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By Kelechi Okorie
For Biafra Choice Writers

Today we have to ask this question of the United States of America (USA): “Do you hate us this much to put drones in the hands of Muhammadu Buhari, the murderer of the century, to kill our people?”
The question is most appropriate now as we learnt that the USA finalized arrangement to supply drones to Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian President. We also learnt that the reason for the supply was for him to use them to fight the number one freedom fighters the creek areas of Niger Delta – the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA). Nigeria and USA chose to brand them as terrorists and militants. But we know they are not, instead they are the ones fighting to free their people from subjugation and internal colonization.
Now we want to know from the USA whether the Virginia Leary law which prohibits The Law Department of State and Department of Defence from providing military assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights with impunity, is no longer in force. If this law was effective in denying Nigerian government arms to fight Boko Haram, a group that shed lots of innocent blood, why is it now not effective to deny Muhammadu Buhari arms to kill human rights fighters in Niger Delta?
Buhari, a known terrorist sponsor, has his reputation of violence of human rights way back from his days as Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army; and have commanded “murderers and rapists in the Nigerian military” against innocent Biafrans during the Biafra/Nigeria war of 1957 - 1970.
It is well-documented by the State Department and by respected human rights organisations across the world that Nigerian military personnel (especially the Army and Police) have, for many years, engaged in a pattern and practice of gross violations of human rights against the Nigerian peoples and others, including summary executions of prisoners, indiscriminate attacks against civilians, torture, forced disappearances and rape. In spite of all these, none of these perpetrators was prosecuted or punished.
This is why we are saying that the USA must uphold her integrity, and not to release drones to Nigeria – a country that has bad records of human rights violation. But if USA officials go ahead with this, then they can be sure to have innocent Biafran bloods in on their hands.
If that be the case, then the questions will persist: Do USA hate us that much to send death to us, a people that have not wronged them in anyway? What evil have our people committed against the USA and its allies to support the scotched earth atrocities and genocide that Buhari and his henchmen have been unleashing on our land and our people? If the USA and its allies are seeking petroleum resources, which Biafra has in abundance, why will they not meet with the owners of the resources rather than using vandal Nigeria to gain it? We have always known the USA to be a defender of freedom worldwide, when did it turn to become a supporter of murderers and colonisers?
The USA must resist this temptation to aid the killers of Biafra, who are  being led by Muhammadu Buhari, to annihilate Biafrans. 
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  1. A write up worthy to be giving a consideration by the state department of USA.