Nations and countries that are encouraging the Islamic government of Nigeria ruled by a notorious SINNER and enemy of modernity Mohamadu Buhari will also be punished and SUFFERERS with Nigeria. There is a rapid oxidation of a Biafran's anger, the energy that turned to material which reaction is now HEAT. Withdrawal of light Biafrans which has been endothermic in Nigeria has replaced it with exothermic Heat; it is now tagged Unquenchable Fire. Holding the director of Radio Biafra Dr Nnamdi Kanu and the rest of Biafrans illegally detained has further raised the temperature of heat upon the zoo called Nigeria, and they are burning faster than expected. As Buhari has been reduced to a walking skeleton ( KODO), his Islamic government is being reduced to nothing by burning faster than anticipated. Much like the prophecy of Elisha that a cup of rice which is sold to Biafrans for one united states dollars ($1) very soon, ten cups of rice will be sold for one penny in Biafraland.
Darkness has enveloped the entire zoo, a thick darkness that has never been experienced in human history. No wonder Buhari and his clueless almajiris called soldiers are killing Biafrans and themselves, those mallams, their wives and children who clapped their hands and dance when Buhari's Boko Haram kill Biafrans got themselves killed by starvation, hunger and malnutrition. Buhari, you are facing inescapable divine judgement by scorching HEAT. I saw your cattle on top of flyover bridges, my question to you is, do grasses grow on top of iron? The answer is capital NO. I also saw your cattle in the cities whose highway is built with ash fault Coulter, sidewalks are protected with barbwire, my question to you is, do grasses grow on stone concrete or does barbwire produce herbs? I saw your cows amongst Hocker's of toothpaste and C automobile caution right in the middle of barren street corners and pavements, and they look line WW11 animals, thin and famished with their bones displayed for students learning practical biology before the turn crowd and passersby. Buhari, you are secretly kidnapping and executing Biafrans but openly recording a whopping ten deaths at your God forsaken Islamic northeast refugee camps where God is punishing every bird that flies and every ant that crawled. The name given to it is befitting ( internally displaced people IDP) Internally because you are born a terrorist, worked the northeast of the zoo called Nigeria military administrator or governor where you hatched Boko Haram. Internally displaced because you Mohamadu Satan Buhari was and is responsible for all the religious crisis, maintained, Shiite and sunny uproar and the present Boko Haram crimes against humanity in Maiduguri, Jos, Adamawa, Kano, Kafancha, Benue, Lagos, Ibadan, Kwara, Jokun, Tiv, Nimbo, Igwe Ocha port Harcourt, Aba, Onitsha, itsekiri, Akwa-Ibom, Ijaw, Ondo and Ogun.
North, south, east and west of the zoo called Nigeria you massacre innocent people. Amongst all the places you committed all the unforgivable SINS, It is only in your door steps that internally displaced people IDP exist. Glory be to CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA for he that diggeth a pit has fallen into it. In 2014 when you Mohamadu Buhari wept, because salvation was coming to the zoo called Nigeria, you went to Saudi Arabia to solicit for Islamic support Pastor Tunde Bakare of later rain Assembly was still your running mate in CPC, but little did you know that Bakare used by Almighty God to save you and thousands of people you would have killed if you had come to power in 2014. He did his best and anointed and instrument in the hand of God that is why you lived up to 2015. But he that the gods want to kill the first make blind, it is time for God to destroy your root and branches, no single of your evil legacy will remain after you, even the Islamic northern zoo called Nigeria would be used to make a complete end to you and your terrorist ideology. Whoever kills Mohamadu Buhari from Islamic northern Nigeria will be given ten virgins. DISPLACED: no shelter, no food, no clothing but diseases in the refugee camps in BUHARI'S Islamic northern Nigeria. All you wished Biafrans is now happening to you and your entire northern Nigeria. This is a small woe, bigger woe is approaching Nigeria and the Islamic north in particular, it make haste and does not tarry, dogs are sucking the breast of goats, flies is being served as food, Sultan of Sokoto is now asking the Pedophile Mohamadu Buhari to open up the borders so the relief food could come into the north, the same way Buhari and company starved millions of innocent Biafran civilians to death in wartime, the same way God is starving Buhari's northern Islamic future terrorist with death. Biafrans was afflicted with Kwashiorkor (malnutrition) Buhari's northern caliphate offsprings will die and is dying of multiple sicknesses, ranging from polio to leprosy, malnutrition to river born diseases, from sword to bomb, from heart attack to political suicide.

By mentioning Biafra to anybody from the south-west Yoruba conspirators or to anybody in the northern Islamic jihadist will kill him or her instantly. Any day Buhari listened to RADIO Biafra the following he will be rushed to London because he knew that radiobiafra operates from London, he will pretend that he is going for medical checkup, typical lie, he is there to beg Britain not to support Biafra but for how long will Britain bear the burdens of the northern Nigeria Islamic iniquities. Biafrans must step up the release of our director's campaign and the restoration of the independent of Biafra. We must as a matter of urgency worked with God right now because he is destroying every economic fabric in the zoo called Nigeria. We have enough people from Ijaw and Itsekiri clan supporting the restoration, so also other Biafrans nationwide, are gearing up for the great expectations. We must all agree that at least 40% of Biafrans must convert to Judaism whether you are a Christian and belong to any denomination should not be an impediment towards this long overdue critical decision and CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA must not be kept waiting. To achieve this is very simple, Biafrans are scattered all over the world found in more than eight countries and nations of the world, the structures on ground is an enough sign that God is ready for this move because within five agonising years IPOB led by Dr Kanu have achieved what some people in the same struggle could not make in 16 luxurious years.
If anybody doubts this, let us take a head counts only from the registered IPOB individuals and count rough estimate if what is remaining amongst Biafrans from Ijaw to Idoma, from Igala to Igwe Ocha and from Akwa Ibom to Enugu, etc. If the estimate of Biafrans at home and abroad is 100 million and the registered IPOB faithful are 30-40 million, let the 30-40 million convert to Judaism and let's see what happens afterwards. Take note, we can only number those registered active members of IPOB, they will make this move on behalf of all core Biafrans. This is not a religious repentance, but a reunion with our Creator whom we rejected and followed strange gods for more than five thousand years. Every known idol amongst the 30-40 IPOB members family who are to carry out this reunion must be physically and practically destroyed. The gathering will take place in Biafraland in a topmost secrecy, but will be announced to the world by Mazi Uche Mefor in radio Biafra for seven working days consecutively. The highest high priest from Israel must be invited to Biafraland perform the ceremony.
Within this period, there will be no protests nor agitations. No enemy will be cursed not even Biafran' s arch enemy Mohammadu Buhari within the time limit.
Now to the action that will finally bury Nigeria and restore, 12 men according to the twelve clans that made up Biafra shall take a journey around the 19 states of northern Nigeria and western Nigeria , they will go with the bones of some Biafrans killed if it can be found, or go to the ground where Biafran's blood was shed and divide it according to each state visited 19 must be dropped one in each state on the north, the same will be done in the southwestern Yoruba zoo called Nigeria where the blood of our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers was shed. This Aldo must be done with utmost secrecy and undetected. After that or even that is concluded, a miracle will begin to happen, enemies will be put to flight, the releasing of our detained freedom fighters, restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra and Biafran flag raised in the United Nations emergency meetings. All hail Biafra. SHALOM.

By Benjamin Kish
Edited Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers

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