Some of the thieves
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

“When leaders benefit from the system apart from followers – something is wrong with the leader or the system and maybe both.” John C Maxwell.

The writer of the above quote appears to be attempting a description of the contraption called Nigeria, and its so-called leaders when he crafted those words. Those words were indisputable truth; and truth that defines Nigeria. In Nigeria, the only people that attain leadership positions are the criminals; and the only people who get rich through governance are the rogues.
Today, the current Chief of Army Staff (COAS) in Nigeria, Buratai has been exposed for the two buildings he owns in Dubai, for which the people are calling that he be sacked from the Army, investigated and tried.
Before one is given leadership position in Nigeria, he must have committed one atrocity or the other; or have shown the propensity to do so without qualms. A look at past Nigerian rulers – started from the baby-killer, Yakubu Gowon, to the present President, Muhammadu Buhari, the blood-sucking demon will prove this:
Yakubu Gowon: This junta, and Nigeria’s war-time head of government, is a war criminal. He was the one that supervised the genocide that took the lives of more than four million Biafrans in the genocide he tagged Nigerian civil war. He was voted among the 10 most evil dictators in Africa, and the world’s 12th deadliest killer of all times.
Among his iniquities was the murder in cold blood of an Igbo-speaking Biafran civilian pilot on the tarmac of Lagos Airport, in 1966, just to prove to his colleagues – especially the marauding Fulanis and their Hausa slaves – that his hatred for the Igbo was skin-deeper than they thought. At that time, hatred for the Biafrans (especially the Igbo) was the greatest qualification for getting government appointments. He was in charge of the starvation of more than one million Biafran children, women and the aged. Then, his government had argued that hunger was a legitimate instrument of war.
Interestingly, in Nigeria today, he is seen as a hero, even celebrated by some churches and Christian denominations that invite him to their programmes, which ignored all his crimes against humanity. They think he has repented of the evils he did, but they do not know that his heart even more wicked now than before.
Gowon stole the money from Biafrans after the war, in his attempt to make sure they did not rise again. Biafrans were retired without pension or gratuity. He took the peoples’ monies in the banks giving them only 20 pounds, notwithstanding the amount they have in their accounts. He sold out government companies to Northerners and people of western Nigeria, when he knew Biafrans have no money to purchase shares. Gowon’s atrocities are innumerable.
As Gowon was killing and shedding innocent blood, he was also stealing from government. he stole so much that at a time he boasted that his problem was not money but what to do with it.

Murtala Mohammed: He is another war criminal. On his way to committing his many genocides against the Biafran population, other criminal activities dotted his career. He was the one that robbed the Nigerian Central Bank in Benin (which is now the Edo State capital) in what is now Edo State. He massacred thousands of innocent Biafran civilians in Asaba, now Delta State capital (in what has come to be known as “Blood on the Niger”). He called the people to come out in an open field to wave Nigerian flags and shout their acceptance of One-Nigeria. While the people were doing this, he ordered his men to open fire on the people. Thousands were massacred that day. He replicated same wickedness in several other places he encountered large Biafran civil population.
This was the abominable man that Nigeria named its international airport in Lagos, after. Shamelessly, current Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari said this about him few days ago: “His life, short though it proved to be, was marked by an extraordinary passion, energy and determination to do better, and to make Nigeria better. These are values that young and old alike should all remember – and celebrate.”
Buhari’s words were not a surprise because they are two of a kind. Yes, Buhari was with him at Asaba when they lined up the indigenes and massacred them.
Muhammadu Buhari: The current Nigerian President has no certificate. Indeed, his only qualification for all the positions he has occupied in Nigeria was the fact that he could commit mass-murder without any remorse? Like Gowon, Buhari is a certified cold-blooded killer.
Buhari is the felon who overthrew the democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari in his bloody coup d’etat of 1984. Muhammadu Buhari (the felon and war criminal) is also a pedophile. In 1968, he was accused of taking soldiers to a church in Owerri (the now Imo State capital) to massacre innocent women, children and the aged who ran to the church to take refuge. He promised he was going to do worse to Biafrans as President and has not disappointed; but living up to his words. Since the new move for Biafra independence was started by Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) which he led, Buhari has killed Biafrans in many places including churches, hospitals and churches.
Immediately he settled in as head of state in 1984, he set about persecuting his perceived enemies. Many of them who were politicians, he gave outrageous jail terms, up to 100 to 240 years.
When he became the military head of state, one of the first things he did was to commence the printing of new currencies (with new colours) for the country. The intention was to render illegal acquired funds in the hands of the people to also render them useless. To make the programme effective, borders were closed to persons and goods; to make sure nobody smuggled in the old currency into the country. But the so-called leader allowed the smuggling into the country of 53 suit-cases, which many people believed contained the old currency.
The next action of Buhari was the judicial murder of three Nigerian youths, who he convicted with a retroactive law.
Olusegun Obasanjo: Now, we look at the one called Olusegun Obasanjo, who first ruled the country from 1978 to 1979 as military head of state. This so-called leader, during his stint in 1978 - 1979, claimed to have initiated an agricultural programme for the country, called Operation Feed the Nation (OFN), which he preached would make the country sufficient in food production. But he did was create an avenue to rip the country off.
The acronym of this programme was the same with the acronym of his private farm project – Obasanjo Farms Nigeria (OFN). It was discovered that many of the equipment imported into the country for the national agricultural programme ended up in his farm.
This so-called Nigerian/African leader was alleged to have been let out of jail sometime in 1978 with just about 10, 000 in his account. But after eight years as president, he stole the country dry as he became a multi-billionaire with a University and farms all over Nigeria.
This was the same man that cajoled Nigerians into bringing out their live’s savings to buy shares in a scam company he created called Transcop. Illegally; while he was leaving office, he intimidated and forced corporate bodies and rich Nigerians and governors of the country to donate to his “Presidential Library” project.
Ibrahim Babangida: How much Buhari stole from the country could easily be fathomed by looking at the lifestyle of his children, especially his first son, Mohammed Babangida.
The young man has his name in many top class companies in the country, with billions of assets, yet he has not worked for day. His father was a mere soldier, but he is so rich that people wonder how much the father himself would be worth. The family reeks of wealth, both nationally and internationally.
MKO Abiola: There was another one called MKO Abiola. He became chairman of ITT because he blackmailed his white boss. He first drugged the man; then took photographs of him- naked and in drunken stupor. He then blackmailed the man that unless he handed over the reins of the company that he would send the photograph to his superiors abroad. The man handed over to him.
It was as the chairman of ITT that Abiola was able to defraud Nigeria by adding zeroes behind the amount given to him in a cheque. He was an associate in fraud with Murtala Mohammed.
Theophilus Danjuma: There was also Theophilus Danjuma, the one often described as “the butcher in Ibadan” for murdering his commander in chief there, in the most abhorrent way. As one of the so-called leaders of Nigeria, he was able to steal his way into the board of many blue-chip companies.

Others: The above represents just a tiny tip of the iceberg of the criminals that have ruled and are ruling Nigeria. We have not even written about others like Sani Abacha; Aliko Dangote; Abdulsalam Abubakar; Chibuike Amaechi, and a host of others dotting the landscape. Generality of the people in Nigeria are always as gullible as ever, and so are always hooked on their lies. But Biafrans know that they are all thieves and would not join in their rat-race of stealing. Once you see a Nigerian mouthing One-Nigeria, you know he is a thief. It is only under the cover of Nigeria that they steal and get away with it; that is why they don’t want it broken.
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