When the Northern murderers calm the atmosphere over their massacre, they will come up with tactical steps. Just as Biafrans were soaked in their blood on 30th of May 2016 that marks the remembrance and celebration of Biafran fallen Heroes and Heroines, the then vice president Atiku Abubakar has called on his fellow murderer and genocide Buhari to consider restructuring Nigeria. This came barely 24 hours later after the murdering of innocent Biafrans in Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi, Calabar, etc. Just to stop Biafrans from their quest for Biafra restoration. Biafrans are too wise for your poor strategies of calming the mind of those that lost their loved ones. When we were after resource control and true federalism is over. Here me again, time for true federalism and resource control with Biafrans is over. What we need is to restore our darling Biafra. And mind you Buhari and cohorts, keep the record of those being murdered by greedy ambition because in no distant time all Northerners will have it in full measures. It has a trick to use Dr Nnamdi Kanu to wage war against the quest Biafrans by keeping in your illegal detention but mind you. It will not change anything to an inch. Nnamdi Kanu has chosen his destiny to die or be alive, as followers to Kanu can reallocate leadership and continue from where Nnamdi Kanu stop. And if that commences in no distant time, we will blow into Civil War. We are all human beings, no killing worth any form of justification than to kill back in revenge. Whether one or two years ahead, depending how long Kanu may choose to issue an order to reinforce, Biafrans will sure bounce back.
And for you, Ohaneze without an office, whether you back Buhari, Atiku or not, you may choose to stay back with Nigeria and keep on structuring. None of your lost generation will deter the future of today generation. You have lived your era both politically and otherwise. If any of you stand amidst our destiny, we will have no other choice than to move you aside in any form. Today is ours (youths) and tomorrow is for our children, they have their natural will to live and be happy with their generation so also are we youths of today. Mind you, Obiano and cohorts; your mare sabotage will only cause harm to you and your family abroad than good. 

The early you realise that you are gradually losing your entire family the first you start saving them. I will not absolve any justifying reason Why the celebration and remembrance day of Biafrans in Biafra land is now illegal according to you. What you will see soon will be greater than a spoken word. 
To Niger Delta/Biafran youths, show Buhari what the Ogoni Kingdom has in store in reply to him while he crowns his killings with visitation in your land. Buhari thinks after invading Ogoni land; he will use mere word of clean up to step foot in Ogoni land. Give him what he deserve. Cleaning up Ogoni is a slap to your intelligence. Oil belongs to you, and strategy in guise of clean up will not and can not take it away from you. Say no to peanuts. Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Published by Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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