By Ifeanyi Chijioke

    I am not a man that would deny a good action or right action in the right direction, restructuring Nigeria is the solution to Nigerian problem but I don’t see it as solution to Biafran question. While some people who don’t know the essence of power moan at the prospect of restructuring because they would lose a bit power to solve the problem bedeviling them, they prefer to hold onto excess power at the detriment of the people because they value power more than the well-being of the people. While the call for restructuring is raging as an alternative to addressing Biafra issue, I see this as medicine after death. Restructure will save Nigeria and never will it end Biafra, restructure may fight Kanu’s plan, but it cannot win his ideology that has been replicated in over 70 million Biafrans.

    Restructure is a move that would give every region sense of belonging and the need to cherish their contraption and work hard as what you have or can do makes you what you are. The Northern region will then be exposed, they have so much lied that they are food producing machine, but tomato to the least of them are imported. It would give them the opportunity to farm and take credit of their products, this is a sort of power diversification that would strengthen the centre because nobody would account for anybody, but somebody will be accounting for anybody. This is the mathematics behind restructuring, it is a good move for Nigerians but it doesn’t concern Biafrans as sovereign state of Biafra is our focus.

    I have no problem with the people calling for the restructure of Nigeria but I am angered at their selfishness; they are simply taking advantage of Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation and sacrifice. This however defines a black man from Africa, the ability to thrive on the perdition of others. Jerry Gana was fair when he told me that the first step to restructuring is the release of Nnamdi Kanu, then once he is released, the government would sell restructure to the people to counter Biafrexit. Those calling for restructure should put things in place to have any hope of Biafrans buying the idea. One of the things that should be in place is releasing Nnamdi Kanu to cast a neutral ground upon which the restructure will grow. The first agitation should not be restructuring Nigeria; the first step should be releasing Nnamdi Kanu to restructure Nigeria.

    Meanwhile Biafran youths are being killed by Buhari on daily basis, they are forced to disappear and executed out rightly. We suffer assault and torture, we have more widows and widowers, we have more orphans and one thinks he can take advantage of our adversary for the restructure arrangement. Hence Nnamdi Kanu continues to be in prison and one is talking about restructuring and hoping Biafrans will buy the idea is a dream that will die at the touch of reality. Continued incarceration of Nnamdi defines Buhari’s readiness for war or the worst and believe you me, he would get the worst at the appropriate time. I won’t discourage those agitating for restructure because that is the last hope for Nigeria, but I will sufficiently feed them the fact that for restructure to take place, parties must be given sense of peace.

    We have lost a lot and paid more price than normal, independence is everything we want and there is nothing that can substitute that. Restructuring Nigeria would have worked if Kanu was not arrested, if Biafrans were not massacred and continuously arrested and executed. There is hatred that cannot bring us together no matter the difference the unity carries. It is important to know that referendum is the solution to problems like this. Self-determination is a sacred right and opposition to due self determination is modern slavery. And in a situation you have a slave that is exposed to weapons, he would fight with the last drop of his blood to be a free man and that is what Biafrans shall do.

    Finally, it would be unwise to rule out everything but I can bet that even the restructure in place won’t work out. Nigeria is a business establishment and the present structure gives meaning to the establishment. I win as the president of Nigeria to use my power and do anything I want, acquire wealth and favor my friends and family. Give oil blocs of the conquered Biafrans to my mistresses, siblings and region. The call for restructuring is to end the business venture called Nigeria and it would be fought squarely by the business men in government.

    It would be golden for everybody agitating for restructuring to forfeit it and stand behind Nnamdi Kanu. We must accept the simple fact that Nigeria cannot stand as one anymore, we are not more intelligent than the man that made the treaty that after hundred years, if it is not working, we are free to go our separate ways to make life work. Look around you and tell me what Nigeria has done for you, has it given you drinking water or electricity? There is nothing good that can come out of this contraption except terrorism and genocide.
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