BIAFRA The shameful, disgraceful and incompetent Army Chief General Tukur Buratai goofed on his statement that the Nigeria Army will apply full force to the freedom fighters The Avengers if dialogue with the federal government fails. He has been asleep at the wheel since his appointment. His major preoccupation has been to harass, massacre and kill unarmed civilians in Nigeria, killing unarmed indigenous people of Biafra and the Shiites Muslim, peaceful protesters. General Buratai, I have few questions for you, and I deserve a response from you. Firstly, General Buratai, Fulani herdsmen have been kidnapping and raping young girls, married women, mothers, and massacring innocent and helpless Nigerian citizens in various communities in Benue, Enugu, Kogi, Taraba, Delta, Edo, Ondo, Plateau, etc., with impunity. So far, I have not read of any arrest or confrontation by the Nigerian soldiers or military. As a matter of fact, after massacring about 500 helpless citizens, raping and destroying nearly sixteen villages in Agatu in Benue State a month ago, the leader of the Fulani herdsmen told the military personnel who came to the scene that their cows were stolen, and that was why they massacred them and destroyed villages. The military personnel allowed them to go even with their weapons including A-K 47 and various assault weapons yet Buratai never said he would use full military force on them, but you are going to use full force on The Avengers who are fighting for their right? You are a disgrace to military personnel General Buratai.
Secondly, General Tukur Buratai I will also remind you, In Anima of Delta State, the Fulani kidnapped and killed a Royal Father earlier in the year and until now, no arrest has been made. In Awgu community in Enugu State, the Fulani herdsmen raped, abducted and massacred dozens of people. When the youths of the village protested about the senseless killings, the Nigeria military arrested seventy-six of them for protesting and locked them up in jail. It took each of them 200,000 Naira to bail themselves out while the murderers are free and still walking around today meeting mayhem upon various communities yet you never said Nigeria military will apply full force on them[herdsmen], and you want to use full force on The Avengers who hasn't killed any soul but fighting for their freedom? What a shame General Buratai. Thirdly, Mr Buratai, Fulani herdsmen are carrying out mayhem and heinous crime against humanity all over Nigeria especially the old eastern region of the country (BIAFRA LAND) and people now leave in fear and tremble. In the midst of this criminality, the Nigerian army came up and said they wouldn't use force on the Fulani herdsmen, yet you want to use force on The Avengers who has not killed but fighting for their freedom? Mr Tukur Buratai you are a terrorist and your day of reconning is fast approaching.
It's very pathetic and unbelievable that up till now I have not read in any Nigerian newspaper where The Nigerian Army Chief General Tukur Brutal made any press release on using force to stop the barbaric act of the fourth deadliest terrorist group (Fulani herdsmen) who has killed thousands since Muhammadu Buhari took over the office. And also I have never read in any newspaper where the Fulani herdsmen were arrested or killed by the Nigerian military. I ask again, are they above the law and untouchable in Nigeria? And yet General Buratai said he would use force on The Avengers, who are fighting for their freedom if dialogue fails, so laughable General Buratai.
Finally, General Buratia and his military have largely failed to protect the lives of Nigerians citizens. They have mainly focused on rewarding the murderous band of Fulani herdsmen terrorists with free grazing land and providing security for them, instead of arresting these murderers and applying full force on them, yet Buratai pays lip service game on them. It is time for the international community to make it clear to the Nigeria Army Chief General Buratai and call the attention of President Buhari on what it's obligations to the people of Nigeria are.

Written by Lucky Ike
Edited Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChukwu Writers
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