Nnamdi Kanu said it all before now, What a country, What a leader. CBN To Sell Dollars To Pilgrims For 197????? So no serious importers need this dollars at this rate?Nigerians are so useless! When Fani Kayode was asking whether Christians are second class citizens; I saw comments of people raining insults on him that he is a thief, he is trying to cause division. Now I hope we can see with our clear eyes; that FFK was right, this is just an example. Even Christian business men will never get this opportunity. But Muslims will get it for a vacation.

Christians open ur eyes; because when it will come to your doorstep, don't say we didn't warn you. Buhari was never the messiah. Of what economic value is hajj to Nigeria as a country ?floating Naira indeed to import fuel N308 to $1 to import rice N400 to $1 to go and pray for hajj N197 to $1. We're still struggling with cows on our roads. That's our new innovation and David Cameron's parting gift to Nigeria."Where are the Christians who sold the Church? The Islamic agenda is being perfected. Professor Ishaq Oloyede, a prominent Islamic fanatic who said he was not aware Christians are being attacked and killed is now to head JAMB replacing Prof Ojerinde, a Baptist.Four Muslims were not replaced but left to continue. Out of the 17 offices, 9 new replacement are Muslims and 4 retained are Muslims. 13 out of 17 are now Muslims. NUC, Muslim. JAMB, Muslim. TELCOM, Muslim.
Where are those Christian leaders who sold the Church for a plate of porridge? Where are those telling us Professor Yemi Osinbajo would stand for the Church being a Pastor?Nnamdi kanu warned our people but they wouldn't listen. How can the christian leaders not be quiet, when the church is already divided. Catholics, anglicans, baptists, pentecostals etc have all gone their seperate ways. Until all christians irrespective of doctrines see theirselves as one then can they speak with one voice. Until they recognize the existence of biafra struggle as a liberation for Christianity all over Nigeria, until they stand up for the truth irrespective of class, status they belong to in this evil contraption called Nigeria. Biafra restoration was never a joke and will never be.

God bless Nnamdi kanu, God bless the Republic of BIAFRA. All hail BIAFRA.

Ezekwereogu john
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For umuchiukwu.
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  1. Our useful IDIOTS will never learn even @ the point of their sick death bed