Buhari and stupidity, I keep wondering how all these will help Nigerians. They try to break Biafrans, but we remain strong and resolute. With all their media propaganda and logistics they still mess up especially the very incoherent things they say, Yes Nigerians celebrate yet anxiously awaits the real IPOB response from the actual IPOB hierarchy under the command of Nnamdi Kanu. The truth is Nigerian has not answered the Biafran question. Biafra does not need any sponsors its an ideology that will not die.

Biafra is not about Ojukwu, Kanu; they just give their contribution to its cause until we get there. There are more than 50 million of Ojukwus, and Kanu's. How will Nigeria deal with them how do you get them to renounce Biafra? By creating splinter groups? Let me still repeat myself like a broken record . " NOT EVEN OJUKWU CAN CONVINCE IGBO'S TO FORGET BIAFRA. EVEN IF HE COMES BACK FROM THE Dead. The group cloned by DSS and Buhari just realised how foolish they sound by tagging themselves "traditional" indigenous people of Biafra while at the same time thinking of burning the Biafran flag. So they introduced the word "reformed" into their experiment maybe they also believe that it wouldn't be a good idea seeing Nigerian flag burning around the world if they had carried out their 1st October threat.

They said IPOB are jobless people yet want to clone them. Biafra issue is giving Buhari sleepless nights. If it were Northerners that had the Oil, I'm quite sure that they would have insisted on 'true federalism' where they control 100% of their resources preparatory to seceding. The only reason they would have changed their minds about outright secession is for lack of the seaport. I think that if the Northerners had Oil and seaport, long time ago they would have seceded. Does anyone believe that the North loves the Biafra man enough to let them partake of the Norths Oil wealth? I laugh:
Another scenario is that if it had been the North who had the Oil, they and Yorubas would have seceded. The North provides the Oil; Yorubas provide the seaport via Lagos to export it. One thing is sure, if the North had the Oil, there would be no Nigeria today. Biafra restoration is the only thing we know, and IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu want, and no amount of lies from the zoo Nigeria can stop that. All hail Biafra.

Ezekwereogu john
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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