Nnamdi Kanu: Leader of IPOB in one of court appearances
“My purpose of disclosing this to you is because there is the need to save our people from Northern control or influence. I would have resigned as a member of Ohaneze but there is no gain; I have to stay there and keep fighting for the interest of Ndi Igbo” the source said to Ifeanyi Chijioke whom he confided in. He made it clear that Ohaneze Ndigbo has lost the voice of its own and now a puppet in the hands of Northern cabal simply because the North is in power. “Because Buhari won election, why should we fall so low to him; we are a people and we must take responsibility, we lost election and nothing can change that. We said Jonathan is everything, we urged our people to vote Jonathan our brother; we ought to keep our head high and endure whatsoever that is coming as a result of our decision. Buhari said he would give us 5% and 97% to those that voted him. I support him on that; that is Nigeria for you, we either wait again for our time or take it by force. I forbid losing my pride because I lost a friendly duel” the source who strictly warned that his identity should be protected even at the point of death claimed.

In 2015 when Ifeanyi Chijioke led a team of journalists to Achuzie on a courtesy visit, he sufficiently noted that Ohaneze has lost its purpose “We created Ohaneze, I was the first or founding secretary general of the cultural organization. I must tell you that since we the founding members left, since I resigned as the secretary general, Ohaneze has been politicized. They failed to
know that as Indigenous body, they should control the Governors and not Governors control them. They should control politicians and not the other way round” Achuzia further noted that because of the corruption in Ohaneze, he opened another organization to make up for Ohaneze. He argued that Ohaneze has lost everything and the confidence of the people “They can’t do anything again, politics has destroyed everything” he concluded.

Recall that last two weeks, a shootout was reported in Ohaneze NEC meeting, according to the report, the shootout occurred when an opposition group came with force me in casual wear, the force men which were reported to be SARS stormed the meeting arena to arrest an opposition leader who was accused of sending text message for a meeting with the name of the complainant. While the security detail attached to the suspect tried to obstruct the arrest; the team of SARS that had come fired into the thin air which subsequently caused panic. It took the intervention of the entire body which pleaded to the force men to allow them use internal mechanism to settle the matter. This however disclosed the rot in the organization; everybody was after his pocket and not the interest of the people. Furthermore, the executives are not elected or supported by the Indigenous People; and that makes them political cabals hiding under cultural body.

“Okorocha met us, he explained the need to join hands with Buhari and take what belongs to us; he explained that being on the opposition will only worsen things and we need to get over the election and work with the government in power. He came with a very attractive reason, yes we ought to shape in but he never told us we shall be stooge and lose the voice of our own” the source further made it clear that not all members were happy with the development “The chairman accepted, as usual he must have been lobbied and you can’t easily reject opportunity to dine with your President. They agreed to work while few of us were opposed to that, raising our voice is stupidity because the Chairman has the final say” he detailed that the activities of Ohaneze is based on your ability to buy the Chairman and secretary, once they are bought, they would lobby some figures with cash and promises and that is the end. “If we want to kill you, that is how it would go and for this information, you better start being careful” he warned.

Recall that for the first time ever, this group of men firmly opposed the wish of the people of the land. The entire people who are agitating for independence at all cost have been betrayed by the group; they opposed the move and chose to fight against the interest of the people. There have been series of recorded massacre of Biafrans ordered by the President and the group has not firmly
defended the people against the genocide committed against them. Elders, clergy men and figures in Biafra have independently been fighting for the people against the serial massacre. Without shame Ohaneze has publicly declared their support for their pay master against the wish of the people of the land.

“The issue of Biafra is a two side coin, Kanu should be blamed a little but we Ohaneze should take more blame. Kanu is so jealous of Biafra, he is afraid that we Ohaneze will sell out Biafra and the reality is we will sell it out. Kanu entirely left us out because of the character of the leaders of Ohaneze. He should have come to us, those of us that supported him would have formed a faction and this will be a square battle; that is where I blame him. Ohaneze thought Nnamdi Kanu came for usual business; we were praying and waiting for a day he would be arrested and even some helped in providing primary information about him. We were not praying because we want him to die, we were praying because if he is arrested, we would come in and reach out for his freedom and when we release him, we will achieve his loyalty and respect” he said and continued.

“We also want Biafra but the question is, everybody wants to be relevant, Ohaneze feels Nnamdi Kanu has made them irrelevant and this is why they are fighting Biafra. It is not about the money the government gave or the promises and attention the government gave to us. Buhari believed that Ohaneze would handle Nnamdi Kanu, we thought if we trade his freedom for his loyalty that he would accept. Mind you, had Nnamdi Kanu accepted his freedom when Ohaneze secured it; his agitation would have died by now and Ohaneze would be on top. Look, this is politics and you can’t stop politics, everybody wants to be counted. The leadership of Ohaneze is intellectually unfit and this is why I opposed this leadership since inception. You cannot rightly be fighting your people
and you see that they are mean and you keep fighting. If I were the leader, I would have paused and reconsidered the cards I have now. My decision to speak to you is because ‘Ugo ebee na ngbagbu’”

“Let me tell you, Nnamdi Kanu will not be killed, kill our son, our eyes are there. I have followed our people and I can tell that Nnamdi Kanu is a time bomb; his continued incarceration will lead to more hostilities and if anything happens to him; Nigeria will aggressively see vengeance till the end of the world and this vengeance will reach generations to come” Ifeanyi
Chijioke cut in and reminded.

“But Ohaneze has constantly demanded for his unconditional release?”

“You have stated all your questions and I will tell you everything you need to hear, I called you here because I am prepared” he said to Ifeanyi Chijioke and continued.

“Ohaneze might have called for Nnamdi Kanu’s unconditional release in the public but inside, they
are working to see if he would be broken; that is stupidity of the leader, the leadership of Ohaneze came through fraud and many of us opposed this current leadership. This is the first time Ohaneze has ever stood against the people; he is leading Ohaneze to condemnation. Ohaneze demanded Kanu’s release to deceive the people and lessen the anger of the people. They know the people would revolt someday and lynch the leadership; they made the call but not with their heart”

“Ohaneze is now the property of Rochas Okorocha because he is close to Buhari, he pumps in money and other things. Buhari now dictates to Ohaneze through Rochas and this is why you today see them take meeting to Okorocha’S house and State. Ohaneze is a disaster; a group once formed to fight the interest of the people today fight against the interest of the people. Our people are dying and they are doing nothing, our son is imprisoned and they are still business conscious. Can anyone imprison Hausa favorite or Yoruba favorite? If Ohaneze doesn’t change its ways or leadership, then we are in a big mess. If we don’t stop politics and face the interest of the people, God will destroy us someday” he said with his index finger accusing me.

“I can’t imagine myself being a party against the wish of the entire Ndi Igbo; I can’t imagine myself standing behind Buhari at the detriment of my people. I can’t imagine Rochas who destroyed Igbo Party luring me with appointment, contracts and money to oppose my people. I want the Ohaneze that would die with the people at all cost. I want Ohaneze that would forgive and join force with
the people. I want Ohaneze that would not be a shame to me. I want Ohaneze when people hear, they would say, truly you have fought for your people. This is not about Nnamdi Kanu, this about being the leadership group of the people and for the people” he concluded and I was only but left speechless.

When Ifeanyi Chijioke finally found his voice, he asked “So what should Ohaneze do now to fit in”

“Fight and release Nnamdi Kanu, come back home and present restructure before him as alternative for what he is agitating for. This presentation is about dialogue and superior reason would win. If we fail to convince him, we stand behind our people by conducting internal referendum to know where we shall stand”

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
Published by Chinwe Korie
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