By Ifeanyi Chijioke

An international activist has claimed spiritual responsibility for the ordeal of Ohanze Ndigbo; she said she invoked hunting spirit against Ohaneze ndi Igbo, a group she described as the enemy of the people of Biafra. “The spiritual controls the physical, the spirit will keep them checked” she boasted. The crack in Ohaneze seems to be taking a deadly dimension with shooting and arrest getting involved, a move that would discredit and scatter the group.

Mary Bernstein is an international pro-Biafra activist based in USA California who devoted her time and resources towards ensuring that justice is done to the people of Biafra. She had vowed to fight till Biafra is restored, citing the 1967 genocide that caused the gruesome death of over 1.5 million children and continuous murder of Biafrans as her driving forces. She however believes that the failure of Nigerian government to heal the wound, by developing Biafra land to give the surviving children opportunity to live calls for urgent declaration of Sovereign state of Biafra as a humanitarian act.

She is however doing everything she can for Biafra with passion to help in the humanitarian project-Biafra “My purpose is to save the remaining children in Biafra, they are suffering and they deserve more. They deserve a government, I read how they are marginalized and a Biafran child can’t go to government school if not schools privately managed and cost higher. There is no infrastructure or social amenity, average Biafran child needs extra will to live” she vowed to make sure enemies of Biafra are defeated.
Recently she picked interest in the activities of Ohaneze Ndigbo when the anti-people’s group was embroiled in a bribery scandal. It was reported that Ohaneze collected money from the federal government and assured that Nnamdi Kanu will stop or compromise Biafra agitation, but when they approached Nnamdi Kanu, he blatantly refused their negotiation. This subsequently irked Ohaneze and they started working against the freedom of Nnamdi Kanu and restoration of Biafra against the wish of the people.

Recall that Ohaneze had made plans to release Nnamdi Kanu from prison but when Nnamdi Kanu learnt about the condition; he vehemently rejected the move and swore to die in prison rather than allow Ohaneze release him. The Indigenous People of Biafra quickly disowned Ohaneze and this propelled the people against them. The war has continued as they have promised Buhari that they would rather kill Igbo speaking Biafrans to make sure Biafra agitation is cut off.

Reacting to the activities of Ohaneze, Mary Bernstein picked offense and wondered where such men came from “Who are these me?” she asked when she posted the popular picture of Ohaneze in their cultural and complete attire on her wall. “Even in US here I hear their evil deeds against their own people, she exclaimed. “I have followed them and read their position and what they represent; for opposing the entire wish of the people of Biafra and for fighting the entire people of Biafra; these men are satanic disciples. They need to be stopped before they suck the blood of the people. I heard they conspired with the government to jail or kill Nnamdi Kanu; they are disgrace to everything sacred, culture or tradition” she fumed.
Mary Bernstein claimed last month that she conducted a full moon buck ritual; which she did that God may hunt every satanic power or disciples against Nnamdi Kanu or the people of Biafra. “God directed me, I conducted the ritual with my younger sister Beth Seth and I prophesied direct, we saw the conspicuous result and I posted it on my wall” she assured that what happened to Ohanze is just the tip of an ice-berg to what is to come hence they keep fighting Nnamdi Kanu and the people of Biafra. “Someone may die next time” she noted.

She did gave the ritual enough publicity on her wall before posting pictures of full moon that appeared the following day. He had previously demanded details about Ohaneze which was given to her. Meanwhile, Ohaneze is now in disarray as shooting and arresting of members; which has never happened is now occurring. Ohaneze president tried to play down the situation to cover the disgrace; but journalists were able to get the whole story before his lies.

Authored by Ifeanyi chijioke, for The Great Biafra Journalists.

Published by Okpalaeze

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