Fulani herdsmen invaded another community in Enugu State.
Their attack location is the Abbi Community in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area, Enugu State.
The herders reportedly invaded the area unleashing mayhem to residents.
The Herdsmen killed several people, injuring others and disappearing into the forest with more than 20 persons.
It was gathered that over 40 herders’ men surfaced from the bush and began shooting at random.
The two men died on the spot. Both were close relatives.
An eye witness Fidelis Okeja and his sister Mercy Fidelis were sitting outside their compound when about 40 masked Fulani herdsmen descended on them.
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They later went ahead and attacked other members of the community with machetes, burnt some houses before retreating into the bush.
A reliable source in the community told this news house that some farmers had spotted the Fulani herdsmen in the outskirts of the village.
One of them, a palm wine tapper said when he was tapping his wine, he saw several Army officers with the Fulani herdsmen.
He said on sighting them, he remained quiet atop the tree.
According to him, “I saw many Army People with the Hausa men in the bush.
“They handed a sack to the Fulani herdsmen. One of them untied the bag and brought out a riffle.
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“I saw them bring out about 6 riffles.
“That was when I quietly came down from the palm wine tree and ran to the village head to report what I was.
Another witness who witnessed the attacks thereafter said, ‘’The most worrisome aspect of the Fulani invasion of the community was that about 20 people are still missing.
“Nobody can give account of them.
“Those missing were last seen on the fateful day.
“The community formed search parties in groups, combing bushes within and outside the community.
“We are yet to find them. We have lodged a formal complaint at both Adani police station and Police Area Command Nsukka.”

It was gathered that the corpse of both Fidelis and Mercy have been deposited at Bishop Sanahan Hospital, Nsukka.

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