It is appalling that the world has just ignored the cry of the Biafra people with no justification for taking such a heartless stand when innocent lives of men, women and children are being wasted on a daily basis by the Nigerian military only because they are Biafrans and calling for the release of the leader Nnamdi Kanu

The British government is responsible for all the atrocities committed in Biafra land by the murderous Nigerian Government and her security agents. Buhari is a man that has been killing people from his alma Jeri time through his herdsman ship to the military regime in 1984 and now as a dictator president, he is bloodthirsty, trigger happy and carnivorous in nature . 

That is why he ordered his Boko haram in military uniform to shoot to kill and cover up evidence by moving the corpse away, What a gruesome way to cover up the holocaust evidence so that the world will not know about it.

On the 30th of May 2016 over 30 Biafrans were gruesomely murdered by the murderous military of the zoological Republic of Nigeria and as if that is not enough they has continued the such that every night in and around Eke Nkpor the soldiers must shoot and kill people and would as well carry their dead bodies off to their Barack where they pour acid on them and throw into the burrow pits in the Barack to make sure that no one has access to the information.

The United Nations ,Human Rights organisations and Amnesty international should stand up now against this inhuman act by the Nigerian government before its too late.

The British government because of their evil and selfish economic interest to control the resources out of the Biafraland wouldn't mind destroying us all just to make sure they keep the oil flowing to Britain.

Britain, EU, America and the world at large can not deny any knowledge about our plights and this genocide upon us by the Nigerian Government.

Because of what Britain and America are doing in Biafra land God will certainly terrify them with unimaginable terror that they cannot stand Britain must taste genocide and America will have a feel of it. My only regret and concern will be for the innocent people and citizens who never liked and never supported what their governments are doing but as for this curse, it must certainly come upon Britain and America.

The centre cannot hold again, it is about time to do the unacceptable because we can't continue to be patient and watch our lives being taken away, our leaders should do something now for we have the right to self-defence and we can no longer sit and wait to be killed by these blood thirsty demons , we need to arm ourselves and defend our lives and our land, we can not run away from our land , they have come to kill us all so we must stand up and fight.

Written by Chukwuka Fidelis 
Published by Uchechi Collins
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