BIAFRA Following lately with the statements of the paedophile in power, Muhammadu Buhari, where he stated that the oneness of this contraption he referred to be a country is not negotiate able, one will only arrive at the conclusion that Nigeria is expecting another civil war, and this time, Biafra is more than ready. The Biafrans lost the Biafran war because we had to take on the rest of Nigeria mostly alone, the North and SW fought against us supported by parts of the South-South regions that were deceived by the Nigerian government. In the same vein, the Nigerian military was heavily armed by the Soviet Union and Great Britain and had a limitless supply of weapons. We had no access to the sea, and our people were starved to death which swelled our casualty figures.
Unlike in 1967, the South-South as Nigeria may call them, are now united with the South East noting too well that we are the same flesh and blood, will not and can never give Nigeria the kind of support it did during the Biafran war. This is because, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has defeated the divide and rule tactics of the zoo Nigeria, by preaching the Gospel of the highest Chukwu Abiama. Meanwhile, the people are not happy with the Nigerian government, who has resorted to the total marginalisation of the Biafrans, government and many are already calling for a some are even calling for the total immediate outright war with Nigeria so that they can break away. The SS have realised their errors in frustrating the Biafran agenda and would do all they can to help ensure the collapse of Nigeria should another war break out.
Most people from the north will not join core north, this time, to fight against the Biafrans especially the Shiite Muslims who were killed in their hundreds by the Hitler of Africa. Just The same way our people are systematically wiped and utterly exterminated out by the invading Fulani, who are planning to annexe our lands for cattle grazing. Most of the Middle Belt as they are called, are Biafrans, and they have the full blood of Biafra and full of regrets about their role in the civil war. In the event of another war, the Biafrans in the Middle Belt will rise for revenge, and we shall cry in one voice to rise against our killers, rappers, destroyers from the far north. If the Fulanis continue to kill the people of Biafra this time, then it is a matter of when not how the war will start because the Biafra people are imaging today, is not that of 1967-1970. We shall and must eventually wipe out the map of Nigeria in the world map and pretend as if it never existed.
The Yoruba would not want to be involved in any fight against the Biafrans again especially if the Eastern army makes no advance towards the west like what happened during the last civil war in the march to liberate Lagos from northern occupier army which had occupied the West. I am not from Yoruba, but I doubt very much that the Yoruba would willingly just jump into battle to assist the core north. The Yoruba would do all they can to try and stay out of any fighting and would prefer to be on the fence. They might, however, be forced into the war from either flank. The Nigerian military is currently tied down in a frustrating battle against Boko Haram in the North East. Boko Haram has international dimensions to it and might not end anytime soon. There are foreign powers that want Nigeria to split, and these forces would ensure that with a full-scale war, Nigeria breaks into different parts. The Nigerian military will not be able to fight on two or three major fronts because even the military service itself will crumble because our soldiers are drawn from the various tribes.
The Fulani soldiers would be isolated; Biafrans in the zoo military would withdraw to defend their land, Yoruba soldiers would withdraw to defend the West. Knowing well that at the end of the day, there might not be much fighting before the centre crumbles and Nigeria breaks to parts. It is true that we the Biafrans lost in the former war, or genocide rather, due to the injustice from other powerful nations who would rather die than to see the breakdown of Nigeria in the 1967-1970 civil war but a repeat war would yield an entirely different result, and that result would be the end of Nigeria.
The Biafra of today is coming out with a different and difficult dimension, which will not only crumble Nigeria but will delete the history of Nigeria from the minds of my next generation. We shall do everything it takes to bring the walls of Nigeria down, of which Britain will not be an exemption. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has liberated his people with the truth, and the truth shall crumble the zoo while liberating Biafra. The world should RELEASE OUR LEADER NNAMDI KANU AND FREE US FROM THE PIT OF HELL CALLED NIGERIA.

Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
Umuchiukwu Writers.
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