The Biafra Identity.

Before the advent of the British imperialist, Biafran people have lived in peace and harmony together for thousands of years. Our Jewish identity can be traced to Gad who was the seventh son of Jacob. In the eighth century B.C., the Assyrians invaded Israel's northern kingdom forcing 10 tribes into exile. Gad had two sons who settled in present day Biafra land, which is predominantly inhabited by Biafrans. Those sons, Eri and Arodi are said to have fathered clans, established kingdoms and founded towns still in existence in Biafra land today.

In 1789, thirteen years after America’s independence, Olaudah Equiano, an Educated Igbo Biafran freed slave, made a remark in his narrative on this same subject. He said: and I quote, "The strong analogy which appears to prevail in the manners and customs of my countrymen and those of the Jews, before they reached the Land of Promise, and particularly the patriarchs while they were yet in that pastoral state which is described in Genesis, which alone would induce me to think that the one people had sprung from the other." Now, it is worth knowing that, this is a time when introducing oneself as a Jew is tantamount to degrading oneself to the lowest level of the citizenry of any nation.

It is imperative to note the striking similarities in many aspects of life between the two people’s socio-religious beliefs and way of life. (By that I mean the Israelis and the Biafrans). First, Biafrans and the Jews have a common tradition of lengthy funeral ceremony (Genesis 50:1-3). Biafrans and the Jews have common circumcision date, the eight day following the delivering of every male child. Biafrans and the Jews use intermediaries in marriage negotiations, this is practicable in Biafra land up to the present time. Abraham did it while negotiating Rebecca for Isaac (Genesis 24.). Secondly, Biafrans and the Jews are very intelligent, innovative, hardworking, entrepreneur, and hated by their neighbors. Furthermore, in all over Biafra land, Biafran women tie two piece rapper. No women from other nation or race tie two piece rapper all over the world, and Biafran race can only be found in present day Biafra land.

These and more compelling pieces of evidence of our Jewish origin made the former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to send delegates to Biafra land in October 1995 and May 1997 to search and formally establish our identity, but because of the limited visa time given to the archeologist, they left very early without finishing their work and off course, the Islamic government of Nigeria and the British neo-colonialist didn't want us to know who we are. They have failed, we now know who we are.

Our Biafran ancestors remained immune from the Islamic contagion. From the middle years of the last century, Christianity was established in our land. In this way we came to be a predominantly Christian people. The Biafran people are the only nation in the whole of west Africa Islam couldn't penetrate. We came to stand out as a non-Muslim island in a raging Islamic sea. Throughout the period of the fraudulent Nigerian experiment, the Muslims hoped to infiltrate Biafra land by peaceful means and quiet propaganda, but failed. They need to understand that, we the Biafran people are born with 23 chromosomes that contain anti-Islamic deficiency syndrome. Therefore, we can never be Islamized. And yes, we are distinctively different from others in all ramification. We cannot mix, period.

Additionally, In a White House memo dated Tuesday, January 28, 1969 to former President Nixon of United States of America, The former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger describes Biafrans as, and I quote, "The wandering Jews of West Africa, gifted, aggressive, westernized, at best envied and resented, but mostly despised by their neighbors in the federation". I wish to remind my Biafran brothers and sisters that the western world knows who we are. Permit me to stop here and move to the next topic which is the fraud and contraption committed by a British mercenary called Fredric Lugard. That fraud was baptized by his girlfriend Flora Shaw, and she called the fraud and contraption Niger-area which is present day Nigeria.

The Fraud and Contraption called Nigeria.

It is well documented and established that we, the Biafran people have lived together in peace for over five thousand years before the British colonialist came to our homeland in search of natural resources in the name of colonialism, in order to maintain their way of life in their own part of the world. When they came, they met the great Biafran people who were practicing democracy and knows how to read and write in their own words and languages. Before the advent of the British colonialist, we enjoyed autonomous, democratically-organized vi1lages. Decisions among the Biafran villages were made by a general assembly in which every man could participate. The British colonialist did not like that.

