BIAFRA The incumbent president of the zoo, paedophile Muhammadu Buhari has just said that the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable. Well, he might be right in the minds of dictators like him. If the zoological Republic of Nigeria sees the importance of maintaining a zoo like Nigeria, what makes them feel that a blessed nation as Biafra can be negotiable? If they can fight to keep the animals one, what makes them think that the oneness of humans can ever become negotiable? Biafra has been in existence before the arrival of the slave masters. Biafra has been in existence for thousand years before the forceful amalgamation of The Zoological Republic of Nigeria. We were excelling in all ramifications, even if oil and gas have not been discovered. We were the most peaceful humans that existed. There was nothing like police or army, to show how peaceful we were, not until the greedy elements of Britain arrived and forcefully amalgamated us.
After the amalgamation, the creator of Nigeria, Lugard stated the impossibility of love and harmony in the existence of Nigeria, therefore, he said that Nigeria should be separated after hundred years if the union is not harmonised. Right from creation, hatred has existed in the lives of the amalgamated people. Hatred that cannot be compared to any. Nigeria was the only country that produces ruling citizens from a particular region. The North took over the government even if they were not educated like other nations around them. They claimed to be born to rule, while others are born to serve them. How can well-meaning humans argue that the unity of a nation where there are diverse ethnics, cultures, religions, languages, etc.. will be guaranteed non-negotiation? This baffles me because it is only an illiterate like the present president of the zoo that could think of that. The breakdown of Nigeria can only be non-negotiable if there were an agreement between our forefathers, before amalgamation. She could be non-negotiable if only all her citizens were treated in the same way, it could only be possible if equity and justice had reigned. Now that those conditions never took place, how possible can it be?
The only way that Nigeria can exist continually is to let go of Biafrans. No Biafra, there will be no Nigeria. If they don't allow us to separate peacefully, then it must be violent. Because when injustice becomes law, violence is made inevitable. They hated us with passion, and they had expected us to remain with them. We feed them, but we have none to eat, we clothe them, yet we are wearing rags. We provide quality education for them, yet our people have no place to study except they run out to a place where they are total strangers. How do you expect me to remain with such set of individuals? The leader of The Indigenous People Of Biafra has been in detention for nine months, without killing, stealing, or lying. Only because he is a Biafran. Because he has only proclaimed the truth. A majority of this group has demanded his head; they are still pressing harder in all angles to jail him, without any offence. They have traded his life for our money. They have killed us on different occasions. Why should I be forced to live with them? Like I said before, it is only an illiterate that can think as such. If Scotland could seek for separation, and they were granted the freedom, without killing anyone of them, Biafra is more than due to leave this contraption because, we existed before, unlike Scotland. If Great Britain could exercise their right in opting out from Europe, I don't see any reason Biafrans should be of exception. The forceful union is negotiable, and Nigeria is a case study. Biafra is our right, and I am entitled to enjoy my human right in all angles, it is as simple as that. How will Nigeria feel, if they seek to opt out from OAU or ECOWAS, and other nations refused? How would Britain have considered if other European countries refused to allow them to go? Well, we don’t need to remind the world that this is the greatest hypocrisy that has ever existed in the world.
All that we demand is our right to life, our right, not the right of Yoruba or Hausa or Britain. Biafra is our right, and must be given to us peacefully or otherwise. GIVE US BIAFRA AND RELEASE OUR LEADER, MAZI NNAMDI KANU.

Emmanuel Precious
Edited by Carol Munday
Published by Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers.
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