Buhar: achoic ruler
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

A Southeastern Human Rights Organizations (SBCHROs), has released a statement on the ravaging socio-political events in Nigeria. The report dealt particularly on the Nigerian government’s continuing violent approaches to the issue of Biafran agitations. It condemned Nigerian government concerning the murder of non-violent Biafrans.
The group also condemned Southeastern Nigerian politicians for mindlessly engaging in deadly politics in pursuit of their violent political goals. It condemned especially their use of names of the Biafran agitators and its frontline campaigning bodies and persons (such IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) as a conduit pipe to earn blood money from Buhari’s government.
It did not mince word in condemning Muhammadu Buhari’s government for hinding under the cover of “Nigerian sovereignty” to unleash widespread state violent attacks and jungle justice against Biafran agitators and their leadership particularly the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). It then aligned itself with the position of one of Intersociety, a coalition of Southeastern Nigeria civil societies, to declare: “we wish to align ourselves totally with the advocacy position taken by the intersociety, which seminally informs that rigidified sovereignty or sovereignty of compulsion is long outdated and out-fashioned; and has been replaced by negotiable sovereignty or sovereignty as a responsibility or citizen-sovereignty”.
Continuing, SBCHROs explained: “The Buhari administration of the old brigade, is therefore, urged to come to terms with this modern reality and turn off its age-long hegemonic and autocratic governing style. Nigeria can never be one and peaceful country whereby out of over 48 top federal public office and non-ministerial appointments made so far by the Buhari’s Presidency; over 38 are given to northern Muslims, with only six given to the Southwest and four to South-south and zero to the Southeast; and whereby out of the country’s 17 public securitization headships, 13 are given to the northern Muslims, while only four (two of them made by former President Goodluck Jonathan), are given to the Southwest and the South-south, with the Southeast getting nothing. This sort of “Fulani Jihadist conquest of Hausaland and its jihadist rulership of its people till date” must not be allowed to rear its ugly heads in the politics of the entire Federation of Nigeria.”
However, the group did not explain that the North was only a region as against others, which constituted three regions at independence in 1960. It did not explain that the criminal Northerners, through military fiat turned the other three regions into 17 states; while they made 19 states including Abuja out of a singular Northern region.  
Then in South-eastern Nigeria, the group highlighted the plot of some politicians to cause divisiveness amongst Biafrans: “We therefore condemn abominable roles of the deadly politicians above mentioned. We are aware that a lot of blood money has been couriered and is still being couriered from the Aso Rock for the purpose of sustaining the annihilation policy against the IPOB and its sister Pro Biafra Agitating groups.
Ikedife: Sold-out politician
“Among those already benefiting from such blood money are deadly politicians in the corridors of power and those outside corridors of power in the Southeast and leprous leaderships of market bodies, community associations, churches and “rights” CSOs in the Southeast zone and beyond its shores. Also, among the IPOB ranks, moles have been procured by the Federal Government, planted and oiled with the blood money till date.
“In all these, the leadership of IPOB deserves resounding commendation for refusing to be pushed to the wall or forced to abandon its nonviolence avowal. We urge the group not to be deterred or resort to violent and other clandestine approaches not minding the sustained violent attacks and other threats from the Buhari administration and deadly politicians of the Southeast extraction. The IPOB must also refuse to be distracted or create or accept false enmity where none exists.
Nnamdi Kanu: None-violent agitator; prisoner of conscience
It is the conscientious duty of Politicians of the Southeast to see the other side of Pro Biafra agitation (i.e. age-long structural violence and ceaseless State and its proxy group killing of Igbo citizens, etc) and take them up with the Buhari administration as part of solution to the raging social discontents. This is a sacred duty expected of them and not the other way round.”

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