The Biafran problems did not start yesterday. It started about 1894 and of course many people did not know that Fredric Lugard was not originally employed by the British government. He was employed by companies. He was first employed by East Indian Company, next, by the Royal East African Company and then by the Royal Niger Company. It was from the Royal Niger Company that he transferred to the British government. In other words he was a British mercenary born in India and used by the colonial Britain to destroy our people. In 1898, Lugard formed the West African Frontier Force initially with 2,000 soldiers, by the year 1900, Fredric Lugard with the support and direction of imperialist British, and with the barrel of the gun forcefully created the Southern protectorate while in 1903 lugard created the Northern protectorate. "The man-made creation for the economic gain of Britain and Europe have just started".

The Criminal Amalgamation of 1914.

Our peace, freedom, identity and sovereignty was stolen from us in 1914, when a British mercenary named Fredric Lugard with the support and direction of the imperialist Britain committed the most fraudulent and atrocious crime in the history of mankind, by unilaterally and with the barrel of the gun forcefully join Biafrans, the Yorubas and the Hausa Fulanis together. Let it be on record that we never agreed or accepted to be joined with anybody. This three nation have three diametrically opposed value system. The Hausa Fulanis are fundamentally feudalistic with their Emir as the autocratic head, while the Yorubas has the Obas also.

However, the Biafran people are republican and democratic in nature, hardworking, very innovative and progressive. That is why during the British colonial era, the indirect rule system worked 100 % in the North, 90 % in the West and failed woefully in Biafra land. Again let it be crystal clear that we the Biafran people were not allowed to have our say and we never voluntarily accepted to live together with the Hausa Fulanis and the Yorubas in this fraud and contraption which Lugards girlfriend baptized and called Niger-area which of Couse is todays Nigeria.

This is the reason for the amalgamation according to the landmark confession made by a senior British officer posted to Biafra land during the colonial era named Harold Smith when he apologized to Nigerians, and I quote "Our agenda was to completely exploit Biafra. Biafra land was my duty post. When we assessed Nigeria, this was what we found in Biafra land; natural resources, strength, intelligence, determination to succeed, well established history, focused life style, great hope and aspirations… the Biafran people are good in business and technology, but it was a pity we planned our agenda to give power "at all cost" to the Northerner. They seemed to be submissive and silly of a kind. Our mission was accomplished by destroying the opposition at all fronts. The North was seriously encouraged to go into the military we believe that Biafrans may attend Western Education, but future leaders will always come from military background. Their traditional rulers were to be made influential and super human. The Northerners were given accelerated promotions both in the military and civil service to justify their superiority over others. Everything was to work against the Biafrans.’ Looking at the Northern leaders now, if they have any agenda in Nigeria at all, sadly it is only for the North, and Nothing for Nigeria" This evil plan that was carried out and still going on in Biafra land have resulted in the constant killing of our people.
Here are some official documentation of the killings of Biafran people in the British made fraud called Nigeria. -

1945. Jos - 10153 deaths(During the British rule, before the phony Independence).1953. Kano - 21753 deaths. (During the British rule, before the phony Independence).1966. - North and Western Nigeria  50,000. Deaths (The pogrom, State sponsored)1967-1970. - Biafra - Nigeria war 3.5 million. Deaths (Genocide, children, women, elderly). Hunger was used as a weapon of warfare. The war of extermination. (Biafran Independence)1984. Yola - 2681. Deaths (Religion, Biafrans are infidels)1991. Zango Kataf - 3814. Deaths. (Gideon Akaluka was beheaded) Religion, Biafrans are infidels.June 12th 1993. North and West - 1312. Deaths. (The Abiola election cancellation)1999. Shagamu Lagos - 981. Deaths. (Hausa/Fulani Killed a Yoruba, But the Yorubas turned around and started killing Biafrans and burning their shops.2000. Denmark Cartoon Kano - 1618. Deaths. (Mohammed Cartoon was drawn in faraway Denmark)2001. Odi village was wiped out By Obasanjo Nigerian army - 1161 deaths. (Because they protested against oil pollution in their community)Nov 22nd 2002. Kano - 50 death (state sponsored because of beauty pageant in Nigeria)July 6th 2005. - APO SIX death Abuja (state sponsored).89 youths dead body dumped in Oji River During Gov Peter Obi's administration.April 17 2011. North - 800 death (Mohammadu Buhari Incited killing of Biafrans after he lost the election). "Human Rights Watch" (Biafran Youth Coppers)2015. Aug - 24 deaths of unarmed IPOB members killed by Nigerian army in Port Harcourt, Asaba, Onitsha, Enugu, Owerri. (Asking for Freedom) Biafra Restoration.2015 D ec - 38 deaths of unarmed IPOB members killed by Nigerian army in Port Harcourt, Asaba, Onitsha, Enugu, Owerri. (Asking for Freedom) Biafra Restoration.2016 Jan - 67 deaths of unarmed IPOB members killed by Nigerian army in Portharcourt, Asaba, Onitsha, Enugu, Owerri. (Asking for Freedom) Biafra Restoration.April 24th 2016 - 289 deaths in Nimbo of Enugu State by Boko Haram turned fulani herdsmen. (Islamic expantionism)May 30th 2016 - 216 deaths of unarmed IPOB members killed by Nigerian army in Portharcourt, Asaba, Onitsha, Owerri. At Nkpor town Anambra state. Biafran Remembrance Day celebration. (Asking for Freedom) Biafra Restoration.4th June 2016. Mrs Bridget Aghaheme (Biafran) was beheaded in Kano, her severed head paraded around Kano. (Biafran infidel)

