– The Indigenous People of Biafra has called on the world to help them over threat to lives of its members across Nigeria

– The group accused the Nigerian governmnet and the Department of State Services of carrying out a house to house arrest of its members

The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) on Monday, August 29, called on the entire world to come to its help over alleged clamp on its members by the Nigerian government. The group in its plea said the federal government and the security agencies have been programmed to “stiff” lives out of its members through a house to house search and arrest. The group in a statement said the security members have also failed to charge all its members arrested to court or allowed family members to visit them while in custody. 

“The security agents and the Nigeria secret police the DSS have started going round the cities of Biafra land arresting those suspected to be members of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB,” the IPOB statement said. “We wondered why the federal government will be calling for negotiation and still sending the security agents to be going house to house search for the members of IPOB and killing them secretly without traces. The IPOB further said that the DSS and other security agents went to the house of an IPOB member and arrested a man Chukwu Obasi Sunday, who is living in Nnewi Ichi in Nnewi north local government area.

“We also accused the DSS for death of Mazi Chidiebere Onwudiwe the national coordinator of IPOB in Biafra land and Mazi Justice O. Ude who was arrested since three months now and have not been taking them to court and nobody has ever seen or heard from them, we are sure they have been killed by the DSS, if they are still alive the DSS would have been taking to court or release them on bail hence they committed no crime against the government of Nigeria,” it said. “Above all, IPOB family members worldwide under the leadership of prophet Nnamdi Nnamdi Kanu will not renounce or succumb to the intimidation from the federal government and the security agents who are on a mission to kill unarmed and peaceful members of IPOB.

“IPOB family members worldwide and the Directorate of State (DOS) can only accept the negotiation from the federal government unless the release our leader prophet Nnamdi Kanu and other members of IPOB members in detention in all the prisons and security cells all over Nigeria unconditionally,” IPOB said. Meanwhile, there have been series of controversies over the unity among IPOB members after the reports of the emergence of two splinter groups from the Biafra group. 

While the new groups claimed its authenticity and betrayal from its renowned leader Nnamdi Kanu, teh IPOB spokesperson Powerful Emma has said that reports of a splinter group is a craft of the Nigerian government to misinform the public. Emma also denied any split or breakdown within the group or its members.

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