BIAFRA I cannot but laugh the way and manner in which the department of state security service in the zoo called Nigeria arrest and dump innocent Biafrans in detention on flimsy excuses. I had a peep into the runs of state security outfit of other countries in the world and discovered that whoever has a hand in the establishment and running of the DSS in Nigeria is doomed as doomsday.
The first point readers must check out for and understand is the NAME AND MEANING of (DSS) as coined by the zoo Islamic and Yoruba conspirators. According to them, D means DEPARTMENT; S means STATE while another S means SECURITY. That is DSS. What is the definition of DEPARTMENT: The Webster dictionary defines "department" as a division of a complex system, and out of all the descriptions given by the Webster the best word to use in this case is OBSESSION meaning deluded, believing that what is False is true.
STATE: a state is defined as a whole people or civil community among others, in this case, we will take "the whole people" since the zoo called Nigeria is a country, not a nation. SECURITY: Webster defines security as anything that makes one secure. From the above definitions, we conclude that DSS in Nigeria are deluded and exist only by believing in falsehood and using it as a mechanism to intimidate, harass, arrest, detain and secretly murder innocent people to please their paymaster Dullard, haggard and near deaf Islamic terrorist Mohamadu Buhari.
The whole people in the contraption called Nigeria are terrorized, unease, terrified and living in fear on daily basis because Nigeria DSS has unleashed dull brain, illiterate, dirty and cracked lips Hausa/Fulani Boko Haram on Biafrans and other people of all West African tribes as long as you are not a Muslim they will target and arrest you. No human being goods and property is safe in Nigeria because DSS is out only to carry out the Islamic agenda. I put the world on notice that after the arrest and detention of Dr Nnamdi Kanu leader of the of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB and director of Radio Biafra, whom they are still holding in KUJE PRISON in the Islamic northern Nigeria since 14th September 2015 many Biafrans have been arrested or killed by the Nigeria DSS.
Twice Dr Kanu was ordered to be released by the Nigeria court of competent jurisdiction unconditionally, but alas, the obsessed DSS blatantly refused to release him and other Biafrans illegally detained. As an assemblage of now dying entity and zoo called Nigeria, DSS is looking, searching for none existing evidence to consolidate their evil hold on the children of God Dr Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans languishing in Nigeria Islamic detention camps. Mohamadu Buhari, who is now known to be on a suicide mission to either Islamize Nigeria with Biafra nation inclusive or he, will kill himself and everybody.
Buhari said severely to a stunned television viewer that he will not accept Biafra nation and her citizens. Therefore, everyone saw to talk, behave and opposes him will be put into jail as long as he wishes. The latest of the Nigeria DSS arrest is Mazi Chidiebere Onwudiwe; DSS accused him of planning to bomb a village computer market in Lagos a commercial city in south-west zoo Nigeria, the market in question is 70% dominated by Biafran investors, importer, wholesalers, retailers and shop owners. How on earth did DSS come to believe such falsehood? And how can IPOB bomb another IPOB? It is a fiction of DSS imagination as always. They are desperately looking for none existing facts in the face of SHAME and defeat.
Having failed woefully and as an object of ridicule before international committee of security experts, the Nigeria DSS has once again wobbled and fumbled into arresting guguru and ekpa (groundnuts and popcorn) innocent street hawkers as long as they are Biafrans. The DSS has shot themselves in the foot, and the are not only limping, but they will soon be crippled by IPOB worldwide. I refuse to sympathise with them, and I only took Pity for those jobless and idle men wearing DEVIL'S SUITS AND SACKS waiting to perish with their master Mohamadu Buhari. IPOB remains none violence, if we can get to where we are today, forcing Mohamadu Buhari to abandon his village in DAURA and run away from Nigeria seat of power ASO ROCK two times chickened out from visiting any southern Nigeria for the past one year, then IPOB will achieve Biafra restoration without firing a bullet.
WE THE IPOB ARE THE FEAR. Since DSS cannot face us in their court with undisputable evidence in all their kangaroo moves, let them released our leader and other Biafrans in their custody. DSS is doing the dirty job they are instructed to do, pushing IPOB very hard to war but, they did not tell us when Biafra was resurrected, they did not tell us to go none violence, they have killed many of us yet we did not strike a knockout, excellent how then did they believe that they will succeed in forcing us to start bombing women, children and properties in Biafraland and Lagos the zoo commercial capital.

DSS be warned, stop your panic measures, it has brought you nothing but shame and disgraces the global families. BIAFRA HAS BECOME A REALITY not a dream but a reality. RELEASE ALL BIAFRAN DETAINEES AND SAVE YOURSELVES FROM FURTHER EMBARRASSMENT AND ABYS.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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