It is only a tree that will hear that it will be cut tomorrow and still standing where it is. There is no living Biafran today that has peace in Nigeria right from birth, even the traitors and saboteurs amongst us have had their lives and limbs cut off. Biafrans must move into taking desicive actions against the crack on she is facing, the enemy state did not believe that Biafra will become a BREAKING news to CNN, BBC, ALJAZEERA, VOICE OF AMERICA and the entire world electronics and print media. She is here the Darling of international news hunters, and the world peace-loving nations. The strength of this Mazing feat is behind a microphone, not bomb and not bullets. Our leader spoke just yesterday the 25th July 2016 affirming that he is on a mission committed to his trust by CHUKWU OKIKE AHBIAMA the great God and the creator of the universe, he said that a thousand years will be like a day in prison and will undoubtedly lead his people out of bondage, he has chains on his hands, but declared that it is no chain but Biafran bandana, the Islamic government of now dying country Nigeria denied him food, but he insisted it was fasting so that his people might eat.
He demonstrated great faith and walked into the enemy camp without being declared wanted, without an arrest warrant issued against him. He speaks boldly inside the courtroom as if he is teaching history to unwilling students. He won the first phase of the war defeating the Adolf Hitler of Africa, paedophile and the enemy of Biafrans number one in the person of the certificate forger Mohammad Satan Buhari. Shall we the Biafrans accept slavery after we have been set free? The strength that brought us to where we are is so energising like the chariot of Israel that airlifted prophet Elijah; Biafrans worldwide are on the board of this flight.
Yes, the Islamic jihadist from northern Nigeria have assembled themselves, occupied every available official position in the zoo called Nigeria, they have made an alliance with about 58 Islamic nations, 20 countries out them led by Saudi Arabia has the militarily capability to face North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO in warfare. They now have a terrifying modern armament readying for the inevitable military confrontation Between EVIL NIGERIANS and GOOD BIAFRANS. Buhari and his allied nations will be defeated, because we are now onboard the safety chariot of Israel, and any Biafran that steps out of this flight will be eternally destroyed by the terrorist Islamic northern Nigeria caliphate.
Biafrans home and abroad must remember that the BLOOD OF OUR INNOCENT MEN AND WOMEN MURDERED BY BUHARI'S AGENT'S ON THE 30TH OF JUNE, 2016 IS STILL DRIPPING ACROSS BIAFRALAND. We furthermore strength, courage and power any time our leaders' voice is heard on the tape, read on the print media or played on Radio Biafra live by his deputy mazi Alphonsus Uche Mefor. To restore Biafra we have all sworn that every mountain must be brought low and every valley must be filled, whatever constitute an impediment onboard this flight must be destroyed. I watched how ordinary 7million Jews transform the land of Israel, and nobody handed their nation over to them, their enemies vowed that they would never emerge as a sovereign nation but the core Jews promised it is better they are lowered into the grave than for Israel not to be an independent nation.
Today, technologically, Israeli vows are a different breed of cows from any other cows across the world, these cows are identifiable by any Israeli government official anywhere they see it. Biafrans, are you aware that what we are living now is not life? Have you also observed that those who claim to be lord over you forever is now secretly desiring to be you? Despite their conspiration, gang up and pride, they wished if they have your blood running through their veins. The winter is gone, and the summer is over, time for action, action and more effects. We must avoid Biafraland being the battlefield, we have demonstrated peacefully in our land they came all the way from DAURA, Kano, Maiduguri, Adamawa, Sokoto and Kaduna to kill us, where else do we go, we are already pushed to the wall, some are pushed under mother's bed and kitchen, as we were, running, a goat will fight the owner when Cornered in a dangerous position that is where you and I are today. Listen, the Hausa/Fulani has prepared and is still making their illiterate sons and daughters to use you to hold on to power, they convert Biafran soldiers in their midst as infantry and push them into the waiting hands of Boko Haram, and they been are killed.
Are you also aware that just last week, a news leaked out that 100 Nigeria soldiers were ambushed, and there whereabout remain unknown, two days later, the zoo army spokesperson out of SHAME AND DISGRACE announced that done of the missing soldiers have been found, lies from the pit of hell, the soldiers were histone dead when their bodies were discovered.
If soldiers were ambushed and captured, Boko Haram is not known to scatter their victims and later kill them one by one, they are known to kill en mass, example were 130 Nigeria soldiers that was murdered by the terrorist Boko Haram, did Buhari and his coward chief of army staff cover up telling the dead soldiers wives that their husband was posted to foreign countries on emergency missions. If not Femi Fani-Kayode, who raised an alarm before Buhari came out to admit that the soldiers are indeed dead while displaying their corps to the wailing public. Be informed that 58 Sunni and Shiite Islamic nation led by Saudi Arabia are ready to overrun Biafraland, they claim that when America, Britain and other European countries see that Biafraland has been captured and overtaken, that they will have no option than to support the government of the day, they concluded that neither informed America nor any nation on earth will rush to rescue Biafra without thinking twice, and that is the opportunity they will have to crush finally whoever raises up his head in Biafraland. Biafrans, friends of Biafrans and free nations of the worldwide, we are indeed a nation marked out for total extermination.
But as frightening as it is, we have just been restrengthened, reenergized for the great confrontation against our God enemies and the enemies of world development and peace. The money we would have used to buy weapons for our frontline youths is now being used to purchase drugs and pay doctors who are treating our wounded people, the money we could have used to buy bullets is now being used to bury our people killed for armless agitations, if you have not seen a Biafran killed and trampled, matched upon by the Islamic Army, I have seen one. Biafrans our director have spoken, his voice came out from prison for a reason; WE HAVE GOT TO DO SOMETHING NASTY AGAINST THE ZOO.


By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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