Archbishop Mathew Ndagosi
Mathew Ndagoso, archbishop of Catholic Archdiocese of Kaduna, has said Nigeria has become like a beggar  nation due to the economic hardship. The respected Christian cleric called on President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently take steps to assuage the sufferings of the people.
Archbishop Mathew Ndagoso made this remarks during the worldwide celebration of the Year of Mercy. While speaking with a members of the Nigerian press in Kaduna, Ndagoso explained that there are very clear signs that people are suffering in the country, noting that the hardship is caused by recklessness and lack of concerns for others.
Archbishop Ndagoso called on those who allegedly stole the nation’s money and kept it in America or elsewhere to repent and return the funds. “If it is returned, it should be properly used to make a life worth living for Nigerians,” he said. He also warned Buhari’s government to avoid the dangerous situation of recovering looted funds only for them to be looted all over again.
“Our nation is almost like a begging nation now, because workers cannot be paid; pensioners are dying everybody is suffering and people are asking again what do we do with these people? Well, again we are people of hope: for those who have stolen our wealth, I know mercy and justice go together. God is merciful and just,” Archbishop Ndagoso said.
“Those who have stolen our money, if they can bring it back, let them restitute it as a sign that they are repentant. Therefore, those who stole our money and kept it in America, whether they have built houses in Abuja or Kaduna or anywhere, I think they should return it and if it is returned it should be properly used to make a life worth living for Nigerians.
“Government is warned against the danger of recovering looted funds only for such funds to be looted again.
“Christians should look at what happened to good thief on the cross; at the very last minute, he made paradise. The point simply is that you can never say it is over until somebody breathes his last.
“We all know what is happening in the country, even I as archbishop, I am feeling the pinch. There are very clear signs that people are suffering in the land,” the cleric said.
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