I decided to visit my senior brother today at St. Michael's phone Plaza here in Aba Biafra Land. I was at number 24 St Michael's Aba when people started running to different locations. I became afraid thinking that the Hausa Fulani has begun again. But this time, it was all different. People started closing their shops and noises were heard in different manners. Not quite long, the zoo siren was heard, to show their awareness. Oh, thank Goodness that at last the police are here. When I looked out of the window, behold five hefty gunmen walking in slow motion and walking majestically. I was shocked when I saw the moral they acquired to moved. At first, I thought it was the Governor of Abia state, but I gave a second thought when I remembered that governors appear with many cars and securities. Not until I heard one of these guys shouting thus "onye obu biawanu, eji enyo akoro ya onye ocha"? Meaning "let him that wants to challenge come and face them". There were guiding a particular car named Lexus 330, though I did not check the plate number. One of them was driving the car with someone inside the car, while the rest were outside redirecting other vehicles to make way for themselves. Although the zoo police were at the first bank a stone throw from where the incident took place. Not only that, two army checkpoints were close to that location, a police station was close, the most annoying is that the operation was done right in front of area command. These gunmen invaded the shop of the chairman of St Michael's phone plaza and kidnapped his wife. After my investigation, I found out that his husband being the chairperson himself was captured yesterday, being 14th June 2016. But I was unable to know where and when it took place. I was disappointed to see how these gunmen were escaping with their victim, while the police were looking at them helplessly. These boys succeeded with their operations, only then did the zoo security agencies arrived in their usual manner. I saw the commissioner of police, walking in the streets with his pistol while two other police officers followed suit. After ten minutes, they went back only to arrive with their van harassing innocent citizens on the name of searching. I purposely asked a passerby if the culprits later came back, and he nearly slapped me. My distress and concerned was that if it were innocent unarmed protesters, what would have become of them today? I know that a huge number of death record would have been certain. Why will Nigeria acquire arms if they cannot protect their citizens? Why will they border themselves over arms since the citizens are not safe? They continue to purchase arms only to disseminate innocent citizens of Biafra.
Today is a prove of what I am saying. Not even a shot of tear gas nor a gunshot was heard. Why will innocent souls pay for what they did not? The world should take note of this ethnic cleansing of Biafrans and should stop supplying arms to Nigeria until the lives of the citizens are ensured.

Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
Umuchukwu writers.
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