"Before I formed you in your mother's womb I chose you. Before you were born I set you apart. I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations."
These were the words of God to Jeremiah, the prophet (Jeremiah 1:5) and prophecy became the calling of Jeremiah right from his mother's womb. He maintained the calling of God and did as God instructed him without turning back on God.

Let me make it abundantly clear to the whole world that the restoration of Biafra is the calling of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. For this purpose was he conceived and for this mission is he manifested that he may dismantle this fabrication of Fredrick Lugard called Nigeria which like a pit of hell has swallowed millions of people and still counting since its invention.

When some Muslims are praying, they do not care whether you want to injure or kill them. They are religious fanatics. In a similar manner, Nnamdi Kanu is a Biafra fanatic: he does not care whether he remains in illegal detention as far as Biafra is given to him. He was set apart for it hence he derives pleasure in restoring it.

Nnamdi Kanu received this call when he went to pray in Jerusalem.  He heard the voice of God and boldness to fearlessly stand before his enemies were activated in him. He responded in the affirmative and the voice of a leader rose up from within him. He started to preach the gospel and eloquence could not help but show up.

From then onwards, Biafra became his religion and just like apostle Paul in the bible, even while in illegal detention his love for Biafra cannot be hidden to the extent that in one of his court appearances, he wore a wristband with "I love Biafra" written on it.

He designs his clothes with Biafra colours and walks majestically cheering his fellow countrymen and the world at large.

Nnamdi Kanu is the saviour of the world who knew that he would be arrested yet ventured in. Kanu knew that he would be detained illegally yet he was not afraid. How then do you think that this Biafra fanatic would want to renounce Biafra that he has already restored?

 You mean that something he has worked so hard travelling from Europe to Asia, from America to Africa, day and night, in heat and in cold, to bring to where it is now he would then secretly renounced? You are a joke if you think that!

If you would not think that way because you are reasonable, how dare MEND come up with such cheap blackmail as "Nnamdi Kanu accepted to renounce Biafra in secret" seeing that Biafra has become a religion to him? They did that because of their belly!

I advise MEND to follow the doggedness of Nnamdi Kanu in their emancipation movement and stop making a foolish show of servitude of themselves.

To Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra is a religion and it's "Biafra or Death".

Written by: Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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