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We, the Biafrans in Greece, will like to start this piece by mentioning the real structure of Old Imo State when Samuel Onunaka Mbakwe was the Governor. We remembered all his true legacies vividly. We believe he could have performed more if not the untimely end of his regime by Muhammed Buhari and his corrupt cronies when they overthrew the Government of Shehu Shagari in 1983. After Sam Mbakwe time in office, the current Imo State and Abia States has not had anyone who has performed like Sam O. Mbakwe because the legacy he left still speaks volume.

Yes indeed, Sam Mbakwe belong to the political party (NPP) under the leadership of Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe the opposition party to the ruling party (NPN) then. The agony and pains he frequently experienced whenever he sent any request to the Federal Government under President Alhaji Shehu Shagari of NPN side are well known that people named him the ''Weeping Governor". That does not mean that he cries literary rather his love for his people makes him restless until he gives them what they need. So sad, there is no politician today who has such love as shown by Dee Sam Mbakwe to the people.

When Rochas Okorocha joined APGA to contest for the governorship of Imo State our people supported him immensely; substantially because he was running on the platform of APGA party - formed by a group of Igbo politicians. The part was seen by many to be Igbo political party. Because of the immense support given to Rochas Okorocha that won him the governorship seat of Imo State. All expectation and hope vanished when he got into office. He cautiously turned his back on the struggling families of Imo State and placed his political ambitions above the general well-being of the people.
Okorocha's alliance with Northern Nigeria Politicians who he put their desires and his blind ambition to contest for the office of Nigeria presidency in 2019 or someday gain support from Northern Nigeria politicians for his selfish dream to the detriment of Imo people and Biafrans at large. This ambition is driving him insane. His utterances are unbalanced and unhinged. Sometimes he makes coercion statement urging Igbos to support the tyrant Government of Muhammed Buhari so they could position themselves to gain support for an Igbo man to be widely acceptable to win the office of President of Nigeria in 2019, sometimes he outrightly antagonise the same people. Days ago he said Igbo should stop thinking about presidency in 2019. One would wonder what is wrong with a man who always switch position and what normally drives his intuition whenever he makes such dastardly move.

Evil foundation:- As the saying goes, “Truth is bitter in the ears of fools, truth is potent, truth liberates and preserves, and truth sanctifies and protects, that is why we stand a chance today to tell you an undiluted truth. The solid foundation Dede Sam Onunaka Mbakwe laid in the Old Imo State that comprises Abia and Imo state today was genuine, but Gov. Okorocha has stepped out of that line of genuineness, he has set antecedent for evil in our land; sowing the seed of destruction “Ukpuru Ojo.” One would expect Okorocha and others before him to continue from where Sam Mbakwe's good foundation stopped, rather it's dishearten that they all chose to destroy that foundation and replace it with evil. You Gov. Rochas Okorocha claimed to be a Christian worrisome your actions show you are a true Muslim. You used Imo State resources to build a mosque in Owerri (Owe-Eri,) that's abhorrent in our land; we are not Muslims and do not such. It's pollution in the blessed land of Imo State.

Your attack on our values: When a man values the lives of his or her people, he won't do things that will undermine the growth, development and preservation of his people's culture, religion and heritage. If you value the lives of our citizens, you won't or encourage anyone to build a mosque in our land because Islamic values cannot co-exist with our democratic values. The incident in the recent time shows your act of leniency to Hausa-Fulani Muslims in our territory, and that has encouraged them to carry weapon and store same in different mosques you built for them. That has endangered the lives of our people greatly while you do nothing to protect our people. Currently Biafra land is under siege because of your betrayal.

Our question: How many Northern Governors has given Christian Churches in the Northern States that kind of gift? Christians in Nigeria promote Muslim, while the Muslims do not wish to see Christianity survive. Where is that love and unity you claim you are building? Muslims call us, the Biafrans, infidels: that shows a clear discrimination and hatred; the driving ideology to slaughter us who do not hold the same view with them. Your help in spreading Islam in Biafra land is a time bomb. Your actions may be one of the many master plans of Muhammadu Buhari to fulfill his goal to spread Sharia down to the Atlantic ocean. It's obvious you are one of the tools and in consensus to achieve that evil goal.

Imo State is rich in natural resources including Crude oil, natural gas, lead and zinc and fertile agricultural land but our people are dying in poverty because you turned the state into your private estate and distribute our resource to your cronies leaving the hard working families to be destitutes. Working civil servant are not paid, it is not surprise our retired father's and mother's pensions are forgotten issue. They are dying daily waiting for the money that will never reach them. What a tyranny!!

Having highlighted the above issues which you cannot disprove; lets touch on the issue that gives you sleepless night, that's Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.
We, the IPOB worldwide are monitoring all your moves and evil plans against our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu both on your personal plans and in collaboration with enemies of Biafra.

We wish to inform you that IPOB IN GREECE is in line with other IPOB worldwide to caution you; should anything ugly happen to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, you and your entire lineage will be the consequence. We wish you could take some wise counselling and step back.

Note attack on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is an attacked on all Biafrans
Be wise!!

Authored by Biafrans in Greece
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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