Who is next to die, who is next to be maimed and who is next to lose his life and limbs? Those who made the law upon which we agitate have defrauded us, our youths came out harmlessly to protest with the hope that we belong amongst the civilised world community but how wrong we are. Dead bodies litre Biafraland just for taking even though our killers are not stronger than us. The law prohibiting terrorism became the darling of those who made it; supports is being given to terror countries NIGERIA IS ONE OF THE BENEFICIARIES LIKE SAUDI ARABIA ETC. As educated as we are, we could not read between the lines,we trusted Europeans and the British with our life by adapting their culture and tradition in place of our own which have been forgotten and not even known to new generation of Biafrans yet they mark us as people who should be exterminated and wiped out of existence.
The US government threw their door open welcoming the terrorist new breeds claiming to be refugees. Europe embraced them with a stretched out arms, giving them food, clothing, money and shelter just to make them comfortable. What happened in 1966-1970 is repeating itself, Europe and America have once again pretended as if no evil is committed against the innocent Biafrans. Instead, the terrorists Nigeria army with their Islamic foot soldiers Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are supplied with equipment and training to commit more genocide against innocent Biafrans. If I'm to be in Dr Nnamdi Kanu's shoes, I'll not follow Biafra restoration as he is presently doing, I'll start by committing the worst terror that will shock United States, Europe and the United Nations, because I know after that, dollars, pounds and Euros will mine for asking. 11 Unholy and tortuous Months have elapsed, the man of peace Dr Kanu is still being detained while the terror sponsor and mastermind Adolf Hitler Mohamadu Buhari is being allowed to fly around the world with protection and with the words YOU ARE DOING WELL coming from the world highly respected leader of 21st century America President Hussein Barak Obama.
The central high command of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB has once again ordered for another round of phone calls to UN, The Whitehouse and the European Union as if they have just landed on earth for the first time and does not hear or see a picture of massacred innocent unarmed IPOB freedom agitators. We the followers have no option than to obey this command, after all, they are the highest decision-making body in Biafraland today. Not only phone calls to who is who on the planet earth, but our boys is also to hit the street for a worldwide protest, for the release of our leader and the restoration of Biafra sovereign nation God's kingdom on earth. Thousands of kilometers away, the world might not know what is happening to us until after the UN/US /BRITAIN /EU/ARAB ISLAMIC NATIONS must have slaughtered our youths again, then the zoo called Nigeria newspapers with their BBC will begin to write tagging IPOB as violence group who draw the sword first, and one or two of them was killed in self-defense by the zoo army. I refuse to bury another Biafra in pursuit of our inalienable right to self-determination. The blood of Biafrans massacred on the 30th May 2016 is still dripping, many of our boys legs have been amputated, many are yet to recover from the enemy's poisonous bullets lodged in their legs, a whole family have been wiped out because the only young man representing the family is no more, dead and never to rise again. Windows are still in sackcloth and ashes while every source through which BIAFRANS will survive have been taken over by the terror Islamic government of Mohamadu Buhari the darling of Europe and Obama.
Have we been up in arms our casualty could have been few? The freedom fighter Avengers showed us that the only language understood by the zoo called Nigeria is an armed struggle, they have just blown few of BIAFRAN oil pipeline from where Europe/British/ Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba and Obama steal our oil and other God-given natural resources. How can GUARDIANS people that are born warriors be humiliated in such a manner for over 45-50 years? Let it be known to every Biafrans that we have to fight back with the fist of fury, hitting the street without arming the protesters will result in more casualties but this time, let the enemy state be the mourners. Don't tell Biafrans at home, those in the front line to defend themselves, what are they going to do? Mortar or an axe, bows and arrows? No, not in advanced protection technology, moreover our counterparts in the northern Islamic caliphate are sponsored by who is who in the north politics, they are provided with arms in quantum, trucks, Hilux vans, bombs and AK47 assault rifles, and they were all thought on how to use it. The terrorist northern Islamic youths kill any northern politician who refuses to Provide them with funds with which to launch their jihad backed up the west.

Our fathers terrified the entire zoo army; that explains the reason why Mr. Yakubu Gowon in panic declared NO VICTOR AND NO VANQUISHED, why it was a surprise to see Biafran army wage the kind of war the paid knowing fully well that General Ojukwu and General Efiong has no arms throughout the eastern region prior to the war, nor do they have any known foreign aids but out fight the zoo army in face to face combat.
That is one of the great legacies of our fathers, is the 21st century Biafrans banana or leaves? Shall we continue dodging bullets instead of shooting one? Shall we continue to hope that Europe, Britain and Obama will wake up from the right side of their bed and send you arms or even caution their pet project the Islamic terrorist zoo government of Nigeria?

Whatever may be your answers as a Biafran, friends of Biafrans and lover if freedom let Biafrans die no more in the hands of Islamic northern government of Nigeria. Shalom.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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