There are many undocumented killings that was sponsored by the Islamic state called Nigeria and many cases of forceful dissapearance of Biafrans. let it be on record that all these killings listed above was never investigated and nobody was arrested or prosecuted.

The Phony Independence.

In 1960, The British colonialist hurriedly installed the ignorant, decadent and feudalistic Hausa-Fulani oligarchy in power. For the British, the credentials of the Hausa-Fulani were that not having emerged from the Middle Ages, they knew nothing about the modern state, and the powerful forces that now rule men's minds. Owing their position to the British, they were servile and submissive. The result was that while Nigerians lived in the illusion of independence, they were still in fact being ruled from Number 10 Downing Street. The British still enjoyed a strangle hold on the contraptions economy. In British imperialist thinking, only a phony independence is good for blacks. The sponsorship of Nigeria by British imperialist has not been disinterested. They are only concerned with the preservation of that corrupt and fraudulent structure called Nigeria. And of Couse, Nigeria is a classic example of neo-colonialist fraudulent and corrupt state.

Nigeria is indeed a very wicked contraption, a fraud, and a fantastically corrupt entity set up by the British and Europe for their economic and political gain. Nigeria has really served the economic and political interests of her European masters and creator very well. Nigeria is a stooge of Europe. Her independence was and is a lie. Even her Prime Minister Tafawa Belewa was a Knight of the British Empire; but worse than her total subservience to foreign political and economic interests, Nigeria has committed many genocidal crimes against Biafrans which in the end made complete nonsense of her claim to unity. Nigerian justice is a farce, her elections is a scan, her census numbers are fake, her politics and her everything is corrupt and fraudulent. Nigeria is a jungle with no safety, no justice and no hope for our Biafran people. It is important for us Biafrans to understand and always remember that the foundation of the contraption called Nigeria is the greatest fraud committed in human history. This is the glorious Nigeria, the mythical Nigeria, celebrated in the European press and the brown envelop media in the contraption called Nigeria.

The Nigeria - Biafra war.

The war between Biafra and Nigeria was one of the most deadly inter country wars that took place in the twentieth century. After the first coup that killed Ahmadu Bello and some political leaders from the North and other parts of Nigeria, the North retaliated with a counter coup which resulted in the pogrom of 1966 where 50,000 Biafran men, women and children were massacred in cold blood in Northern and Western parts of Nigeria. Ojukwu agreed in aburi Ghana for a confederation where Biafrans can be safe in their homeland, rather, in a brazen arrogance of power, Gowon on arriving Lagos from Ghana refused to uphold the agreement signed in Ghana and went further to break up the people of Biafra in to four states for effective divide and rule strategy, this act by Gowon made the Council of the Eastern Government to mandate Ojukwu to declare the Republic of Biafra. As the war rages on and Biafran forces were heading to Ore Ondo state, Britain, the Nigerian creator which pledged earlier to remain neutral at the beginning of the war, suddenly realize that the small Biafrian army are marching towards Lagos.

