One of the rag-tag Nigerian second-hand helicopters
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Biafrans have once again picked holes with the claims of Nigerian military, on its operations in the past one week. The military had been claiming it was successfully bombarded militant camps in the creeks of Western and Eastern parts of Nigeria. But Biafran people are challenging that claim saying the military should show photographs of militants they have been killing in the operations.
Biafrans took this position in support of a recent statement from Niger Delta Avengers’ (NDA) spokesperson, General Agbinibo, who described the Nigeria military actions as unprofessional war games.
Indeed, it was the NDA which first castigated the Nigerian military, for claiming to have bombed and taken out militant camps when it was actually bombing women and children. Challenging the military to show pictures of the militants it had killed, Agbinibo said “we are sure they won’t share the images of militants killed because there is none except innocent women and children”.
Going further, Agbinibo said Nigerian military and Nigerian government was promoting lies with the intent to intimidate the NDA, but declared that NDA was not intimidated. He the military and Nigerian authorities “think they can intimidate NDA with those scrap jet bombers”. Describing the jets as fourth generation aircrafts, he said: “They can deploy fourth generation jet bombers that will not stop us fighting for our people.”
For many Biafrans who spoke in support of the NDA, they said Nigeria was a country of lies, which have never told its citizens one single truth throughout its years of existence. Terry Karibo, an IPOB member in Bayelsa, was among the most vocal who commented on the development. He said the military was only playing mind games to deceive its gullible citizens: “Throughout the time they were making those claims, I was busy laughing. Told my comrades that they were playing mind games with those monkeys and baboons they called citizens. Of course, they were lying, what they best is to lie. They took their so-called fighters and bombers to Lagos and Ogun states, and they were telling the people they were killing militants. Don’t they know where the freedom-fighters are? They should go there and bomb, then come to telling stories of bombing. They could not even show pictures of the militants they killed. Shameless Nigerians!”

Continuing, Karibo went on to wonder why people thought that Nigerian military, which bombed churches, hospitals, bus and train stations, during Biafra/Nigeria war, could change today to bomb real targets. he said that the best the military could do, apart from killing women and children would be to bomb illegal bunkering sites.
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