Ifeanyi Chijioke (R) in group photo with Emeka Umeagbalasi
I came to a certain mortuary in the process of my ongoing investigation on the Biafra Heroes day massacre which occurred in Nkpor. This is not the first of its kind and neither will it be the last until Biafra is restored. There is a sustained genocide going on in Biafra land. Human right organizations are doing little to save lives and campaign against right violations. In Biafra; there is no sufficient humanitarian campaign or battle for rule of law. I would be wrong to say that the various human right institutions had been bribed into sealing their lips. In the face of this evil; a group stands out and another International group has shown seriousness in a bit to end right violations across the globe. When I came to that Mortuary, I met Emeka Umeagbalasi and a representative of Amnesty International. Emeka had come to inspect on the family of the diseased to know how many victims of the massacre would be carried for burial. “There are too many dead peaceful protesters in this mortuary and we want to follow the case to its end’ he said to me. On the other hand; Amnesty International had come to take photos of the victims and know how and where they were shot. These two human right institutions are the only ones I have seen in the act of human right defense.

I was opportune to speak to the board Chairman of Intersociety in that mortuary, a very humble and soft looking man. At first I saw a private new model computer Hiace bus, written Intersociety and in bracket ‘policing the police’ and I was pleased that the group came but could not see the Chairman. I had scanned the people there but could not identify him and I approached the immediate younger brother of the victim to be carried from the mortuary. He had granted me interview that he has no regret and would even die to make sure his brother’s death restores Biafra. I concluded the interview and headed for my car. Stood akimbo and exhausted was a fair average man, so fresh and well creamed, his rich skin exposed my fading one. “I am Emeka Umeagbalasi; no need of hiding from the press again, I am here and what can I do for you” he said walking on to me; the people we had asked of him purposely told us he was not around.

He must have done so much for the day; stressed himself throughout; going from one hospital to another and to Mortuaries. He was ready to speak even though I was still appreciatively assessing him; we walked on to his official car and I demanded a photograph; just a snap before the interview, I would love to hang it on the wall of my bedroom and remember this is the only right group that vowed to campaign against extermination of Biafrans the second time. “Over 75% of human right groups in Nigeria are owned by Biafrans. But none of them is fighting against injustice or campaigning against right violation that is prevalent in Southeast and Southsouth” he said with boldness and I could feel a sense of pride in him.

‘Only those called by Chiukwuokikeabiama shall fight for his Kingdom’ the passion and the determination I saw in him made me thought over that phrase once more. “We have never seen this kind of right violation and everybody is quiet like everything is ok. I don’t understand what is going on but I am ready, I studied widely for this kind of fight. I am ready to fight it to finish” he reassured himself, he desperately needed such assurance because there seems to be weighty conspiracy against Biafra. “I am doing this for the sake of humanity, for the sake of justice and equity”. He just pin-pointed it; this is what human right battle is all about. Fighting without boundary and sentiment, being passionate for the job without looking at the face of who is involved. Most human right groups have distanced themselves from Biafra while some chose to be neutral because they are pro-Buhari. They have failed to understand that where human life is endangered, there is no choice other than saving humanity. That is what Emeka Umeagbalasi believes and that is what entire Inter-Society lives for. And that is the definition of human right protection.

“There is conspiracy against Biafra because at this point, I must confess that Buhari has killed to a point that serious pressure ought to have been mounted on him. There is conspiracy and this why there is silence even in place there should be serious noise” he said. I was sad once more; does it mean that only Inter-society and Amnesty International are the only human right watch left? They have been screaming and wailing that human right has been murdered in Biafra and I ask, what have world leaders done with the reports on Biafra so far, what action has been taken?

“These murderers have lobbyists they pay thousands of tax payers money to launder their image and the image of Nigeria. IPOB has no such money and that is why we do the humanitarian work here. This work is priceless and we have sworn to police the police and that we are doing, we must continue even though they block every effort to account for souls unlawfully taken”. He is aware of what is going on, but he has sworn never to get tired or frustrated. Evil will not triumph over good and this is why there is hope that his effort will bring justice in due time. 

Nigeria tops the countries known for human right violations with less human right campaign; this shows the extent corruption has eaten Nigeria. For standing tall and fighting tirelessly to protect human right, I have found a reason to keep living because one cares. “I have studied Nnamdi Kanu’s case with the Nigerian government and found out that Kanu has done nothing. He is a prisoner of conscience and this is why we will stop at nothing less than justice” he said as I could not stop wishing there were many more like Inter-society.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke
Published by Chinwe Korie
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