At this point the question became imperative as imperialist Britain regarded safeguarding her source of oil as important. This fear of loss of oil was also aggravated by the situation in the Middle East. Egypt closed the Suez Canal on June 6, 1967 and thereby reduced the source of British oil supply. Thus initially, as Britain dithered and was watching intently to see which way the winds would blow, she declared that she was ‘neutral’ then, Britain later declared open support for Nigeria because of the obvious reasons. The first motive for Britain to support Nigeria was dictated by the urge to protect her economic interests in Nigeria.

The magnitude of British economic interests in Nigeria can be seen from the estimate by the Central Bank of the fraud called Nigeria in 1965, putting the total investment of British Companies at $568 million which was 53 percent of all British foreign investment in overseas. Which means, if the fraud called Nigeria collapses, the British economy will also collapse.

The Commonwealth Minister George Thomas wrote and I quote, "If Nigeria were to break up, he added: ‘We cannot expect that economic cooperation between the component parts of what was Nigeria, particularly Biafra will not necessarily enable development and trade to proceed at the same level as they would have done in a unified Nigeria; nor can we now count on the Shell/BP oil concession being regained on the same terms as in the past if the Biafrans assume full control of their own economies".

This notion was also emphasized again when the Commonwealth Minister George Thomas wrote in August 1967 that: and I quote, "The sole immediate British interest in Nigeria is that the Nigerian economy should be brought back to a condition in which our substantial trade and investment in the country can be further developed, and particularly so we can regain access to important oil installations".

At this point, the British economy is being propelled by the resources in Biafra land, this is because Egypt has blocked the Suez Canal. The Commonwealth minister further outlined another reason why Britain was so keen to preserve Nigerian unity, noting that, and I quote, "our only direct interest in the maintenance of the federation is that Nigeria has been developed as an "economic unit", and any disruption of this would have adverse effects on trade and development of Britain".

To continue in this regard, The new High Commissioner in Lagos, David Hunt, wrote in a memo to London on 12 June 1967, and I quote, that the "only way of preserving unity of Nigeria is to remove Ojukwu by force". He said that Ojukwu was committed to an independent Biafran state, and will not allow them to have same control of the resources as in a united Nigeria and that because of this reason, British interests lay firmly in supporting Nigeria". This are the list of arm and ammunition Britain supplied to Nigeria and the amount in order for Britain to maintain their "economic unit" according to the commonwealth minister George Thomas. During the Biafran war, Britain supplied Nigeria with these weapons as follows -
Six Saladin armored personnel carriers (APCs), 30 Saracen APCs along with 2,000 machine guns for them, anti-tank guns and 9 million rounds of ammunition. By the end of the year 1967, Britain had also approved the export of 1,050 bayonets, 700 grenades, 1,950 rifles with grenade launchers, 15,000 pounds of explosives and two helicopters.

In the first half of the following year, 1968, Britain approved the export of 15 million rounds of ammunition, 21,000 mortar bombs, 42,500 Howitzer rounds, 12 Oerlikon guns, 3 Bofors guns, 500 submachine guns, 12 Saladin’s with guns and spare parts, 30 Saracens and spare parts, 800 bayonets, 4,000 rifles and two other helicopters, they use a company named Airwork Ltd to supply fighter jets from Sudan and Yemen with Egyptian pilots. At the same time Harold Wilson was constantly reassuring Gowon of British support for a united Nigeria, saying in April 1968 that, and I quote, "I think we can fairly claim that we have not wavered in this support throughout the Biafran war". Let it be noted that Shell-BP led the Nigerian army into Bonny, paid oil royalties to Nigeria, and provided the Nigerian army with all the help it needed for its attack on Port Harcourt. SHELL/BP in the fraud called Nigeria actually paid for the arms and ammunition used for killing Biafrans in their fatherland.
Total Arms Amount - 1967 - £171,391, 47.84
1968 - £8,817,560, 79.59
1969 - £10,255,089, 97.36

Russia supported Nigeria by supplying MIG fighters and technicians, while Egypt and the entire Arab world sent in soldiers and pilots. Nigeria got all the military assistance it can get from Britain, Russia and the Arab world, while Biafra independently manufactured its own arms and ammunition and withstood the combined forces of Britain Russia and the Arab world for three years, until it was obvious that it's a war of extermination. Biafra surrendered under British and Russian arms supply, coupled with the support of all Islamic nations all over the world and the heavy diplomatic propaganda and lies from Britain. Additionally, when it was obvious that it's a war of extermination and genocide. Cameroon was given Bakassi Peninsula for total blockade of Biafra land which resulted in 3.5 million deaths of children, women, elderly and some Biafran soldiers. Starvation became a weapon of war fare. In the eyes of the western world, the natural resources in Biafra land is important than the lives of the Biafran people.

