The ZOO called Nigeria garbage newspapers is already awash with a probable reason the United state's number two man is visiting. They went ahead to chronicle where is going and what he will be doing on arrival. (1) To discuss Boko Haram menace (2) National security (3) poverty that is ravaging northern Nigeria and (4) Niger Delta militants and oil pipeline destruction. I do not wish to inform our readers that the above four-point agenda set for Mr John Kerry is a mere speculations. Reason being that the white house and extension the U.S President Barack Hussein Obama is well aware of the murderous activities of the Islamic government of Mohamadu Buhari, if the American government due to the unholy historical silence in the face of the murder of more than six million innocent Biafran women and children in 1966-1970 then, the zoo called Nigeria is in for a raw deal. The agenda of his coming may not have been revealed to the public as speculated by the zoo press. However, the whole is expecting discussions about the release of Dr Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans detained by Mohamadu Buhari to be released and independent of Biafra restored.
The U.S government has everything to lose if they tow the line of their predecessors if they look the other way or watching Islamic jihadist kill Biafrans in the name of keeping Nigeria one coupled with Muslim's Islamization agenda as pursued by Buhari. The Biafran head of the directorate of states HODS and the entire command structure of the Indigenous people of Biafra IPOB has made their demand to the world clear saying quotes: IT IS BIAFRA OR DEATH off quote. One sided politics in favour of an already dying entity like Nigeria is fanning the embers of war and igniting the fire that will consume the entire region of West Africa, and the central intelligence agency of America CIA knows this even before Kerry's arrival.
Being the police officer of the world, President Obama must stand boldly and call evil by the name, from inception; Nigeria just existed using the blood of BIAFRANS as a symbol of which Nigeria survived.
The economy depends on the resources that came from the Biafraland; human resources Biafrans verbally developed the entire zoo called Nigeria that explains the reason why Buhari's Islamic APC government destroyed the one-time number one buoyant economy in Africa, as everyone can see that without Biafra there will be no Nigeria. Buhari has recently CONFESSED that Nigeria suddenly becomes POOR. He thought that after sidelining the Biafrans and positioning his partners in crime the Hausa/ Fulani and the Yorubas in his government that the zoo economy will be more buoyant than it was before he was smuggled into Aso Rock. The result became the opposition just within 11 Months of his rulership. When salt loses taste, it becomes saltless; that is the situation Nigeria find itself. I can also assure you that, with the discovery of oil in another part of the zoo namely in the Lake Chad basin and in Lagos, Nigeria will still score 2% in the world economic index, and let no one ever think of pacifying Biafrans by making bogus promises, that the zoo Islamic government have suddenly realized their mistakes in the past 50 years about not according to Biafrans their proper place within Nigeria.
I think the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB has passed that stage. The UN, U.S, EU, ISRAEL, RUSSIA, CHINA, INDIA and the so called AU have seen that the game is over. We must be allowed to govern ourselves, determine our future and compete with the free nations of the world. I was told the story about Biafra/ Nigeria civil war; it looks like a movie then, now I have seen the head of a young man full life cut off, while the world watch. I have also seen five years old child's body dismembered with a sharp knife while the world watched without anybody saying anything.
All the above victims are Biafrans, killed in northern Nigeria, beheaded in the north of Nigeria and butchered at home in their land. Whoever discusses the continual staying together by the Biafrans with Hausa/Fulani and the Yorubas must perish with them. WE HAVE HARD ENOUGH; IT IS BIAFRA OR WE ALL DIE INCLUDING NIGERIA IN THE PROCESS OF RESTORING THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIAFRA.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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