By Ifeanyi Chijioke, Chima Onyekachi and Chinenye Chukwu

    In the recent time since Buhari won the presidential election, Fulani herdsmen became violent and had been unleashing terror on the people of Biafra. This terror has continued unabated as the government is more concerned about going after cattle rustlers than fighting the terrorist attacks of Fulani herdsmen. Fulani herdsmen terrorists won the fourth most deadly terrorist groups in the world and despite this disturbing rank, Buhari has failed to give special attention to the Fulani menace. The arrest and ISIS-like execution of Biafrans and desperate pursuit of opposition championed his reign while culprits of terrorist activities are left to continue their activities.

    The attack of Fulani herdsmen, terrorists in Agatu, Enugu and other places, has further exposed Buhari as a pro-terrorist movement of Fulani. Buhari is the grand patron of the cattle breeders association of Nigeria, the organisation responsible for arming the Fulani herdsmen and promoting onslaught against the host communities. He has in the time past fronted a campaign against stopping Fulani herdsmen and urging for the settlement of Fulani herdsmen who often revolt against their host. Every effort to get Buhari to even condemn the onslaught by Fulani herdsmen let alone containing them was futile until the governor of Ekiti took the matter beyond the limit.

    The people of Biafra-Christians have decried the onslaught as part of the Islamization plan of Buhari, and he has been accused of using Fulani herdsmen to execute the plan. Fulani herdsmen as the Islamic foot soldier has done immensely that fear now glows in the lives of Christians. History has it that Islamization is always made easier when Islamic fanatics are allowed to settle and strategize, they revolt in due time and take charge of the community, impose Islamic religion on the residents and from there extend to other communities.

    Cattle breeders association of Nigeria has justified the arming of Fulani herdsmen, speaking after Enugu massacre, the leader of the association defended the possession of AK47 by the herdsmen and vowed that nobody would disarm them. He bitterly complained of cattle rustlers and blamed the government for the possession of arm by the herdsmen. He said had the government handled cattle rustlers, they would not be going about with AK47. He made a case that Fulani herdsmen are armed against intimidation and rustlers. When questioned defensively by pro-Buhari journalists, he said that herdsmen killing Christians are not from Nigeria only to compromise and ask, what about Fulani herdsmen being killed, why don’t you people report that. This last comment was as a result of a passion for killing that cannot be hidden, and he could not hide the motive any longer.

    Since the inception of the current government and hence the leaders of Fulani people are not ready to end the terrorist activities being perpetrated by the herdsmen, they became an enemy and threat to any community or law abiding Christian citizens. There have been pockets of attack and alarm in Biafra. While Crossriver, Delta and Enugu lead in the rank of deadly attacks, Anambra, Abia, Imo, etc. have experienced pocket attacks. Recently, attack was reported in Ogbunike a neighbouring town to Nkwellezunaka in Anambra state which prompted an investigation in Oyi/ Ayamelum. This, however, led the team of journalists led by Ifeanyi Chijioke to Nkwellezunaka.

    Information at our disposal has it that Fulani herdsmen have a settlement in Nkwellezunake and have stayed for quite a time. According to the investigation, the Herdsmen have been given a land at the boundary of Umuonuora and Morbia respectively, two villages in Nkwellezunaka, information also has it that the occupation which is extending has reached Umuonuora and Nteje boundary as well. The herdsmen were said to have paid a stipulated amount of money which ran into millions initially but now pays around 1.3 million Naira yearly. The payment is for the settlement which is credited to the present chairmen of Umuonuorah and Morbia.

    When the team of journalists headed by Ifeanyi Chijioke toured the settlement, we were astonished at the comfort and the rate of expansion. Speaking to the team, a resident who spoke on the condition of anonymity but gave his name as Emeka said he is not from Nkwellezunake but was born and brought up there. He decried what he described as great fear among the residents, he said they no longer sleep as they are hopeful that one day, they would be attacked “You see here, they have taken over here, they come to Odoata to buy food, they live here and they are bringing in more of their brothers, that is why they are expanding, we fear that one day they would overrun us and Nimbo story will be repeated” he helplessly said.

    The expansion corresponds with the initial report Ifeanyi Chijioke gave on the influx of herdsmen through in Anambra north. When the further investigation was made to know the reaction of people, we spoke to land agents who had come to show their client a property. “As you can see, I don’t talk to the press, I am here to make my money, don’t put my name or picture” he pleaded and continued “We don’t market land here anymore, when buyers come and see Fulani herdsmen here, they lose interest, these people are deadly. I don’t know why the leaders of this community cannot chase them away, one day they would kill our people and people should hold Ambrose Odie responsible and the Chairman of Morbia family” he posited.

    One of the village youth who spoke to us blamed the leaders of the community. “Nothing to hide, Fulani herdsmen pay them yearly and bribe them. They have bribed the new chairman of Morbia and that of Umuonuorah. They do pay enough and people come to buy cows as well, so it is a business for them. We the youths cannot act without the chairmen and mind you that we don’t have AK47. We expected the chairmen to take actions, but I guess they are waiting for attack before they wake up, reject their money and curtail them” he carelessly said and headed for a shop without giving his name as they are all afraid to disclose their identities.

    When Umuonurah Chairman Mr Ambrose Odie was contacted as his counterpart’s number was unavailable, he earlier agreed to speak to us, but when the purpose of the meeting was disclose, he went into hiding, not picking his calls or returning text messages. Reacting to Odie’s insincerity and withdrawal, a former youth Chairman of Umuonuorah when contacted on the phone said “Ambrose Odie is insincere, they might have collected their own share, and he doesn’t want the business to stop. He would not love to see you people so better go home because he would prefer money over our safety. He only knows how to sale our land and pocket money from developers we sold to”

    We, therefore, call on Biafrans to call Mr Ambrose Odie to call his counterpart- the chairman of Morbia to quickly act and get rid of THE occupation and further occupation of Fulani herdsmen as financial rites sanctioned on the herdsmen have been shifted to them. They should with immediate effect return this year’s money and work for the exodus of the herdsmen as they are a threat to the existence of our people, and they shall be held responsible in the event of any attack.

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