By Ada Nnamdi Kanu.

There's a saying that says '' Destiny can be delayed but can never be denied" same word is applicable to the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Biafra is our culture, tradition, heritage and ideology, and not even death can stop us from inheriting this holy land of Biafra, Biafra is more important to us than life itself. Biafra is an ideology that can never be wiped out or stopped, not even death can wave out the restoration of Biafra from this generation .Freedom of the indigenous people is a universal law enshrined under UN charter for the right of indigenous People for self determination and upon this aforementioned status we demand to be an independent state. all we want is Biafra sovereignty .
We existed for over 5, 000 years ago, our culture and tradition and heritage  was aged before the encroachment of the British and their appointed machinery political contractor  Frederick lugard. We have a historical fact giving to our ancient writings was known as (nsibidi)  before we were amalgamated  into this evil fraudulent contraption and death called Nigeria (zoo) which is a pure evil empire of the British colonial slave masters .

We are calling on the united Nations, the league of the Nations, African unions and the four corners of the world to set Biafrans free, We have suffered and turned as slaves in our father's land we cannot buy nor sell as a free people .we re being massacred in large numbers because we are Biafrans.

Until the basic human rights are being equally guaranteed to all men without regard to your race nor colour there, there will be war everywhere in the world. Until the rights of the people of Biafra are being respected with no violation there will be no problem in Africa and the world at large, because justice has been aborted and miscarried. people are afraid of speaking the truth about the genocidal war carried against the people of Biafra since 1945.

Our so called politicians have sold us to our enemies for their political interest. They have equally betrayed us and turn us to destitute in our father land. We can't look else where as our only hope in on Biafra restoration. The Nigeria government is kidnapping our people, killing most of them, torturing our people in various prison just to weaken our spirit and make us denounce Biafra. But we are determined to die for Biafra rather than dying for nothing.

Self determination is our right and we must fight for our right we want to live in peace and in freedom as a free people. Biafra freedom is a most now.

Authored by Ada Nnamdi Kanu, for Great Biafra Journalists.

Published by Okpalaeze.

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