President Muhammadu Buhari performing the lesser Hajj in Mecca on February 24, 2016 
My fellow Buhari supporters,
Come let’s reason together…
I sincerely was heartbroken this morning when I heard that the federal government of Nigeria has approved a discretionary forex rate of N197 to the dollar for Muslims who are going for pilgrimage. Currently, the dollar is slightly above N400 a dollar at the parallel market and almost N330 at the interbank market.
This same government refused to approve discretionary forex rate for school fees abroad. This same government refused to give forex concessions to businessmen who do importation. This same government even refused to give reasonable forex concessions to fuel importers.
But they gleefully approve a huge forex subsidy for people going for pilgrimage and at N197 to the dollar!
Meanwhile, we no longer have any official interbank rate for the dollar. So because a group of people are proceeding on Hajj, a new discretionary official dollar rate will be created?
This is too much for me to bear. How can anyone explain this? This is the most disgraceful thing I have heard in my entire life. For a country that is “technically” in recession, is this our own idea of an economic policy?
The international community will conclude that we are country of lunatics. You are in a recession and all you is to subsidize pilgrimage?
Believe you me, President Buhari has a wonderful way of making his supporters look stupid and foolish. Can anyone defend this rubbish?
Listen guys, I would not allow any person to make a big moron of me. Mbanu!
Not when I am doing all of this purely out of love for country. Nobody will make a fool of me. Nobody!!!
And again, I don’t care if this same concession is given to Christians. Pilgrimage is purely a private business. Indeed, it’s actually a jamboree. Big men take their girlfriends and wives and children to either Mecca or Jerusalem where they engage in shopping sprees and parties and orgies.
This is what President Muhammadu Buhari is going to subsidize with our hard earned foreign exchange?
kent do this again!
I just Kent!
You want to support this?
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  1. Sai Barbarian, so you have just woken up?. This policy is simply stupid, regardless of whether the so called pilgrimage is by muslims or christians. It is as stupid and dumb as the report in media of the Nigerian Government donating $10million to Hilary Clinton's Campaign - calling Trump a disaster- Meanwhile your citizens are dying of hunger. Surely, you cannot get any dumber that this. Buhari and his APC government has once again shown how incapable they are in managing the economy. Sai Barbarian, why are you complaining ? This is changi !