By Onyema Uche

Truth you should know about July 29, 1966.

First let me state that the Biafra/Nigeria war was purely the longest coup in the history of coups in the world.
Also let me quickly point out that the wicked man who spearheaded the killing of General Aguiyi Ironsi, six months after he became head of state, was himself murdered also six months into power. His infamous name was, Muritala Muhammed.
Now the facts they didn't want you to know:
1. Out of the majors that carried out the January 1966 coup, none was Igbo. That is, none of them is from south-eastern states or the then Eastern Nigeria.
2. It was purely Yoruba coup, planned in the western region by Yoruba elite soldiers.
3. The coup was counter reaction to Tafawa Balewa's move to exterminate the western region elite politicians after sending Awolowo to jail.
3. The leader of the coup was not Major Kaduna Nzeogwu as we were lied to. Major Nzeogwu earned prominence because he was in charge of the northern region and led the group that killed Sarduana of Sokoto.

4. Lt. Atom Kpera was the soldier that went in with Nzeogwu into Sarduana's chamber and only him “Atom Kpera” was armed.
5. The training ground for the coupist was provided by Lt. Col. Adekunle Fajuyi. He also provided the logistics for the boys.
6. Contrary to the popular opinion that Fajuyi died defending Ironsi as his guest, Fajuyi was actually in the list of those to be eliminated. Recall that soldiers knew about the plotters of the first coup and the counter coup was because the first coupists were not punished.
7. Ifeajuna failed to kill Zik not because he wanted to spare Zik's life. He first went to kill the man who took his girlfriend in the 1956 Olympics. That delay made Zik to get the information of the coup, and escaped.
8. Dr. M I Opkara was not deliberately spared. The battalion that went for him found out that Dr. Opkara was hosting a diplomat, president of Malta. So they delayed; waiting for the diplomat to leave. It was that delay that leaked the information to the diplomat who in turn informed Opara. M I Okpara was smuggled out in a box.
9. Majority of the coup plotters of 1966, January were Yorubas.
10. It was Lt. Col Odumegwu Ojukwu that foiled the coup in Kano (Nzeogwu foiled it in Lagos) .

These are the facts your government will not allow you to know
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