Northern Fulani people have been trying to build it.

This is because since the abominable country was cobbled together, Northern elements that have consistently forced themselves into governance, have deluded themselves that they could build it will lies, deception and corruption. They have, for long, been corrupting the country – especially its structure – and every other thing that makes for good governance. Without shame, they have run the country with lies and half-truths. This is why Northerners are currently standing unperturbed as Muhammadu Buhari, another Northern evil general, runs the country into abyss with lies and half-truths.

They watch as the civil government Nigeria attained in 1999, which many hoped should be worked to become a full-blown democracy, is quickly being destroyed as the junta takes the country back into a dictatorship. This treasonable felon, Buhari, who overthrew a democratically elected government in 1983, is now trying to derail Biafra restoration by concocting lies against Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). He has bribed some elements of the long discredited Ohanaeze social group, and media houses to promote the falsehood that IPOB had factionalized.

This the same genocidist, who is supposed to be cooling off his feet in jail at this very moment, not only for overthrowing a democratically elected government, but also for war crimes that he perpetrated during the Biafra/Nigeria war of 1967 – 1970. This explains why he has continued with all his atrocities even at this very moment. His has been kidnapping, torturing and murdering of innocent Biafrans who have committed no offence than ask for the freedom of their country from Nigeria. Last year, he sent his men to kidnap Ikechukwu Ugwuoha, the Abia State Coordinator of IPOB.

He deceived the world early August by releasing many of them in honour of World Indigenous People Day (WIPD) 2016, only to re-arrest them few days ago, August 25. Buhari has been doing all these with claims that he was working to better Nigeria, when in actual part he is working to subjugate the Biafran people and to Islamize Biafrans. This therefore shows, without any doubt, that Nigeria is truly satan’s ground for lies, deception, and half-truth.
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