Apostle Suleman

The General Overseer of the Auchi, Edo State-based Omega Fire Ministries International (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman, has admonished Nigerians and their leaders to shed the toga of pride if the nation must move forward in truth and virtue even as he hinted on plans by “men of God to” intercede on behalf of the nation in search of peace and  economic progress.
Apostle Suleman

What’s your take on pastors against prosperity preaching?

Well, that is not too bad, but every man interprets the Bible as he understands it. In my own view, the message of the Bible should be total and not one-sided as some people preach. God gave some pastors message of salvation, some prosperity, some end-time, but that does not mean that salvation or end-time preachers will not buy car or build houses for God and his family by God’s given prosperity. Or because a pastor is called into prosperity-preaching ministry, he decides not to talk about salvation again: he will end his journey in hell.   Every ministry assignment ordained by God should complement one another. We need each other no matter the calling difference. Romans 12:3

Tell us about your recent American Raw Power crusade experience, and the charity visit to the US orphanage home.

The trip to Philadelphia, America was   successful one among our trips. We had attendance of about three thousand people in a meeting with divine visitation that culminated in diverse testimonies. The word of God was preached with power and great insight given by the Holy Spirit. The Lord spoke to the people by prophecy in a very deep form; obviously we know that the people have not recovered from the encounters. As regards Charity visit to the US orphanage home, I love doing this and that is the reason we did it.

Recently, you attended to about 350 Youth Corps members at your ministry’s headquarters and gave them N7 million. What was their   mission to the church.

The students came to see for themselves wonderful things they have been hearing about us. They were 358 in number. It was a courtesy visit. And when they were leaving, we realized that they needed to be encouraged back to their orientation camps. We believe doing that is a way to assist them, their parents and the community at large.

There is this issue of your alleged stand against the Biafra struggle. And this has become an issue with some groups fighting for a Biafra nation. As a man of God and not a politician, how does this connect with you?

I have heard that before, that I granted an interview to some faceless interviewers against the agitations of the Indigenous People of Biafra which is not true. I’m not the one, it was an evil concoction. To start with, I’m a preacher and Ambassador of Peace for the United Nations. I’m not in support of violence, I was one of the pastors in Nigeria who spoke several times on live worldwide satellite TV broadcast for the release of   Nnamdi Kanu.
People who are jobless should look for  something to do rather than fabricating  stories that have no basis in order to confuse the people. Pastors should not be dragged into unnecessary debate and tribal rancor.
You have become synonymous with charity. How do you hope the world should pay you back?

In the book of proverbs 19:17, the scripture says; “Whoever is kind to the poor is lending to the Lord the benefit of his gift will return to him in abundance”. We are only doing what we know how to do and our rewards are from God. We are not expecting anything from men or any group. The world cannot pay us back. I’m not a politician who installed a bore hole for his community or does other projects and is expecting his people.

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