Is now confirmed that Buhari, the so-called president of Nigeria is wicked and greedy. Facts gathered from present situation Nigerians are facing and his attitude towards the success and progress of his two children (Yusuf and Zara), milked clearance and confirmation to this claim. I will set it clear that my emphasis in using Buhari's children as a reference point or case study to this article has nothing to do with my personality as human. I'm a kind, loving individual that also desire other people's success and progress.
Having said that, I will deem its feet to run you to the limelight. Just early this week, two Buhari's children graduated successfully from London University. Days later, the daughter was called to Bar in Nigeria. This is a peak of success every individual in Nigeria has been dreaming to assume and accomplish. The question here should be, Why then is Nigerian students not attending the same peak of success in academic as fast as Buhari's children? I will try to pick answers to that. The truth lies in leadership: the personality of the leader, leadership style and interior interest of the leader.
A friend called me on my cellphone and briefed me how he bought kerosene in Nigeria in litre measure, hearing the price and some others commodities prices makes one astonishing (if compare to other non-oil producing countries). I seek you Check if the price of kerosene has shifted from #200 per litre in any filling station around you in Nigeria. The complaints and yawning of Nigerians over one year of Buhari's administration over the poor economy and inflicted commodities prices has received no positive feedback than consoling and patience preaches from Buhari while his immediate family notice nothing as such hardship. Reports of herdsmen killings have not received any prompt action from Buhari than secretly powering all States government to enforce grazing Bill as part of their Bylaws. Just as the Police Department will always report most killing events of the herdsmen "we were able to confirm ONLY 22 bodies dead and not 81" makes me notice the ugly ways and readiness of Buhari's government in handling insecurity. The main reason of the negligence is because it has not in any ways affects Buhari's immediate family (both children and wives).
As less concerned as Buhari may appear in tackling primary responsibilities he swore to handle, it marvels me when I hear Buhari's impeachment be a rumour. Buhari did not show any sign or signal of concern to education, economy, security, life and property or infrastructure but concerned with his children's progress, his life, his pleasure, comfort and ambition. Whether strike frustrates Nigerian schools or not, he does not give damn. Whether Nigerians eat or not, is not his concern, whether Nigeria health sector works or not, is not his ambition. Whether his appointments follows constitutional provisions or not, nobody can say anything. Whether herdsmen grade human being to zero or not, Niger Delta youths, Indigenous People of Biafra (Biafrans) political opponents must be punished and killed.
Now, it is clear that Buhari's family and crude oil are his utmost ambition and not Nigerians. All Northerners must have to be appointed to protect Buhari, and his families remain Petroleum Minister and President. His children as a priority have to stay progressive and fruitful while other Nigerians gnash teeth to survive. Biafrans can not remain calm while one man deprives our natural rights to live. If Assembly members can not do anything within the ambit of the Law to settle these crises: conduct referendum for Biafrans to leave Nigeria peacefully, pass vote of no confidence on Buhari to save remaining Nigerians from killings, hunger, and disgrace, grant Niger Delta youths their demands in order to protect people around areas of impending bombings, everyone may desire to take Law in his or her hand. Buhari should stop thinking family and crude oil, Nigerians and Biafrans are bigger than such selfish project.
By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Edited Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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