Buhari: The Islamization demon
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

News went viral on cyberspace, Monday, August 22, when it was learnt that Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari took a bill to the National Assembly seeking emergency powers to run the economy. The Nigerian ruler was arguing that only such greater powers would help him to successfully run the economy better.
Buhari is seeking these powers at a time in Nigeria’s history when many ethnic nationalities have started complaining bitterly about what they called the stifling unitary government the country was operating under the guise of federalism. Many of them expressed shock that Buhari had the temerity to propose such emergency powers when many ethnic nationalities and sections of the country had started seeking devolution of powers and restructuring.
Our source in the Presidency revealed that what the people did not know was that Buhari had become a lunatic case, obsessed with a messianic mindset that it is his lot to turn Nigeria to a fully Islamic country. According to the source: “As the people complain, they fail to understand that Buhari was not in any way concerned about what they want or what they were discussing. Buhari is interested in Islamising Nigeria.”
Biafra Choice Writers was reliably informed that what Buhari believes is that only greater powers, as enjoyed by leaders of Saudi Arabia, would make that possible and easy for him.
Further information from the source showed that Buhari constant invitation of Muslim leaders from Arabian countries like Sheik Salah Bin Muhammad Al-Buddair was meant to help him find better ways of achieving his goal.

“He is using the claim that his economy team had advised him on the need for more powers to veil his real intentions. That man is truly evil, lies and deception is a way of life to him” our source said.
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