That is why some Canadian parliament members who visited Biafra land during the war said this. and I quote , "Mr. Andrew Brevin and Mr. David MacDonald, two members of the Canadian Parliament, recently returned from Biafra, have reported that genocide is in fact taking place, One of them stated that "anybody who says there is no evidence of genocide is either in the pay of Britain or being a deliberate fool." (American Committee on Africa, 164 Madison Avenue, Relief Memo #4, Nov. 1, 1968). Lloyd Garrison has written".

However, one thing was certain, at the end of the war, they did not kill the Biafran spirit. One of the genocides committed against our people happened in Asaba Biafra land, where Murtala Mohammed lined up men, women, children, old and young in their thousands in the village square and killed them all. Today Murtala Mohammed is rewarded for that genocide with his name used for the international airport in Lagos. This can also be confirmed by the declassified memo from the United State of America which was written on August 18, 1975.

Which stated that Murtala Muhammed committed genocide against the Biafran people during the Biafran War. Another genocide happened in Owerri, where Mohamadu Buhari lined up thousands of men, women, children, old and young in the city centre and killed them all. Today he's the president of the fraud and contraption called Nigeria. Genocide also happened in cross river state where Adekunle killed an entire village at Elele and boasted about it when he said and I quote, As Colonel Adekunle told a Dutch newspaper after wiping out the entire village: "I want to see no Red Cross, no Caritas, no World Council of Churches, no Pope, no missionary, and no UN delegation. I want to prevent even one Biafran child having even one piece of meal to eat" The Islamic army of the fraud called Nigeria and Britain was on a mission to exterminate the people of Biafra. They wanted the land of Biafra but they don't want the people of Biafra.
We have seen in proper perspective the diabolical roles which the British Government, Russia and the entire Arab world together with some foreign companies played and are still playing in our struggle for freedom from the British creation called Nigeria. We now see why in spite of Britain's tottering economy, Harold Wilson's Government insisted on financing Nigeria's futile war against Biafra. We see why Shell-BP led the Nigerian army into Bonny, paid Biafran oil royalties to Nigeria, and provided the Nigerian army with all the help it needed for its attack on Port Harcourt.

Biafra before the Forceful Annexing by Nigeria.

In the three years before the forceful re-annexing of our beloved nation Biafra, let's take a look at our country in those three years. This is because a good look at the three years of our beloved nation will give us an insight into what our dear nation Biafra will become in the future after restoration. Before the war started, community development projects in Biafra include: Bridges, totaling 12,561 feet length across Biafra land, with an approved plan of building a road network that'll connect the entire Biafra land in 2 years, 13 Cooperative Banks for Industrial and Agricultural Development, 214 Postal Agencies and 540 collection centers, 680 Maternity Homes, 125 well equipped advanced medical Hospitals and Rural Health Centers and 6 specialist hospitals, 350 pharmacy Dispensaries, 275 Community Schools and Domestic Science Centers for secondary schools, 1,216 Adult Education Centers, 262 well equipped Libraries etc. by 1967, Biafra land had the most extensive hospital facilities and specialist doctors in the whole of Africa, and the largest production of electricity in west Africa.

The Research and Production Directorate (RAP) produced arms and ammunition used in Biafran war such as armored tanks, rockets with long mileage, the Ogbunigwe bomb, reconstruct civilian aircrafts into fighter jets, hand grenade, mines and other small fire arms. Biafra also refined crude oil using only local materials. Biafran chemists also produced 10 tons of pure salt per month. It was estimated to increase up to 50 tons if production continued. In the area of consumer goods, items which were usually imported such as toilet soaps, face-creams, Vaseline, biscuits, liquor, dyes, protein extracts and engine oil were all produced by Biafran scientists and engineers. Aba industrial zones manufactured all kinds of fashionable wears, the people of Awka were busy producing all kinds of pistols and short guns etc.

