Chairman of the Nigeria’s Peace Committee and former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar has appealed to secessionist groups in the country to embrace the option of dialogue in addressing grey areas.

He expressed this in Nnewi at the commissioning of Nnewi Hotel and Event Center.

General Abubakar frowned at violent means of agitation, stressing that there was the need to douse the current agitations and tensions because every nagging issues can be resolved through dialogue.

“We can sit on round table to discuss. I am appealing to all Nigerians to come together and discuss no matter where they come from, and their grievances,” he said, apparently referring to IPOB and Niger Delta militants.

The former Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces,  called on all Nigerians to work together to build the nation.

He emphasized that all hands must be on the deck to ensure that the nation’s economy is revamped noting that the responsibility should not be left in the hands of government alone.

He pointed out that the industrial town of Nnewi is already a shinning example of how private sector and individuals can contribute positively toward building a sustainable growth in the nation’s economy.
“Nnewi people have already blaze the trail in the area of building the nation’s economy through individual efforts, I have gone round to see the factories in the town and I can say with all sense of responsibilities that this is the best industrial cluster in Nigeria. People from other areas should come to Nnewi to learn how the industrialists here are doing it,” he said.

The former Head of State commended the industrialists and manufacturers in Anambra state for their efforts even as he urged them not to relent in the face of the present economic recession.

“Economic recession is a reality we can not run away from but with our collective efforts, we can jointly work together to reposition the nation and have a vibrant economy, in doing this, the private sector has major roles to play as we have seen in the Nnewi example.

“Recession is not peculiar to Nigeria because all over the world, there is economic recession, it is going to be tough but we have to be patient with the government.” Gen Abubakar stated.

The former Head of State in company of Dr Ben Aghazu and other dignitaries had earlier visited the major companies in the industrial town of Nnewi, including Chikason Group, Ibeto Group, Ifeanyi Ubah games village before commissioning the five star hotel alongside the Anambra state governor, Chief Willie Obiano. See more photos below……


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  1. Oh Yah? Abdulsalami Abubakar Appeals my foot! Enough with the propaganda pretentious false face lift appeal. It is over for the Fredrick Lugard/Flora Shaw fake expired Nigeria country.

  2. These Bullies took away all our toys, beat us and prevented us from crying, they killed millions of our relatives, starved our children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and uncles. They deprived us from infrastructural investment in our land. When we complained they tagged us wailers, jobless, miscreants. We peacefully demonstrated to tell them that we are not happy they way we have been treated in the "one Nigeria" project, they leashed the Army, Navy, and Police and killed hundreds of us at Aba, Enugu, Onitcha and Nkpor and said it was "self defence" but produced no evidence of being attacked by unarmed demonstrators. Hundreds of us were buried alive in military and Police barracks, those injured are still in hospitals receiving treatment from life changing injuries. Hundred are also still in various prisons for crimes that they never committed other than they are saying loud and clear that the idea of "one Nigeria" if at all existed, is now completely dead. Any body who believes otherwise is delusional. Nnamdi Kanu is not a Politician, never stole a penny from the Nigerian government, let alone kill any Nigerian or any body at all. He is in jail because he had the courage to tell Nigerians and their corrupt Leaders what no one had ever had the fringing courage to tell them. They called him a scam, "Na moni he want" they say, Having now realised that kanu is different, in fact very different; from an average Nigerian, having rejected bribes and all other inducements,to abandon Biafra- so why are they now asking for negotiation when they should have listened to us from the beginning instead of killing and maiming us using security forces that were meant to protect us from outside aggression ?. For me the only negotiation that is worth entering into is firstly to release all IPOB Members in Nigerian custody; including my Leader Nnamdi Kanu, and then start a peaceful EXIT OF BIAFRA FROM NIGERIA. Anything less than this is a complete waste of time. "One Nigeria" is dead, end of. Start by calling for a referendum, those Biafrans who want to remain with Nigeria are free to do so but they would surely regret their choice because there will be no guarantee for their lives let alone their "investments" be they in Lagos, Abuja or any where in the Northern Nigeria and no future for them and their children in Nigeria going forward. Mr Abdulsalami Abubakar we have been embracing peace and you and your friends in Aso Rock have been preparing for war, perhaps you should advice them start preparing for a peaceful exist Biafra from Nigeria. That is the meaningful negotiation on the table right now.