BIAFRA Emami is the CEO of A & E Petrol and A & E group of companies that has various holdings in oil, construction, logistics, 911 Hotels & Resorts, and 911 Entertainment. He is also the former chairperson of Delta Waterways Security Committee; he has earned millions of naira through oil business which is his primary source of his richness making him see anybody that interrupts his oil business as his worst enemy, and he is willing to kill to continue his oil business. That is why he is the first person to issues press statement whenever is comes to oil sabotage issues.
This same man changed to all progressive congress (APC) one year ago, which every meaningful person knows that APC is like a satanic church, once you joined the party, you most sell your heart to the devil and most perfect their evil agenda to remain with them in the party. Ayiri emani distinguish as Cynthia White the spokesperson of reformed Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) that claimed they have separated from Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), in my research, I found out that Ayiri has made many moves to get his opposition persecuted. He has never done anything good for the benefit of his people since he joined that satanic church called APC, not minding the welfare of his so-called Niger Delta people, what he cares is the well-being of his oil business.
In my researches, I found out that those named by the so-called Cynthia White (Ayiri Emami) spokesperson of reformed Niger Delta Avengers as the sponsor of the Niger Delta Avengers are Ayiri Emami opposition and his enemies, after many attempts to nail them proved abortive. He now distinguishes as Cynthia White to implicate them as sponsors of Niger Delta Avengers. Meanwhile, after the news broke out by the so-called Cynthia White of the reformed Niger Delta Avengers Ayiri Emami issued a press statement by telling Buhari to probe those named as the sponsor of Niger Delta Avengers to backup his previous statement as spokesperson of reformed Niger Delta Avengers which is Cynthia White.
I want the Niger Delta people to know that Ayiri Emami is out to frustrate them, as far as they are in this old Eastern region they are Biafrans by birth so they should not reject their identity Biafra by accepting a name given to them by one monkey called Obasanjo. Biafra is your real identity, and you can not reject her. Ayiri is out and determined to frustrate you all. The earlier you understand, the better for you all. He will not stop to disappoint his people because he has no remorse for them, it is a mission APC assigned to him in other to achieve their evil agendas which his evil party assigned to him to glorify their father the devil. All Biafrans must come together and unite to resist divide and rule system, Islamization, the pogrom of APC in this hell called Nigeria. ALL HAIL BIAFRA!

By Nwaiwu Chukwuebuka.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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  1. The name Ayiri Emami sound very much Itskiri. Ayiri means Praise; Emami means Don't know me. Although there are Indigenous Itsekiri who knows better and wouldn't entangle themselves with the cowardice Yoruba. However, there are some Itsekiri like Ayonmike, Sam Amuka, and now Ayiri Emami who claim to be Itsekiri and yet they are more Yoruba in every personality aspects than they are Itsekiri. They are enemy stranger within Itsekiri and they use the Itsekiri oneness to trick, lure, and stare other Itsekiri in the wrong direction. Let indigenous Itsekiris be wise to use a very long spoon to eat with the so called Yoruba-Itsekiri. By their conducts they shall be known. To the fake Yoruba-Itsekiri like Ayonmike, Sam Amuka, Ayiri Emami and others that is yet to be detected, let them be warned because Biafra is already here. All hail Biafra!!!