Furthermore, Ojukwu founded and opened the first Biafran University of Technology, which is the University of Technology Port-Harcourt in 1967, under the leadership of prof. Kenneth Dike. He had also compelled Shell to establish the First Petroleum Technology Training Institute in Port-Harcourt in 1966. All these were dismantled. The PTI was taken from Port Harcourt to Warri, while University of Technology P/H was reduced to a campus of UNN, until 1975, when it became Uniport. You will recall that for years, up till 1981, the only institutions of higher learning in Biafra land were the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, IMT Enugu and Alvan Ikoku College of Ed, in Owerri. The Biafran people knows that there is no innovation without centers of strategic research. Permit me not to remind us of many industrial and economic projects embarked upon in Biafraland after the war that was destroyed, suffocated and dismantled by the contraption called Nigeria.

After the war, any Biafran who has money in the bank can only be given 20 pound, Even if you have millions in your account, this law against Biafrans effectivelly rendered all Biafran people poor. (The richest among our people had only 20 pound). Decades after the war, what Biafran people have today in the fraud called Nigeria is no international airport and seaport even when our backyard is Atlantic ocean, 4632 army, navy, air force and police check point across Biafra land and only 471 in the entire Hausa Fulani land even with Boko Haram in their midst.

The only Nigerian government presence in Biafra land are military barracks. The last major Nigerian government investment in Biafra land was the Niger Bridge which was commissioned in 1966. Yet 90% of oil wells in the riverine area of Biafra land are owned by Hausa Fulanis and their Yoruba collaborators. While Biafran youths languish in abject poverty and joblessness and forced to scatter all over the world in search of greener pasture. Those from the riverine area who raised their voice with arms are called "MILITANTS" they are criminalized and given armnesty (with stipends) and others asked to become "WATCH NIGHT" over oil pipe lines in their fathers land. (What an insult). Whereas in their fatherland, their resources are milked by parasites from the North.

The ratio of the Islamic army of Nigeria today is 17 - 3, which means in every 20 Nigerian army there's only 3 Biafran citizen there. Before the Biafran war it was 170,000 to 4000. Which is 17 - 4. That is why one of the agreements reached in Aburi Ghana was to stopped all army recruitment because of the lopsided recruitment from the North, but today it has gone down to 17 - 3. The Arabic sign in the military and currency, couple with an Islamic constitution infested with sharia, Islam and Grand Cardy, written by an Islamic army together with the membership of OIC, the fraud and contraption called Nigeria is officially an Islamic state.

The Hypocrisy of the Western World.

Since in the thinking of many white powers, a good, progressive and efficient government is good only for whites. a point of view which explains but does not justify the blind support which those powers have given to uphold the Nigerian ideal of a corrupt, decadent and putrefying society. To them genocide is an appropriate answer to any group of black people who have the temerity to attempt to evolve their own social system and develop their father land.

According to Benjamin Franklin, and I quote, "Rebellion against Tyranny, is Obedience to God." Our struggle has far reaching significance. It is the latest recrudescence in our time of the age old struggle of the black man for his full stature as man. We are the latest victims of a wicked collusion between the three traditional scourges of the black man racism, Arab-Muslim expansionism and white economic imperialism. Our struggle is a total and vehement rejection of all those evils which blighted Nigeria, evils which are bound to lead to the disintegration of the white man’s creation called Nigeria. Our struggle is not mere resistance that would be merely negative. It is a positive commitment to build a healthy, dynamic and progressive state, such as would be the pride of black men the world over. The Biafran struggle is, on another plane, a resistance to the Arab-Muslim expansionism which has menaced and ravaged the African continent for twelve centuries

In our struggle for freedom, we have learnt that the right of self-determination is inalienable, but only to the white man. The fraud called Nigeria is today as corrupt, as unprogressive and as oppressive and irreformable. Yet we are being forced to sacrifice our very existence as a people to the integrity of that ramshackle creation that has no justification either in history or in the freely expressed wishes of the people of Biafra.

