The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Spain have condemned the recent killing of Biafra supporters in the South-East of Nigeria.
The group’s comments were contained in a statement released by the Head, Directorate of State, IPOB Spain, Mazi Uchenna Asiegbu, according to Vanguard.
The statement reads:
The massacre, the maiming and forceful displacement of unarmed peaceful people of Biafra on a day we were remembering the atrocious genocide of the same government is utterly unthinkable and absurd.
The account of what took place across the Biafra land that day is condemnable by any conscientious average person. It is expedient and expressly essential for the office of the Directorate of State, Indigenous People of Biafra, to state categorically that the acts so meted out on our kith and kin at home is nothing short of an apparently premeditated, unwarranted and extra-judicial killing of our people, men and women, young and old, even sparing the pregnant of this inhumanity was not the case.
As if the killing was not enough, they went all out to fabricate all manner of allegations and accuse the IPOB of being violent. Their deed certainly cannot be justified, and it leaves many unanswered questions. They harassed and gruesomely murdered innocent citizens without sparing even the most vulnerable like the pregnant women.
All was executed to please the President of Nigeria and other Igbo haters and came out to defend their callous and unprofessional action with their outdated extant Rule of Engagement, RoE, given self-defence as claimed by the 82 Div

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