I will sufficiently digress because I want to enjoy this topic of mine, I will be discussing multiple issues here, but I will definitely serve my caption. The Pro-Nigeria journalists have refilled their ink; their mission is to deceive the masses. Don’t get it twisted; the government makes use of the educated ones to cage the uneducated ones. This is why they won’t build schools so that whatsoever they tell you through their brown envelope journalists, you will admit without critical assessment.

    You will not oppose the fact that Cameron is aware that if Britain exits EU, it would be a big blow that will deeply affect or crumble Britain. When he sanctioned referendum, was he a fool? He could fight and kill the way Buhari is killing? He is not a fool; he just respected the sacred right of Brits because they are not slaves. Buhari’s failure to sanction referendum is simply anchored on the fact that he sees Biafrans as slaves that must stay under him. Referendum is contained in Nigerian constitution by virtue of 2007 charter on the right of indigenous people that was domesticated (adopted as a Nigerian constitution)

    There is what I term ‘constituted’ international obligation (international constitution), tell those who said that referendum is not in their constitution to explain that to you. You are signatory to an international treaty and when time to live your obligation came, you deceitfully remind us about your sovereignty and constitution. ‘2007 Charter on the right of indigenous people signed into Nigerian constitution through the Senate’ is like a constitution sworn to uphold by the executive.

When in 2007 Nigeria signed the declaration and domesticated it, it means they agreed under oath to conduct referendum should indigenous people demand self-determination. This is more or less a constitution signed and agreed upon with other member states of the world and in actual sense, even though this obligation is stronger than the whatsoever constitution, the declaration has been domesticated which automatically made it internal constitution. By so doing, the conduct of referendum as attached to the 2007 charter already exists in the constitution of Nigeria as imported law or international obligation. Didn’t the signatory of the 2007 declaration on the right of indigenous people pass through the Senate? If it did, then the mathematics/chemistry teacher of those that said the referendum is not in Nigerian constitution should be ashamed.

    They are afraid of debate because they are aware Biafra has won every debate or argument, I have written to some of them, they have replied fearfully, they are mighty men of words but inferior men of reason. They are either corrupt or deceiving themselves, Nigerians are liars, and those who made them liars are their journalists. The proverbial brown envelope and the desire to feed the public lies, this is nothing short of serving the government of the day. They are patriotic parrots, gossiping and lying to defend their country.

    The just concluded referendum in the UK was a significant knock on Nigeria; they are aware that Brexit will go more than economical implication. The belief it instilled in Biafra activists, the fear it generated in Nigeria, we cannot deny the fact that referendum is always the solution to any serious agitation. Agitation is serious when it has won every argument and carried with a notable determination. A determination as epitomised by the people of Biafra, this kind of determination that made every attack a boost to the morale.

    Nigerians are aware that the wind of referendum is more likely to blow on them, and they are unable to dispute that fact. A referendum will guarantee the end of the unity by force as experienced in Nigeria. In the UK, the ‘remain’ campaigners have an argument to buttress their position; the difference is proof, ability to convince Brits. But in Nigeria, there is no argument whatsoever to campaign for remain, who would remain when Nigeria can only offer Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and all manner of negative subordinates. Who would campaign when Nigeria is an economic establishment where politicians pay Nigerians to win election and steal as much as they can and run to another country?

    What happened in the UK is about belief and determination, Brits are ready to work hard and be on their own. The cost of the exit is hard work, and everything will be corrected, in future, this gap will close, and we would forget today. Pro-Nigerian journalists have taken to the media, writing all sorts of nonsense and trying to paint the exit black. What are the consequences of the exit if not economical implication and self-reliance? Then when we digress, you will simply find out that the self-reliance therein is that work or labour will be multiplied to make up for the labour that exited. When UK left EU, it simply implies that the UK can live on their own without anyone’s help. If they work five minutes, it is now time to work ten minutes to cover for the help EU provides.

    Why didn’t Cameron arrest the leave campaigners or fight with EFCC or DSS? Why didn’t Cameron caution the leave campaigners? Why did he sanction referendum without putting up a military fight? He was aware Britain will fall or be affected if they leave so why didn’t he kill and arrest to sustain the status quo? These are questions the pro-Nigeria journalists are asking, and I found it interesting to answer them.

    That Nigeria is a lawless country does not mean Britain will be lawless and that her Majesty backs killing of African children for her economic hub to remain does not mean she doesn’t value the lives of her children. The international obligation is for a referendum to be conducted when indigenous people aspire for the right to determine for their selves. This is not only a right but a sacred one that cannot be opposed or touched. Africa will always show that it needs to be whipped into doing what is right or expected of her.

    Finally, I want to make it clear that those wayward journalists that believe killing, arresting and detaining people are acts of patriotism are nothing but filthy liars that are either ignorant or thoughtless. Nobody should deceitfully say that Nigerian constitution did not accommodate referendum; rather somebody should be bold enough to say we won’t sanction referendum. Don’t try to tell us that you want a referendum but because the referendum is not in your constitution, and you cannot do anything. This is 2015 and not 1980 when anybody can talk anything and get a crowd fanning him, if there is no ‘referendum’ on your constitution, then explain to me that you are not signatory to 2007 charter on the right of indigenous people.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
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