All Biafrans are brothers and sisters bound together by ancestral lineage and history, inter-marriage, culture and by our common misfortune in Nigeria and our present experience of the Biafran freedom struggle. Biafrans are even more united by the desire to create a new and better order of society which will satisfy their needs and aspirations. Therefore, there is no justification for anyone to allow the Hausa Fulanis and their collaborators to continue to introduce into Biafra land divisions by changing our original names, setting us against each other and partitioning us into south-south and south-east divide and rule system. e.g., The North is made up of "85 different ethnic groups" and they called themselves "North" while the entire Biafra Land is made up of only "11 Clans", yet we're called South-South and South-East. Their Governors are called "19 Northern Governors" yet we are divided into "6 S/S Governors" and "5 S/E Governors", what a divide and rule tactics. It's time for us to wake up to reality. The name South-South itself is a fraud and has no place in the academics of geographic dictionary.

We believe that God, humanity and history are on our side, and that Biafran freedom is indestructible and eternal. Those who opposed Ojukwu's stand yesterday, later on regretted doing so. Generals Alani Akinranade and Ejor are amongst those who publicly said that they regretted fighting Biafra. Our Brother Ken Saro Wiwa, a victim/martyr of the fraud called Nigeria, who was deceived and used during the Biafra-Nigeria war later on regretted ever helping the Hausa Fulanis. Before he was hanged by a Hausa Fulani man named Sani Abacha, He made his position known during the Mkpoko Igbo Conference in 1994. Where he pleaded in his speech that Biafrans should join him in the struggle to chase the Hausa Fulanis out of Ogoni land. General Ojukwu who was also present in the meeting, in his Dexter replied him thus: and I quote, "Ken, may I call you my brother and friend, but what I saw over a quarter of century ago, you have come to see today! Ken, you said for us to join you. I say to you, with open arms, welcome to the fold". This is true forgiveness and reconciliation among brothers. We must learn to unite and work together as one.

Any nation that went through the natural and organic creation from God like Biafra, exists forever. Whereas anything created by man must surely come to an end at some point. So shall it be for Nigeria created by a white man from Scotland. Just like all man-made creations like USSR, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia that have all ended. Many countries that was tied together forcefully by British colonialist has since separated from each other. Countries like India was once a big useless creation by Britain. Today India has given birth to Pakistan, and Pakistan gave birth to Bangladesh. Malaysia and Singapore were once a big useless creation like Nigeria by British colonialist, today they are two separate and prosperous nation living side by side peacefully. Eritrea came out of Ethiopia, South Sudan came out of Sudan etc.

At this very end, it is important that we the Biafran people must come together to liberate ourselves. If we are united, we can achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves, but if we are divided, the Hausa Fulanis will pick us one after another. Unity is the key. When we are liberated, those who want to be on their own can go ahead, after all many countries in this world are not up to a million. E.g. Latvia, Luxemburg, Iceland. Many European countries are less than 5 million. People must not be held together by force.

Finally, our struggle for freedom is transparent and just and no amount of propaganda can detract from it. Our struggle has far reaching significance. It is the latest recrudescence in our time of the age old struggle of the black man for his full stature as man. Our struggle is to be free and build a nation founded in justice, equity and fairness. A nation where there will be no minority, a place where everyone is equal under the law. A nation where every citizen can aspire to the greatest of their ability. A place where science and technology will reign and be the bedrock of the economy and not oil and gas. A nation where the owners of the land will have total control of their resources and pay tax to the government. A nation where there's freedom of speech and expression. A nation every Biafran citizen will be proud of. That nation is The Republic of Biafra.

I wish to end this research paper with a quote from General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, and I quote "I see Biafra as a bastion of the free in an age in which freedom and self-determination are conditioned by the color of the skin. I would go further to say that for the acceptance of the black race, there must be a Biafra. If this Biafra is stifled, then perhaps in the future another Biafra will emerge."(Radio Biafra broadcasts; December; 1968.

May God Bless The Republic of Biafra.
Written By Frank: email- [email protected]

Part 2.
Dissection of the fraudulent democracy of the fraud called Nigeria and why Biafra referendum/restoration shall not be subjected to the Nigerian fake and fraudulent democratic system (Senate/House of Rep). And the divide and rule system employed on the Biafran people. Stay tuned.

We want to be FREE.
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