By Ifeanyi Chijioke.

I am not sure if a Biafran woman was beheaded, I am not also sure if another Biafran was attacked for not fasting. I have time without numbered heard that Biafrans are being killed; Biafran minors’ kidnapped, married and converted to Islam. Gideon Akaluka was a notable preacher killed by Sanusi, the popular Sharia run killed Biafrans in the past. They are still dying and I am not sure they are really dying.
I was called from Bornu last year and I spoke to victims of religious extremism, a pastor was shot and in a space of one week, five others were assassinated. The woman that I spoke wit said she hails from Imo; she was in tears and pleaded that I should help tell the world what is happening to Christians-Biafrans in the Northern part of Nigeria. She told me that the armed men don’t shoot them once, they shoot with significant aggression. They have tried to lobby the police but the police always say that they cannot do anything. I am a very much plain person, I asked the woman, why not come back home? She quickly replied that she is planning on coming home, but she was definitely planning nothing.

I heard of the Biafrans shot in their shops for failure to recite Koran, I heard of the ones killed for preaching. I heard of the ones assassinated for going to church, and I am getting tired of the stories. I see this as intrusion, why should Biafrans at the first place go to the North to stay without converting to Islam? I am not sure those being killed deserve our sympathy; they deserve the death because they gave themselves as a sacrificial lamb. Are they deaf; are they not aware of what is going on there? They have decided to risk their lives and the result is the grave they are in today.

Yes, I have a bad heart, my heart knows no sympathy, I neither pity anyone of them and I can still argue that nobody died in the North, if they are being killed, what have they done to stop it? You see, nothing has been done which means they are not being killed or their death is a normal thing or what they know would eventually happen. Look at Fulani and Hausa people in Biafra land, they are always armed, AK47 and sword are part of their lives. You kill just a cow, they kill scores of Biafrans. Go to Agatu, they spared nothing; they said they would not even leave our land. The government is arranging land for them, they are stockpiling arms, and we will experience Islamazation very soon.

The issue of Bridget was brought on the floor of Family Writers when I was with the team; it caused a stir as I opposed fighting for her. I was of the view that when a sacrifice is made, there is no need crying or disturbing oneself again. A sacrificial lamb was slaughtered on the altar of religion and you expect me to fight ideology behind the sacrifice. I don’t see that as a right move, I only told my ex team to take advantage of her death; the only way to stop their death is to get Biafra-home they can come and feel peace. As long as they are in Nigeria and Northern region specifically, their blood will be used for the sustenance of one Nigeria.

I cannot apprehend why our people would not leave Northern region, why they cannot save their lives first before business. I can understand that Biafra land was premeditatedly marginalized and this land is dead, we must not keep complaining, we should live first before we talk of business. This is why we must come home and fight for Biafra and make use of the opportunity we have now, Nnamdi Kanu has given us a window to be free and if we don’t use it today, we shall never use it again.

While Biafra is our major focus, we can start business at home, bring back everything we do over there to Biafra land and people would still come down to do business with us. We are only afraid of time it would take to start all over but we can do it. Why must we continue to die in the hands of people we are very certain would kill us? Why must we be aware they would eventually kill us and still stay there with them until they kill us? I will never fight for a sacrificial lamb killed over there, but if I would fight for you, put up a fight like they do with AK47 here and if you lose, I will keep fighting for you.
We are not Nigerians and can never be, we are not one, we don’t have same language, same religion, same culture and nothing binds us together.

They see us as infidels and you want to live in one Nigeria? Nigeria is a death warrant and this is why Biafra is a war of survival, this is why we must leave there and come back home. Our death is assured should we continue staying in the North and let nobody pity the fool or sacrificial lamb slaughtered over there again. I heard that when one is killed, the government settles the victim’s family with millions. If they don’t enjoy the death or take advantage of it, why would one hear he will be killed and stay until he is killed?

Authored by Ifeanyi chijioke for the Great Biafra Journalists.

Published by Okpalaeze.

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  1. This is by far the most meaningful write up about the killing of our people in that death lake called North. After all there is a popular saying in our igbo language that says..."onye ugbo gburu, nti Shiri ya. Also there is another saying that goes. " Adighi agwa onye nti shiri, na ahia esula. Imara asu, sua na ikwe.........


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