Shocking revelations have emerged on the Shabbat day 9th of July, 2016 that only five nations on earth are exempted from God's punishment because of the unjust massacre of millions of Biafrans and forcing the new nation and her people into excruciating bondage, slavery and further massacre for 50 years 1966-2016. Nations that is thought to be prospering according to human economists calculations are surprisingly fused among nations that are punished because of Biafra. Israel Biafra's sister country escaped from the group because she was herself embroid in the middle-east Arab-Israeli war. The United States did not flee from the panel of nations that is being punished due to his negligence of duty, America's punishment though was and is not as severe as other countries like Saudi Arabia, Britain and Russia, etc. because of his unique role in the middle-east.
Egypt was the highest nation hit by God's anger because of the leading role she played in the killing of pregnant women, children, school children and the sick ones in the refugee camps in Biafraland 1967-1970. The man called Gamal Abdel Nasser Husein Obama's namesake was the president of Egypt from 1958-1970. He was a vicious and satanic Islamic leader who sent Islamic terrorist pilots to aid Nigeria in wiping out Biafrans from the face of the earth; God struck him with a heart attack, and he died on ceremoniously in 1970. His predecessor Muhammad Anwar El- Sadat despite his peace overture to Israel was assassinated on the 6th of October 1981, his Nobel price of peace was an abomination to God of Biafrans, who have decreed a moral punishment for Egypt and her citizens. From 1981 till date a rattlesnake has rattled Egypt, no peace or harmony even amongst the so-called Islamic faithful. The Egyptians are eventually eating from the dust bin heap of refuse.
You can check all the Arab Muslim countries on earth apart from Carter none are not mopping the blood of their-their citizens and strangers with them right on the floor of their doorstep. As you read this article, no nation nor country among then can be described as peaceful, in fact, the Islamic world has the highest number of refugees in Europe, United States and elsewhere in the world. The then USSR under the leadership of President Mikhail Gorbachev brought in perestroika and glasnost, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic USSR did not survive the harm, it was obliterated, dismembered and a party section of it state managed to for what is known today as Russia is headed by the Amiable President Vladimir Putin. God is not yet done with Russia, except if it can overlook politics come out openly, further her weight and muscles and support the restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra. Russia in the shocking revelation was among nations pencilled down to cease to exist as a nation but her present leadership led by President Putin is doing all they can to change the unpleasant and unforeseen trend. Mind you, whatever befalls Russia befalls all her ally nations same to Egypt.
Britain cannot survive what is coming within it four walls, it will come like tender breeze, it will penetrate through Buckingham Palace to number 10 downing street, the citizens might escape because of the real role they will play in the restoration of Sovereign State of Biafra and to appease the anger of God for their father's role in the killing of more than 4million innocent Biafrans 1967-2016. But it structure as GREAT BRITAIN will vanish in the map of the world and will never be heard again. Her deadly plot to destroy America with Islam have increased the anger of God on the leadership in number 10 drowning street, prime minister David Cameron as individual have escaped this doomsday by tendering his resignation letter, it was not because Britain exited from EU that prompted his resignation, far from it, have indeed got wind of this plot by the leadership in Britain. Britain exited EU mainly because of many of the members are prying eye of the united state, it is very troublesome for Britain not getting the vital information needed to execute the plots. Many occasions they have come close, especially during the operation desert storm, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do not be surprised the way British forces play the second role anywhere united states is either fighting to protect her interest or for the sole purpose of world peace as one world government is never a brainchild of Britain but Rome. Islam is the only way left for Britain to achieve her plot in destroying America and ascending as the world super power and Rome is well aware of it.
For 45 years, the United States did not see clearly the negative role being played by Britain in Nigeria against Biafra, the interest of united states government in Nigeria is a significant impediment to the British dream of using Islam to control the whole of Africa.

India is still serving her punishment in the role she played in subduing my people, I will afflict her with poverty that has never seen from the beginning of ages, despite her breakthrough in technology and medicine, India must as a matter of urgency work towards the freedom of my people the Biafrans as a sovereign nation, my chosen shall overtake them, in science and technological advancement even though yet to be fully independent. The prime minister Narendra Modi must never repeat past mistakes made by his predecessors by supporting my enemies against my people, if they do, India shall lose her status as up and coming world super power, she shall be relegated and never take the front seat as an economically advancing nation. China and Japan must set aside their political differences and work towards the freedom of my people, anything short of that, Japanese economy shall nose dive to a pitiable level, they shall also be among the least in modern technology, my hands will do it. Ghana is serving my punishment after being a witness to the robbery and war levied against my people, she stood on the fence and pretended like if not humans that were robbed in her present.
Ghana must stand up for my men the Biafrans; I'll shower my blessings upon them, and change my cane and I will no longer stick them with punishment. Cameroon is still serving my punishment, for their alignment with my enemies that which was stolen and given to them as compensation shall be returned to my people with further punishment if they fail to bring it on their own. The Yoruba nation was spared due to my men took refuge amongst them, yet they allowed themselves to be used in afflicting my people with pains and losses to their properties, as soon as my people leaves, they shall know that I'm the God of Biafrans, even those who refuses to leave shall be punished for disobeying me during the time I am delivering my people.
(1) Mohamadu Buhari has no place to hide. Not to his. I shall visit him when he least expects. (2) Any single hair of my people that drops on the ground by my enemies must be paid for hundred fold. For the injustice, he perpetrated against my people and unjust arrest, torture, detention and killing I shall visit you and your supporters when you latest expected. Release my people you are holding in your various detention prisons and let them go and build a nation that I will be proud off.
WARNING TO BIAFRANS. Do not intermarry with the foreign nations surrounding you and do not give into marriages with them. Those that went and married my enemies, because of the tribulation my people are going through shall be destroyed alongside their so-called husbands and their tribes. No Biafra should beg for his or her freedom because none committed any known sin that warrants forgiveness. No single hair that drops on the ground by my enemies must be paid for a hundred fold. You are my chosen, you are my elect, you must drive away every foreign nation that invaded your land, they must be chased away out of your homeland, and then you shall live and prosper in peace. SHALOM.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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