BIAFRA Nigeria was a just geographic area, comprising of three ethnic groups mainly, or as well three nations. The Yorubas are hypocrites who are of two different tongues in times of ethnic misunderstanding due to their cowardice nature and laziness since they have no means of survival. They have these natures except some who are God fearing and outspoken in likes of Femi Fani-Kayode and The present non-fearing governor of Ekiti state who has the blood of Biafra in him.
The Hausa-Fulani are the types that derive joy in killing, raping, kidnapping and destroying of lives and properties. These are their hobbies while Biafrans are always their target. Due to their hatred of us, they succeeded in negotiating for Boko Haram only to terrorise innocent Biafrans who has done nothing, but because God blessed us. But God so kind, it backed fired on them, and the terrorists began to hunt themselves. The Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba divided the Biafrans by giving us some uncircumcised names, at the same time convinced us that we are the problems to ourselves, what a world! Just because they want to have our resources. 
In seeing their disappointment in the most deadly terrorist group Boko Haram, they launched another terrorist group more dangerous than the former one, known as Fulani Herdsmen. These men descended on innocent defenceless Biafrans unawares. They killed them in their homes, churches, marketplaces, farms and other territories. The massacre at Agatu, Ogoni, Delta, Abia, Imo and most greatly Enugu are living witnesses. While these killings were ongoing, the said Nigeria military was sleeping. Hence, it's about Biafrans. Instead of them to defend these innocent men, women and children who were defenceless, they arrested the few brave men who took it upon themselves to protect their land. Worst still, the leader of these terrorists who is also the chief commander of security of the country, showed no remorse nor did he call his kinsmen to order. Unfortunately, these rejected and intimidated people has finally decided to put ONE NIGERIA to an end through the vandalism of pipelines, which made us one, so as to be on our own. Today, the Nigerian army has finally woken up from sleep, to finalise the plans of British Nigeria government of total dissemination of Biafrans. They are after Niger Delta Avengers because they preferred oil more than Lives.
Note that Niger Delta Avenger has killed no one, yet they are after them because Nigerian army is good in wasting innocent lives. The case of the massacre of harmless protesters, IPOB are my living testimony. The Fulani Herdsmen are immune by negotiating with them, but Nigeria army would rather crush Biafrans for vandalising ordinary pipeline. Well, judge for yourself, ONE NIGERIA IS A FRAUD, BIAFRA IS OUR LAST HOPE.

Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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  1. This is real life practice, using Ndiigbo for a range, if anyone tells me that Igbo life in Nigeria is not a hail, I wonder how much worse hail is. They must enjoy shooting at Ndiigbo after all it easy and without question