Nnamdi Kanu's arrival spell doom for Nigeria who has remained evil and showed no sign of redemption.

Clearly this prophet came and exposed the atrocities inherent in the evil contraption and even furthermore revealed to the world that Nigeria is in truth an Islamic country and has an agenda under the watch of terrorist BUHARI to compel all Biafrans to become Muslims, as this feat was seen not comfortable because of the truthful propagation of the gospel via radio BIAFRA by a renowned prophet, BUHARI sort to arresting him and has continued incarcerating him despite been ordered by courts of competent jurisdiction to release him unconditionally.

If war must be won in series of battles allies are pivotal to those victories, and when the war is won, it's a triumph. Allies that can win wars are the ones that can follow battle strategies and obey orders under a commander.

That is the regiment.Where is Nnamdi Kanu?” how many Biafrans have been murdered by BUHARI'S men?, if evil is present in our world if some men and women are hungry and thirsty, homeless, exiles and refugees? Where is God, when innocent persons die as a result of violence, terrorism and war? Where is God, when malignant diseases break the bonds of life and affection? Or when children are exploited and demeaned, and they too suffer from grave illness? Where is God, amid the anguish of those who doubt and are troubled in spirit? Christians must follow this way.

“In welcoming the outcast who suffer physically and welcoming sinners who suffer spiritually, our credibility as Christians is at stake.” the time to act is now. No more will Biafrans be killed because they are agitating for their for their right but Nigeria is gradually coming to and end, this is a truth everybody can testify to and uphold with certainty. Biafra restoration is our priority and just as prophet Nnamdi Kanu said "Nigeria will be destroyed and nothing left in it to pave the way for Biafra" we have not only come to restore Biafra, but we have come to make sure that nothing like Nigeria ever exists again. All hail BIAFRA.

Ezekwereogu John
Edited Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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